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Lay Report: party hookup

mASF post by Sin

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Lay Report: party hookup
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mASF post by "Sin"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

Hey Joe I posted a reply on the masf section but I also am posting
it here maybe some guys in our lair can offer some feedback on my
advice :) (pardon the spelling but I don't have time for it got to
head to work)

Alright well don't have much time to reply and seems you probably
have more knowledge about PU then I do..but for what its worth I'll
give you my 2 cents (keep in mind this is my 2 cents and 2 cents is 98 cents
short of a dollar :P)

I think everything went well you seem to have the knowledge of what
it takes to escaluate to a close you mentioned of course never
verbalizing your intent to have sex with a woman more slowly lead by
action...that is a very good golden nugget of wisdom which I messed
up a couple times in the past...

Me-"lets go upstairs and have sex"

Girl-*makes like lighting and bolts out of there" (like the metaphor?)

I think the only thing I can see is that whole comment about "are
you trying to fucking seduce me" could have been met with some cocky
funny answer (sounded like a shit test....Look up david D's
solutions on how to handle when women "test" you).

Overall joey you got laid..nuff said I don't understand the whole
Fools mate concept (which I assume people will try and throw out at
you...) I mean what is that Fools mate? Not getting laid using masf
techniques = fools mate? not using mystery method» = fools mate?
being yourself and getting laid = fools mate? sounds like a
marketing gimmick

Oh well I number closed this Colombian girl at wild bills..prelaw
major like myself...nice tongue ring to..but she lives far as
hell....I need to day 2 this Pakistani chick also...haven't called
her in about a have to get some rapport and attraction
going over the phone any advice?


"You haven't got a revolution that doesn't have bloodshed...and you are afraid
to bleed"-Malcolm X

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