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READING IMPAIRED: How can I imporve my game?

mASF post by skavorn

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READING IMPAIRED: How can I imporve my game?
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mASF post by "skavorn"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

[Note from Formhandle: This guy did not read the Posting Guidelines and
therefore wasted everyone's time with this lame shit.]

OK I'm an AFC....I think I get everything David DeAngelo talks about in the
mastery and advanced series and I've read the Mystery Method».....

Here's an example of my practice conversations in chatrooms

damn mouse....
it's got a backspace button on it I keep knocking and losing all the chat
did u read that
read what?
my fantaasy?
nope missed it...
o god
copy paste woman......copy paste
your fantasy is to write? :P
my fantasy is to have sex (when i lose my v that is) on a sandy beach with the
sun shining on us and sum1 to catch us at it lol
*backs away slowly*
ok your definately the outdoorsy type....
lol why u backing away?
so damn kinky!
oh's all fun :)
your go...
ok when did u lose ur virginity
that was my 3rd question...DAMN:)
oh yeah of course.....your still a virgin
I do prefer a woman with experience but hey you could make a nice friend...
anyway I gotta you have an msn or not...I forgot....
yes i do
then can you give me the address please
whats ur name btw?
it's not your turn yet to ask questions....
we're continue this on some other time ;) cya
tell me ur name first pleeeeeeezz
stop bugging me woman!
tell me lol
id like to know ur name ur very charming
....I do get that alot ;)
well.....u gonna tell me prince charming?
just call me cassanova for now ;) LOL
| Session Start: 31 May 2005 |
| Participants: |
| Skavorn (ska***[email protected]***[ ? ]) |
| kimberley (************) |
[13:03:29] kimberley: who is this
[13:03:38] kimberley: ?
[13:03:52] Skavorn: hmmmm, I'm not sure who you are either :)
[13:04:00] kimberley: lol whats ur name
[13:04:15] Skavorn: ....maybe you was one of the girls I chatted on
online in a chatrooms somewhere
[13:04:26] Skavorn: .....oh its you!!!
[13:04:31] kimberley: what?????
[13:04:49] Skavorn: your the "whats your name" girl?
[13:04:58] Skavorn: :Phahaha that was fun
[13:05:07] Skavorn: ....go on i'll let you guess
[13:05:16] Skavorn: if you right i'll tell you
[13:05:28] kimberley: what is ur name just tell me
[13:05:38] Skavorn: nah :)
[13:05:43] kimberley: where u from
[13:06:21] Skavorn: hmmm I'm not sure I should tell you, you could be
a 40 year old perve in a raincoat for all I know
[13:06:55] kimberley: o come on i think i met u on chatterbox but cant
mind much about u
[13:07:29] Skavorn: good good :)
[13:07:44] kimberley: so whats ur name
[13:07:51] kimberley: help me out here
[13:07:53] Skavorn: I told you....guess
[13:08:06] kimberley: james?
[13:08:11] Skavorn: nope....keep going
[13:08:31] kimberley: i dunno please just tell me
[13:08:37] kimberley: at least tell me where ur from
[13:08:38] Skavorn:
[13:08:55] Skavorn: nah (H)
[13:09:08] kimberley: give me a clue to who u r
[13:09:16] Skavorn: if you wanna know you have to guess :)
[13:09:43] Skavorn: Errrr I remember you now, I'm currently called Mr
Cassanova :P
[13:09:58] kimberley: eh?
[13:10:12] Skavorn: We played a game I play with all the chicks on
[13:10:18] Skavorn: the question game
[13:10:41] kimberley: o aye i remember now
[13:10:45] kimberley: ;)
[13:10:51] kimberley: ur names steven?
[13:10:54] Skavorn: woh woh......
[13:11:05] Skavorn: nope it's rumpelstiltskin
[13:11:10] kimberley: lol
[13:11:21] Skavorn: you read my profile or something?
[13:11:30] Skavorn: it badly needs updating
[13:11:36] kimberley: nope got a gd memoty
[13:11:41] kimberley: memory*
[13:11:52] Skavorn: liar coz I never tell the girls my name ;P
[13:12:04] kimberley: ano but im special
[13:12:12] kimberley: :P
[13:12:14] Skavorn: yeah yeah thats what they all say
[13:12:32] Skavorn: damn profile ruins my guess game:P
[13:12:40] kimberley: aw well
[13:13:28] Skavorn: so gon on since I've already done the fun stuff
lets get to the boring crap....
[13:13:35] Skavorn: what music u into?
[13:13:57] kimberley: i hate talkin about the boring crap do we have
to really?
[13:14:19] Skavorn: fine with me:)
[13:14:43] kimberley: can i just ask i boring question
[13:15:07] Skavorn: ask it and i'll decide the cost of answering it?
[13:15:16] kimberley: what age r u?
[13:15:49] Skavorn: you cant remember my name from that
[13:16:01] Skavorn: actually I forgot yours already:P
[13:16:34] Skavorn: alright, the deal if I give my age for your age
and location, because I forgot......thats the deal
[13:17:07] kimberley: ok
[13:17:26] Skavorn: I'm 19....
[13:17:33] Skavorn: now your turn
[13:17:57] kimberley: im 17 from central scotland
[13:18:24] Skavorn: oooooh your a wee lass
