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Mystery method» .... questions!


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Mystery method» .... questions!
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posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

I have read MM and to be very honest, when I kind of relate to my previous
lays, they were extensively due to story telling! Mystery method» was a very
similar model but the difference was that I was not using negs( i never knew
them ) and i wasnt as fast a seducer. My questions to anyone who is THOROUGH
with this method:

1. Mystery says you should kiss the chick within 1-2 hours tops of knowing her
or you are in the damage zone. Is that alittle unpracticle! I think you should
look for a location to do it and usually actual lay process i.e kissing to f
close starts once she is alone with you.

2. Mystery suggests story telling is actual seduction. In the process, when do
you cold read her and when do you story tell her? Any attraction phases?

3. the ESP routine? HOW exactly do you go about it? Wont it come off as
insecure if you dont get it right in the first place. I could think on how to
handle this awkwardness, but still?

4. Why do you get her to talk about herself once you have fucked her? or is it
still ok to get her talk about herself before that? . explanation on eliciting

5. Is displaying vulnerability ( due to heavy peacocking) congruent with the
mystery method»?

6. I feel the finger pulling routine and making a farting sound very, very
childish! if you have field tested it, can you please elaborate, or maybe any
other games one could use?

Thanks in advance! I'm just learning,

Best Regards

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