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direct, indirect, and the first impression

mASF post by Jestor

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direct, indirect, and the first impression
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mASF post by "Jestor"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/8/05 3:22:00 PM, PlayerSupreme wrote:
>A true master will use em all.
>Be fluid like water and
>adaptable to all
>situations...don't you agree

I do.

>I think it's not the opener
>style that determines which
>side of the fence you fall on
>but how you are inside.

I don't think Indirect is just the opener, but also a style of getting
ACCEPTANCE from her. For example, Mystery Method» will use false
disqualification and negging to open the necessary doors, and then there's the
whole hoop theory which gets her to prove herself to you before you consider
getting with her. Of course it's all an act.

I know from experience that if you push hard enough and with enough confidence
that she will tend to assume that she has to get with the program or else she's
out. My fast escalation is also a TEST in her mind and she will figure that
out all on her own without me saying anything.

So direct is more than just a style of opener but a whole philosophy. And I
think it involves the back-calibration (after the fact) skill more than the
forward-calibration (before the fact) skill of indirect.

>I don't hate indirect and have
>snook a few in myself. When I
>use indirect I will use the
>environment or the situation
>to open.

Me too. But I've *never* asked girls if they think David Bowie is hot or any
opinion opener for that matter. It is not my style and if you saw my pic you
would laugh your ass off at why I would even use such an opener.

>Ive even tried some of the
>canned ones and much preffer
>to be free flowing like water.
>This I have found will develop
>your pimp brain so that you
>will always be able to have
>something to say to a bitch in
>any situation.

Something to say and something to transition to.

"So what you don't want to fuck me! Do you have any idea how many chicks have
pussies and mouths??" - MrSex4uNYC

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