[13:18:37] kimberley: lol u like em younger do ya
[13:18:57] Skavorn: smaller than me.....
[13:19:14] Skavorn: I mean I aint making love to a fucking giraffe
[13:19:37] Skavorn: so if your 6ft+ please leave now
[13:19:50] kimberley: ur cool im 5ft somethin
[13:20:03] Skavorn: sweet a migit
[13:20:13] kimberley: im not a migit
[13:20:23] Skavorn: 5ft is a midgit
[13:20:37] kimberley: i said 5ft something!
[13:20:45] Skavorn: I bet you played one fo the dwarfs at school, in
the school plays :P
[13:21:16] kimberley: im 5ft 6
[13:21:29] Skavorn: ahhh gd height.....
[13:22:30] Skavorn: so what are you......a goth, a chav, a normal sane
human being or what?
[13:23:28] kimberley: a normal sane human bein
[13:23:35] Skavorn: yeah yeah.....
[13:24:07] kimberley: im tellin u i am
[13:24:17] Skavorn: well good for you :)
[13:24:23] kimberley: how what r u
[13:24:46] Skavorn: I'm a spasticated retard, I'm typing this like
steven hawkins atm.....
[13:25:21] kimberley: i absolutely luv ur witt btw hard not to luv
[13:25:45] Skavorn: ......yeah yeah, now keep your knickers on.....
[13:26:10] Skavorn: your have to come up better pick up lines than
[13:26:50] Skavorn: I see your the quiet type......
[13:26:57] Skavorn: *marks down for that*
[13:27:32] kimberley: ah.. u like to assess ur girls dont u?
[13:27:51] Skavorn: I like ghirls who speak english.....
[13:27:54] Skavorn: girls*
[13:28:29] Skavorn: I can't find "assess" in the dictionary......that
would fit in that sentence....
[13:28:45] kimberley: y not
[13:28:51] Skavorn: so how about you say it again so I can't
understand your question :)
[13:28:56] kimberley: assess goes well in that sentance
[13:29:17] Skavorn: ahhh I see, I see.....
[13:29:22] Skavorn: I see your angle now....
[13:29:29] Skavorn: yeah, of course I do.....
[13:29:37] kimberley: well wake up and smell the coffee
[13:29:52] Skavorn: There's like 40m women in the UK....I can afford
to be picky and have standards
[13:30:20] Skavorn: I'm up......and theres no coffee I donn't like the
[13:30:22] kimberley: true
[13:31:03] Skavorn: Sure there are some guys out there who get nervous
and try to get every girl and act like wusses.......but
that ain't me
[13:31:34] kimberley: awwww so u know ur stuff when it comes to the
ladies then
[13:31:44] Skavorn: I don't go round saying like "hi baby, i love you,
oh don't worry i'll support you through your crack
problem"...."i'll pay off your £10k debt" LOL
[13:31:58] Skavorn: ......well I'd like to think so;)
[13:32:18] kimberley: id hate for a guy to say any of that to me
[13:32:28] Skavorn: exactly ;P
[13:32:44] kimberley: thats called "too attatched"
[13:33:07] Skavorn: but most guys are like that, thats y I'm such a
catch, hence my high standards :)
[13:33:11] Skavorn: needy......
[13:33:53] kimberley: ur quite full of ur self arent u
[13:34:18] Skavorn: or you get the guys like a couple of old friends I
ditched who would get all scared when talking to a woman,
LOL, wtf was that about:S
[13:34:34] Skavorn: Yeah.....I am, problem?
[13:35:23] kimberley: def not a problem i like a guy who loves himself
and i like it even more when he admits it!!! (H)
[13:35:33] kimberley: sexyyyyyyyyyyy
[13:35:39] kimberley: :P
[13:35:52] Skavorn: Woh woh woh......stop coming onto me so friggin
[13:35:57] Skavorn: CALM DOWN GIRL!
[13:36:08] Skavorn: I don't even know what you look like
[13:36:23] Skavorn: for all I know you could be a man beast
[13:36:57] Skavorn: you got a pic, so I can put a face to the text
[13:37:16] kimberley: iv not got a pic on here only on my fone
[13:37:55] Skavorn: hah, I find the girls without a pic are usually
the ugly toads....
[13:39:05] Skavorn: I tell you's my
number......************.......send my ur pic
[13:39:38] Skavorn: I gotta roll, I'm kinda buys, but send me your pic
and maybe we can continue this conversation another
[13:39:53] kimberley: u got a camera fone
[13:40:12] Skavorn: no I've got a brick from the 80's ^o)
[13:40:21] kimberley: oh very funny
[13:40:27] Skavorn: ta(Y)
[13:40:31] Skavorn: laterz
[13:40:37] kimberley: bye
| Session Start: 07 June 2005 |
| Participants: |
| Skavorn (ska***[email protected]***[ ? ]) |
| kimberley (************) |
[15:17:39] Skavorn: hey
[15:19:22] kimberley: hiya
[15:20:00] Skavorn: got time to chat....or too busy to fit me into
your HECTIC schedule ;P
[15:20:15] kimberley: maybe
[15:20:45] Skavorn: do you know what if they could take any word from
the dictionary out, I'd take out maybe :)
[15:20:54] Skavorn: damn word
[15:20:58] kimberley: lol
[15:21:28] Skavorn: ok let me reask the question got time
to chat today?
[15:24:06] kimberley: ok yes i do when i come back on in 5 mins will
you still be here in 5/
[15:24:29] Skavorn: ooooh I dunno your pushing it^o)
[15:24:41] Skavorn: yeah i'll be here till about 4
[15:24:48] kimberley: ok c u soon
[15:24:59] Skavorn: laterz
[15:25:05] * kimberley is now Offline

