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Field Report: Mystery method» sarging attempt while drunk

mASF post by So_Cute

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Field Report: Mystery method» sarging attempt while drunk
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mASF post by "So_Cute"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

I had a pretty good night overall tonight, considering i am not long in the
game. I kiss closed a hot 8.5 girl and approached a lot of other sets.

I've realise over the past few weeks that my approach anxiety is nothing I
can't work through and meeting up with Stevie PUA helped me alot but I wanted
to have a little bit of drink before I went out because I have no approach
anxiety when I drink and my mission was to approach and PLOW through my stack
to prove to myself that I CAN do it.

I was going to do it alone until I got a call from an AFC friend of mine.
Hadn't seen him in a while so I meet up with him and catch up. Then we go

The FIRST set was the most successful set of the night and my most successful
set since I decided to primarily focus on MM last week. I approach a mixed 6
set on the street with my AFC wing. I open canned and a hot 8.5 girl walks up
to me and splits from her group to answer. So it's just me, her and my AFC

So I go through the opener (Who lies more) and she's really into it. I move
into A2 off the opener and tell her a customised A2 story. We vibe for a bit
and I call her bad for getting thrown out of a club (It was really her friends
fault though. I'm a little bit drunk remember. SO we're vibing and it's going
great. OK, time to phase shift into A3 now b/c she's attracted. I bait her with
a palm read in order to get her to qualify herself to me before I read it.
HOWEVER, my drunkeness ensures that I FORGET to do A3 and begin reading her

After about a minute, a cockblock enters the set. Her friend tells her, "hey,
don't fall for any lines OK, don't fall for any lines". I disarmed her by
telling her that she looks just like my best friends type of girl and I'll
introduce her to him when he comes. This disarms and she goes away but I should
have actually said, "Hey, you know what, you're a really good friend. Like, I
could have been a bad guy and you came over to make sure your friend was OK,
you're a really good friend". Would have been better.

So anyway, I'm drunk and forgetting my palm read but it's still going well. I
decide to try for the kiss close, "Oh, and you see this line here... this tells
me that you really want to kiss me now". We kiss. She's not a very good kisser
so I teach her. It was great. We made out for about 10 minutes. THEN I EJECTED
FROM THE SET. Why? I don't know, I guess I thought that my AFC wing was bored
or something. I number closed straight away and attempted a WEAK time bridge
and ejected straight away. I tell her, "I don't even know your name" and she
replied, "Oh my God, I feel like such a whore!". BUYERS REMORSE ALREADY.
Fucking amatuer hour. I could have laid this girl and she was REALLY my type. I
screwed up but this was a GREAT learning experience.

Meanwhile my AFC wing now thinks I am a god. I accept the acclaim but I know
that was a really shitty set I did there.

So then I attempt to open a moving two-set as they were crossing the street.
Well, I won't be doing that again. NEVER approach a moving set unless the set
is walking slowly and in the same direction as you. Even though these girls
were probably going NOWHERE, they were on the move so they didn't want to be
interrupted. Blown out.

Next I open a mixed 3 set. Two guys and a girl. Before I met Stevie PUA, I
would be scared shitless to do this, but seeing him open and attract a solid
HB8 while talking to her ALPHA boyfriend made me confident. I go in with Styles
two part kiss opener and the girl is initially VERY interested. She walked up
to me like the 8.5 did in the first set but the two guys keep talking over her.
She eventually loses interest while I talk to the two guys. I don't know what
to do so I give her a neg out of the blue. She gets insulted. I really should
have stacked into a different opener. That was a terrible time for a neg too.
But good practise opening mixed sets. I understand my mistake. And the girl
wasn't even going out with any of the guys!

As we are walking along the street my friend bends down to tie his shoelace. I
catch a HB7 looking at his ass and bust her on it. We vibe for about 5 minutes
and I do the sexual predators routine. We are walking alone the street ahead of
her 5 friends, who are all male. My AFC wing is walking with us. Her BT is UP!
I bait her with a palm read so I can qualify and validate but it looks like I
haven't gone through A2 properly. Poor calibration on my part. She doesn't fall
for the bait and excuses herself.

Next I open a two set standing outside a club. The great thing about Ireland
is, there is a smoking ban in all clubs and pubs, so it's fucking easy to talk
to chicks outside the club. I roll in and open canned. It was going great but I
didn't stack and just started vibing. I am drunk remember. They keep looking at
my AFC wing who is just standing there. They suddenly see through me and tell
me they know I'm just trying to pick them up. I drunkenly blurt out my
intentions and spend 10 minutes telling them about Mystery Method»! lol... they
say they will e-mail Mystery tomorrow. I hope they dont!

Next I open a mixed 3 set. Two girls and a guy and it opens. Big IOI's from the
two females. I realise, IT'S EASY TO OPEN ANY SET. I'm now confident I can open
any set and my approach anxiety will be lessened. Anyway, in this set the two
women were UG's so I eject. I should have plowed for practise. Next time.

So next I open a tattooed guy who looks like Ozzy Osbourne with 2 UG's. I
couldn't help but make fun of the guy and then I asked him for a smoke. A UG
suddenly starts shouting at me for being a prick. I tell her we would fight all
the time and then have crazy make up sex. Her jaw drops, then she resume her
shouting. This was hilarious.

Befriended a few guys throughout the night and went into a club and did other
sets and just had a fun night overall. I was pretty drunk but Sarging is fun!

On the way home I tried to ring the HB8.5. I figure I have to get in touch with
her quickly in case she really get's buyers remorse. Her phone is off so I send
her an sms

"hey HB8.5, it's So Cute - the tall cute guy u where talking to earlier! Was
nice talking to you, i had to go because my friends were in trouble. anyway, in
bed now, nite nite!"

Again, I was drunk at the time. Do you think this msg was a good idea? It got
delivered an hour later. Anyways, moving on, I'll be doing MM SOBER tonight for
about 6 hours so I expect to have lots of fun.

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