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Bad sarge...

mASF post by putnik

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Bad sarge...
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mASF post by "putnik"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/8/05 8:41:00 AM, Nemanja wrote:
>From what I know, it's almost
>impossible to approach SHBs
>directly. Putnik, did you read
>the Mystery Method»? Mystery
>teaches that you have to
>establish some social value
>before approaching 10s, and
>that means gaming other girls
>in front of them (hard to do
>on the street), or, you need
>to have a very tight game and
>not attack directly with "I
>want to meet you". Tyler
>Durden has two great field
>reports on gaming 10s.
>Anyway, I listened on DYD's
>Interview CDs an interview
>with an SHB 10+ who explained
>how her life and world looks
>like. I can't type it all here
>(it's mostly common sense
>anyway), but let me tell you -
>people approach her, or at
>least give her strong IOIs
>24/7, and she simply doesn't
>have neither time, nor energy
>to speak to everyone who would
>like that. That's why your
>approach has to be better then
>anyone else's. That's why
>you're on mASF...

Ok... my approach has to be better than anyone else' what are you
talking can I establish social proof when I have like 5 seconds to
open them or they are gone...Only thing that I could think of is neg
opener...but I also have problems with those...

"There are no rejections - just shit tests"

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