| Session Start: 07 June 2005 |
| Participants: |
| Skavorn (ska***[email protected]***[ ? ]) |
| kimberley (************) |
[15:49:21] kimberley: hi
[15:49:30] kimberley: im bkkkk
[15:50:43] Skavorn: k(Y)
[15:51:06] Skavorn: hmmm let me do an intelligence test on ya
[15:51:13] kimberley: ok
[15:51:13] Skavorn: see how smart u r.....
[15:51:48] Skavorn: ok there a 4th of july in
[15:52:22] kimberley: of course there is
[15:52:37] Skavorn: correct:P
[15:52:46] Skavorn: How many birthdays does the average man have?
[15:53:34] kimberley: 1 a year :P
[15:54:26] Skavorn: nope silly......just once when your born :P
[15:54:56] kimberley: funny
[15:55:03] Skavorn: some months have 31 days; how many have 28?
[15:55:54] kimberley: february except when its a leap year but incase
u r being wide every month has at least 28
[15:56:06] Skavorn: damn nearly got ya :P
[15:58:05] Skavorn: a woman gives a tramp 1 pound 43; the woman is the
tramp's sister, but the beggar is not the woman's brother.
How come?
[16:00:15] Skavorn: I've got ya ain't I ;)
[16:00:48] Skavorn: ......a 10 year old answered this one quicker than
u :P
[16:01:31] kimberley: cause the begger is a girl?
[16:01:43] Skavorn: no they're sisters silly!!!!
[16:01:57] Skavorn: (sarcy) <---- YOU
[16:02:01] Skavorn: :P
[16:02:07] kimberley: thats what i mean
[16:02:18] Skavorn: yeah yeah......suuuuuure u did ;)
[16:02:37] kimberley: the begger is a girl not a boy so she cant be
his brother
[16:02:42] kimberley: next....
[16:02:48] Skavorn: ok
[16:03:25] Skavorn: why can't a man living in london be buried in
[16:04:48] Skavorn: oh come on......this ones DEAD easy :P
[16:05:01] kimberley: londons in england
[16:05:17] Skavorn: 8-)oh dear oh dear
[16:05:29] Skavorn: he can't buried unless he's dead!!!
[16:05:57] kimberley: give up
[16:06:13] kimberley: haha
[16:06:23] Skavorn: phew.....
[16:06:43] Skavorn: I was worried you still didnt get it even though I
had given you the answer......
[16:06:58] kimberley: o cum on
[16:07:00] Skavorn: that would of been queen of dumbo then :P
[16:07:16] Skavorn: keep your cum to yourself......dirty girl
[16:07:46] Skavorn: is it legal for a man in Wales to marry his
window's sister? why?
[16:08:40] kimberley: ?
[16:09:21] Skavorn: ahhhhh ur not smart enough for these games
[16:09:31] Skavorn: I gotta go........
[16:09:42] Skavorn: tty another time....
[16:09:47] Skavorn: laterz
[16:09:51] kimberley: u not talkin
[16:09:59] kimberley: ok bye
[16:10:09] Skavorn: I was quizing......coz its fun, laterz
[16:10:32] kimberley: k cheerio

