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Field Report: Mystery method» sarging attempt while drunk

mASF post by thrillseeker

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Field Report: Mystery method» sarging attempt while drunk
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mASF post by "thrillseeker"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

You're not long in the game? Good job man. Keep it up.

On 7/14/05 6:22:00 AM, So_Cute wrote:
>After about a minute, a
>cockblock enters the set. Her
>friend tells her, "hey, don't
>fall for any lines OK, don't
>fall for any lines".

Do not buy into any of this bullshit. DO NOT argue or try to explain
logically, or any crap like that. Do not take it seriously at all. Either
misinterpret it in a way that fits your frame or just don't even acknowledge it
and keep gaming.

>Fucking amatuer hour.

Don't be hard on yourself. It's all a learning experience. You're doing good.

I could
>have laid this girl and she
>was REALLY my type.

I know, I know am getting mad attraction from seriously hot girls and it's
throwing me off because when you really like the chick it's hard to not be
invested in the outcome. But you have to be strong.

>So then I attempt to open a
>moving two-set as they were
>crossing the street. Well, I
>won't be doing that again.

Ok, you fail once and you vow to never try again? WTF? TD's advice on moving
sets is to start from a distance, come to a complete stop (DO NOT CHASE THEM)
and do not turn your body. If they walk past you, turn your head around 180
degrees. Do not angle your body toward them until they're opened and do not

>Next I open a mixed 3 set. Two
>guys and a girl. Before I met
>Stevie PUA, I would be scared
>shitless to do this, but
>seeing him open and attract a
>solid HB8 while talking to her
>ALPHA boyfriend made me

Ha. I would never do mixed sets until RSD cured me of that. Now I almost wait
for guys to show up. I just roll in with my attraction game, the girls give me
all their attention, and the guys somehow just vanish.

They suddenly
>see through me and tell me
>they know I'm just trying to
>pick them up. I drunkenly
>blurt out my intentions and
>spend 10 minutes telling them
>about Mystery Method»! lol...

LOL. Dumbass. See my previous comment about shittests. How about this: "Good
job, Nancy Drew. OMG! Are you guys best friends? ..."

>I realise, IT'S EASY

Yeah man. It's not rocket science. Especially if you've learned the
relatively simple trick of not being a goober.

Her jaw drops,
>then she resume her shouting.
>This was hilarious.


>I was pretty drunk
>but Sarging is fun!

Hell yeah it is. Just wait to you start having mad success, which, from the
sound of it, you will be soon.

>"hey HB8.5, it's So Cute - the
>tall cute guy u where talking
>to earlier! Was nice talking
>to you, i had to go because my
>friends were in trouble.
>anyway, in bed now, nite

Eh. I dunno. Don't worry about it anyway.

>Anyways, moving on, I'll be
>doing MM SOBER tonight for
>about 6 hours so I expect to
>have lots of fun.

You animal you. Happy hunting.

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