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Field Report: Direct club sarging using RJ Method

mASF post by razorjack

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Field Report: Direct club sarging using RJ Method
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mASF post by "razorjack"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

On 6/14/05 1:57:00 PM, 20 wrote:

>My question is, how
>successful is this method with
>the HB9's and 10's (daytime
>and club) and what happens to
>the bitch shield?

You ever wonder why chicks have bitch shields in the first place?

Maybe cuz they are tired of guys not being genuine with them?

Maybe they are tired of guys that bullshit around?

How would you feel if fat UG's hit on you all the time and wouldn't leave you

Don't misunderstand me and think that these chicks are only wanting to get hit
by good-looking guys, they want to get hit on by guys who they find attractive.

I'm gonna do something different from what I normally do. Instead of me
re-hashing this over and over again, let me get you to think your way to the
answer. I think you will get alot more out of it.

OK, first question, what type of guys do you thing these 9s and 10s are
attracted to?

If they have the bitch shields up then what kind of guys do they WANT to meet?

If you need a hint, go to the Bristol Lair and read what I wrote in RJM about

>This direct
>physical compliment approach
>is very contrary to Mystery's

Yes, Mystery Method» is more indirect. My method isn't better or worse, just
different. The same with Juggler, GWM, etc. Choose a method that's most
congruent with you and how you want to PU.

>I like this much better than
>badboy teachings.

I can't really comment since I don't really know what Badboy teaches.


"Why do we chase women instead of settling for one - like most of the other
guys in the world? No clue. We are a unique class of guys. Maybe we got cut off
too early from our mother's milk - so we spend the rest of our lives looking
for that same titty again." - Zan

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