| Session Start: 08 June 2005 |
| Participants: |
| Skavorn (ska***[email protected]***[ ? ]) |
| kimberley (************) |
[15:18:47] kimberley: u not talking to me today
[15:19:17] * Skavorn is now Away (idle)
[15:19:48] * Skavorn is now Online
[15:20:15] kimberley: no?
[15:20:34] Skavorn: busy
[15:20:47] kimberley: fine then lol
[15:20:53] Skavorn: tty tommoroz
[15:21:13] kimberley: ok

| Session Start: 09 June 2005 |
| Participants: |
| Skavorn (ska***[email protected]***[ ? ]) |
| kimberley (************) |
[15:52:07] kimberley: hi
[16:06:10] kimberley: u not talking today
[16:06:20] kimberley: guess not
[16:12:02] Skavorn: Busy, busy, busy
[16:12:12] Skavorn: But I'm done now
[16:12:37] Skavorn: You still there?
[16:12:42] kimberley: aye
[16:14:06] kimberley: u not quizzing me today then? lol
[16:16:31] kimberley: u not talking again
[16:24:29] kimberley: y u not talking????
[16:49:09] Skavorn: was doing a favor.....
[16:49:10] Skavorn was doing a favor.....

And here's my opener since I lost the begginning of that convo.....

hmmm.....just a couple of preliminary questions?
do you have msn?
ok....thats one out of one....
are you rich?
nope ;(
oh dear....oh dear.....your have to win me over with your wonderful,
interesting, intelligent personality
thats easy :P
yeah yeah......we'll see about that.....
depends tho
i might not want to win u over
....yeah well lets fine out then
lets have some fun
what type of fun do u have in mind
steady eddy....
lets play my favourite "GAME" (nothing more, ms rusher)
i was talking about fun in that way
im not that kinda gal
yeah yeah....
my favourite game's the QUESTION GAME!
there's 3 rules.....
i like questions
which r?
Rule #1 We take it in turns to ask each others questions
Rule #2 Honest answers only, no holes barred
Rule #3 No repeating the same question
..and, it's my game so I go first
When did you lose your virginity?
2 days before my 19th birthday
so an early birthday present......
alright your go :)
how many people have u slept with ?
oh wait 5....
but that one didn't really count
poor number 5
alright my go
What's your sexual fantasy?
to have sex everywhere possible
whats ur fav sexual position?
your beating me to my questions.....
this won't do :P
im good at this :p
69....because I love pleasing the girl
its kinda my turn on
would u ever do a 3 some?
Rule #1 We take it in turns to ask each others questions
How many serious boyfriends you had?
....not the popular girl then....
go on your go...
would u ever do a 3 some?
funny you ask, because thats my sexual fantasy....
its most mens
Yeah...I bet...
Wheres the wildest place you've had sex?
was crap back of a bmw
hahaha.....fake orgasms galore....
my go?
no it's my go 17 times in a row...
lol calm down
r u in a relationship now?
no I'm taking a break from relationships.....I have more fun flirting and
fucking whoever
....unless I meet an EXCEPTIONAL woman of course....
What kind of girls do you like?
u think im a guy
no, but I believe all woman are part lesbian....
if they admit it or not...
im not
yeah ok ;)
i dont feel atttacted to them
alright :), your turn
what type of looks do u go for in a girl?
firstly I need to point out, it takes much more than a pretty face to impress
me......theres shit loads of gorgeous chicks out there....big deal
but now answering your question....
i know it is what the inside that counts
yeah, so on the outside: long hair blonde or brunette, phsyically VERY fit,
nice ass, nice tits, sexy voice, those pucked eyes
pretty much the usual.....
which is
but what I find is that most of the super hot attractive women.....have like
no personalities
great example from big brother.....caprice!
good outside but nothing inside
I could NEVER fuck a zombie like her....GOD NO!
exactly :)
final question for you and I gotta go.....
What's the worst pickup line you've had used on you?
ur clothes would look better on my bedroom floor
well cya....was fun
oh!....wait you got email?
i do yeah
well would you to give it to me....and we can continue this on some other
alright cya

....if anyone could help I'd be "MUCH" appreciated, what am I missing from my

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