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Field Report: Mystery method» on 2-sets bombs! Frustrated

mASF post by So_Cute

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Field Report: Mystery method» on 2-sets bombs! Frustrated
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mASF post by "So_Cute"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Very, VERY fucking frustrating night. Mainly because I invested SO MUCH time
and effort into the sets and got jack-shit in the end. Well, I got the
experience so that was nice. So now, a run by run of the sets I did. Keep in
mind, in ireland we have a smoking ban so I do my shit on HB's sitting/standing
outside clubs smoking/talking.

Set 1.
I open perfectly. It is a two set sitting outside a club with a HB8 and a HB7.
I run thought the opener and move to A2 - Female to Male attract. I run 2
customised A2 stories but I make a mistake of not setting a "Not going to get
along" plotline with my target. In fact, I never pick a target. I only neg my
target HB8 once. i remember reading a post by Mystery where he says you should
qualify the chick in front of her friend in a two-set so I try to do so however
her HB7 friend takes the bait for a palm read and insists I read her palm. I am
stuck reading this Hb7 palm for a few minutes while Hb8 looks on but I keep HB8
engaged with... "so you're her best friend, is this right?". HB8 is interested
in my, no doubt but I need a way to get her to qualify herself so I can IOI
her. 2 of their friends come out and join the group and start chatting to HB8.
I get pissed off because the night is young, it's my first set, I've gone
through my routine stack and I'm still talking to a HB7. Fuck this, I eject.

Set 2.

Hb9 and HB5. Another two set. i notice that most of the fucking HB's are in a
set with their fucking Ug friends. I open this set PERFECTLY. (I have seriously
mastered opening on the street). I run my customised A2 rotines followed by
best friends and C's vs U's. (Thanks Style). Halk way through HB9 tries to lock
me into the set by making me take a smoke from her. Set thinks I'm

I bait the HB9, (a fucking HOT HB9) to qualify herself while so I can palm read
because her palm is interesting. She qualifies, I IOI and validate perfectly.
(I will write my material for this at the end of the post). I read her palm,
throwing in a lot of patterning and shit. Two friends join the set. I keep
reading the HB9 palm and talking to the Ug I have befriended and they
eventually go away. I have also vibed a great deal with these HB's. I have
learned that HB9 has a daughter and is 29 and single. (and interested in me :)
but it's fucking hard to escalate because UG is there beside us listening and I
have to entertain Ug as well as HB9. Eventually I go back to what worked for me
2 nights ago, "This line here tells me that you really want to kiss me".
REJECTED. Why? Because a girl won't kiss you in front of her friend. i've
gotten so used to kissing girls the AFC way on the dancefloor but solid game is
different. I should have went for the digits. fucking amatuer hour shit trying
to kiss a HB9 in front of her UG. FFS. I'm fucking pissed because this is a 30
minute set of solid game and I fuck it up.

Set 3.

I approach a two set (Yes, the only sets are fucking two sets). Open canned
(Who lies more) and they are both laughing/giggling. It's not the opener, it's
THE WAY I'm opening that's hooking them. Move into A2 --->> customised A2
stories followed by Bestfriends and C's vs Us. BT IS UP. I am interesting to
set. These girls are polish and I happen to live with polish guys. I took a
picture of myself with these girls... HB9's at least.

OK, so it's hard to pick a targe because they both HB9's so I choose one and
Neg her and get along with the other HB. i realise that the other HB is
interested in me so I change targets (They are both HB9) and I bait HB to
qualify herself in front of friend so I can give IOI and validate. I do so and
move into canned palm reading AND strawberry fields. Both HB's LOVE me.
Seriously, and the AFC's are all watching intently. Some have even came closer.
So I figure it's time to kiss close so I try to kiss close HB9 target the same
way as before. REJECTED. Pretty pissed and VERY fucking fristrated because this
is a 20 minute set of HB9's!! Fucked up!.

Set 4.

