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Field Report: Almost

mASF post by 20

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Field Report: Almost
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mASF post by "20"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

Went out last night with the intentions of bringing two girls home. I went out
with a natural friend of mine. I am using mystery method» until I get it down

It took me ONE HOUR to do my first approach but after that I was on form and
the approach anxiety was GONE. I know some people advocate doing throwaways and
maybe I should have done, but I was just really really anxious.

Natural approaches a HOT 4-set. "Hey girls!"... They look at him for a second
and turn away. I piss myself laughing because this is the FUNNIEST THING EVER.
Seriously, this was hilarious!

Anyway, so we approach a 3 set with two UG's and one HB. Open with Styles new
opener and it went great. All the HBs were giving their opinions. Busted on
them a bit and went into A2. Natural friend was vibing quite well with the set
too. His game is really all about vibing. So I DHV to the group but I DON'T neg
the target. Also, when she was answering the opener question, she said, "Well
my boyfriend did that.." or something, so she disqualifyed herself straight
away. Kind of put me off qualifying her and we eject after about 10 minutes.
Thinking back, I should have just totally forgotten about that. After all,
girls cheat a lot.

Next set was a 4 set, 2 guys and 2 girls. American tourists. Guy's loved me and
the set opened very well. Lead the men and the women will follow. Went into A2
with a DHV and tried to neg the target HB8.

Me: Is that a wig your wearing?
Her: No...
ME: oh, it still looks nice.

She gets kind of embarassed and puts her head down. She looks a bit taken back
by the neg. I make a huge mistake of APOLOGISING FOR THE NEG. This is where I
lose face in this set. We eject after about 10-15 minutes and Natural is angry
because he thinks HB8 was interested in me but I didnt see it at all. Her
self-esteem went very low. I think I need to read up on NEg theroy again. But
he is also shocked because of how easy it is to open these sets. He can't
believe it.

Next set was a two set sitting outside a club. A HB8 and a UG. Opened very well
and the HB8 is very nice to me. Neg her with Not going to get along. Off
button. Then best friends test goes down VERY WELL. Natural starts vibing with
the set. I'm picking up a lot from him. Lots of vibing and HB introduces
herself. IOI. We shake hands and I show her a secret handshake. I initiate a
thumb war and we are having a thumb war in the street. LOTS OF KINO. She takes
off her handbag and we are escalating the kino everytime. Suddenly Natural
takes the handbag and walks away to get attention and she has to break the
thumb war to get it back. She follows him while I wait and her BT is transfered
to him and they thumb war now. I'm pissed because he is taking my woman when I
was moments away from closing. They stop thumb wresting and we vibe a bit more
and eject. I let natural know that he is a loser for doing that and we make
some wing rules. Onwards...

Opened a two set of DANISH WOMEN. Natural opens and it goes very badly. I save
face and get them opened. I learned a big lesson... ALWAYS PLOW THROUGH THE
MATERIAL TO GET THEM OPENED. They were giving me one-line answers but suddenly
I did a backturn and they completely opened. Lots of vibing and standard DHVs
and we have attraction. There is one HB7 and a kind of HB6... doable. So
everythings going well and I am doing lots of ESP tricks. They are amazed. they
tell us they are trying to find a bar. I propose they come back with us cos we
have lots of drink and weed. THEY AGREE even though our places is 20 minutes
away, but Natural won't eject yet. He wants more vibing. Eventually we eject
because I was just bored standing there and my girl was very close to UG
status. I told NAtural that when they agree to that we get them home as fast as

THere were more sets but too lazy to go into them. I followed MM all night and
it got me far. I feel like I'm getting better and better. I have a lot more
material now. I will start closing very soon. As soon as I get the equipment
I'll start recording my sarges.

Will be doing daytime sarging for the first time ever today.

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