Two HB9.5's approach me giving out flyers. I see a HB10 lonewolf standing
outside a club a few feet away. I talk to both Hb9's and take them both in my
arms as arm jewelry while I approach SHB10. open canned and HB10 opens. The 9's
go away and leave us... great. Me: "They are like, my best friends." lol! HB10
is giving me answers like, "yeah, I'd just use him for sex and fuck him". Holy
FUCK. I'm getting a huge erection talking to this HB. I DON'T start the kino
(Big mistake, actually, my kino is non existant in the early stages maybe thats
a big error I need to work on?). So anyway, I'm talking to HB10 and going
though the routines. I'm in A2 and about to neg her when a guy comes into the
set. HB10 knows him. I befriend but he's getting aggressive. Fucking prick.
He's trying to start a fight which HB10 doesn't like. I can kick his midget ass
if I want but I have to let it go. I have no AMOG tactics plus he is a friend
of HB10. I don't know to handle the situation. FUCK!!!! Eject. but good
practise and nice to see social proof in action.

Set 5. Two set of Ug's

just did it to practise my routines. The UG's were trying to get a cab so my
mission was to stay in set as long as I could. I managed about 15 minutes
before one of them eventually got a can but it was fun trying to talk to them
and lay the routines on the to take their attention away from getting a cab.

Set 6. Two set of Hb7's.

I open with PERFECT, (SELF THOUGHT) body language. Set opens. there was a lot
of vibing in this set. but I ran the standard routines. I totally have the
delivery of the best friends and c's vs U's down along with my customised A2
routines. I stay in set and go through A3 with my target and I palm read her
with patterns and do strawberry fields but I don't know how the fuck to
escalate in a two set. It's fucking hard because the other HB is still there,
we are standing on the street outside the club. eventually I get pissed off
because I can't see any way to escalate. I eject after about 15-20 minutes.
Nice girls though, could have fucked target if I had isolation.


This is the set that REALLY FUCKING PISSED ME OFF.

OH MY GOD. A two set of SHB10's. JESUS CHRIST this set was hot. I open them
over the shoulder as they are walking in the same direction as me. I open them
after the SHB rejects a loser guy. They finally open and I move into A2. Spend
about 10 minutes in A2 and again it's hard to choose a target. I neg my target
but then I realise that I like the other girl more so I shift attention to her.
I could have gained more attraction from the first SHB than the one I
eventually choose but I was much more into the one I chose. Both girls are
giggling and they are saying I'm so fucking interesting. So I venue change to a
dingy shop area and go through A3 followed by a palm read on the SHB target.
She is UNBELIEVABLE HOT but I maintain my composure. She thinks her palm is
weird and she's loving the palm read. She want's more and more so I think this
is a good time to close. I tell her I'd love to read it more but I really have
to go. She doesn't take the bait so I eject. I should have just number closed

Set 8...

A mixed set this time. I roll in on the 4 set and open canned perfectly. I am
so proud of myself that every set opened tonight. Anyway the UG of the goup
comes out to debate with me so I run through a few routines and vibing with her
for a while.

"so how does everyone know each other?"

I get introduced to the sister of the UG who is a HB7. great, I have already
disarmed the other sister. I do the sister test (basically just the best
friends test) and go through the whole routines on the new HB finishing up on
palm reading the HB7. I would love to have isolation doing the palm
read/strawberry fields because then I could escalate it better. But I can't
figure out how to do this in two sets on the street. Anyway, I do it all like
Mystery outlines in his archive but the problem is that the UG sister is there
so I can't isolate.


No numbers
No kiss closes
No lays

It was a good learning experience though and my main problems were...

1. Escalating in a two set when I have chosed my target and qualified her and
moved into C1. maybe I should just attempt a number close and move on?

2. Going for kiss closes in two sets (Fucking Amatuer hour)

3. Maybe I'm not doing enough kino with target. Actually, I am NOT doing enough
kino with target.

4. Maybe mystery method» is too one dimensional or maybe I'm not doing it

5. not going for the close in every set. NUMBER closes were appropriate here.

I'm very fucking frustrated right now.


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