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Good Anti -flake Email & Input Appreciated

mASF post by PlayerQ20

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Good Anti -flake Email & Input Appreciated
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mASF post by "PlayerQ20"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/7/05 9:13:00 AM, zarathustra_fi wrote:
>On 6/6/05 2:47:00 PM, PlayerQ20 wrote:
>>Gentlemen -
>>This has been quite a battle.
>>Here's the situation:
>>About three weeks ago I was at
>>a bar, saw this hot girl
>>checking me out quickly, so I
>>went over to where she was
>>sitting with her group, picked
>>up a piece of food from her
>>plate and just started eating
>Very good man.
>>Wednesday (4 weeks ago)
>>Her: You don't have to pretend
>>to like quesadilla's just to
>>talk to me.
>>PlayerQ20: Believe me, I am
>>not pretending.
>Something more playful like:"I prefer to
>byte necks and drink blood" (with wierd
>smile) would have been better.

Yeah, that would've been good to. I was called out on it by the group,
finished eating in front of them before responding. Took a drink. Looked at
all of them, smiled and said with my hands raised "I don't know what you're
talking about..."

>>After some convo, she grabs my
>>phone and puts her number in
>>it before she leaves. I send
>>her a quick text after I leave
>>the bar and she replies right
>>Thursday (4 weeks ago)
>>The next morning she sends me
>>another text asking for my
>This is because her state changed in the
>meanwhile and is finding a way to
>control herself better, maybe she has a
>bf and does not want you to call or
>whatever. Also she was building a strong
>leading frame on you with her
>frames..from the beginning.. and you did
>not notice..She gave you AIs and is
>attracted to you.. so I do not
>understand WTF you did after this Man???

Yeah, I dropped the ball. This is a weird situation because she's moving in
the midst of all this. So, I screwed up my time-frame.

>I tell her I'm heading
>>downtown to take care of some
>>stuff and ask her what she's
>>doing for lunch. We end up
>>meeting for lunch.
>>The bill is like $28 and she
>>pays $20.
>Good, you are about 71% the prize.
>So, I walk her back
>>to her office, kiss her
>>briefly, tell her that I'm
>>going out of town for the
>>weekend but I'll give her a
>>buzz when I get back.
>>Sunday (4 weeks ago)
>>We've been exchanging text
>>messages throughout the
>>weekend, and we end up meeting
>>up at her place Sunday night.
>>Great conversation and we make
>>out as I leave.
>Ok now let me ask you this question: why
>did you not fuck her at THIS point?

This would've been difficult. She's a working professional and had to return
to work. The lunch made her about 20 minutes late as it was and I had to leave
town in the next hour with a friend.

>>Tuesday (3 Weeks ago)
>>We chat for about half an
>>hour. It was a bitch to get
>>her on the phone - she never
>>answers - and I had to neg her
>>quite a bit via text before
>>she finally calls.
>>Thursday (3 weeks ago)
>>I get wasted. I mean blackout
>>wasted, and I had told her
>>that I would call her on
>>Thursday to arrange a meet for
>>fri. So, I did call her, but
>>I also lost my cell and called
>>her like 5 times that night
>>apparently. I just kept
>>forgetting that I had called
>What happens to you here? You picked her
>up and you did not fuck her when you had
>the opportunity and now you keep
>forgetting? What´s the matter? You don´t
>like her? Are you scared of her? Or

I party too much.

>>Friday (3 weeks ago)
>>AM: I send her an email saying
>>sorry I forgot to call her on
>>Thursday =] She writes back
>>saying it was some kind of
>>record and throws a smiley
>>face in the email. Cool. She
>>is going out of town for the
>>weekend. We trade a few text
>>messages over the weekend.
>>Tuesday (2 weeks ago)
>>She sends me an email, we
>>exchange a few messages during
>>the day while we're both at
>>work and she says she's going
>>to call me at work. Never
>Because while you play with telephones
>and email she is first wondering why the
>hell you did not fuck her, yet and after
>loosing attraction.
>>Wednesday (2 weeks ago)
>>Sends me an email apologizing
>>saying she got really busy.
>>Right... But she wants me to
>>call her at the office.
>Another frame from her. If you read your
>post again you will find many times
>situations where 1. She builds a frame
>2. You react to it.
>You did quit well in the pickup (except
>that you let her in that situation to
>build some dominant frames on you, too)
>but after you ARE NOT LEADING HER.

I am a bit confused here, do you think it's better to force her entirely into
my frame, not react at all to her frames, or play it in the middle?

>>leave her a message about 5
>>hours after she sends this
>>email and she calls me at the
>>office right back. We agree
>>to hang out Wednesday night, I
>>tell her to call me at 8:30
>>after she gets done with her
>>8:50 she sends my roommate a
>>text - I'm still using his
>>cell at this point - saying
>>she hopes I don't hate her but
>>that she has to cancel, she
>>just got home and is
>>exaughsted and leaving
>>tomorrow morning for vacation.
>>9:06 I call - no answer
>>obviously - and send her a
>>text back saying cancelling
>>last minute is never cool even
>>if she does have a new job.
>Call on bullshit will not work here and
>even make situation worse. I think your
>mistake was not to fuck her when you
>were making out. If she is horny this is
>a too long wait for her.

Good point. I think I should've replied saying I was already out with

>>Friday (2 weeks ago)
>>I send her a text at about
>>4:30 in the morning.
>>Saturday (2 weeks ago)
>>She sends a reply at 8:30 PM
>>Sunday (2 weeks ago)
>>I send a reply at 7 PM -
>>Tuesday (last week)
>>I leave her a voicemail
>>telling her to call me when
>>she gets a chance
>Man you make love with her over
>electronic devices? Seducing a woman is
>like in the jungle. You nail her against
>a wood. If she is in her cave she is
>WORTHLESS TO YOU unless she comes out.
>This is THE RULE.

Good point. I had established a good rapport with her over SMS, and since she
was out of town I really didn't feel like calling her.

>>Friday (last week)
>>I send her an anti-flake email
>Totally unnecessary. What you should
>have done to fix the mistake of not
>fucking her when you had opportunity
>would have been to STRUCTURE ONE
>Like:"Honey, I am at my flat tomorrow at
>5pm. I want to show you my collection of
>CDs. Buy me a beer please and come up
>If she comes you fuck her. If she gives
>BACK TO YOU! Next time could be a walk
>together on a isolated beach where you
>can fuck her in a solitary boat.

Yeah. She hadn't returned my call earlier that week, so I reasoned that it
would appear too needy to play this role. Also, the long silence is a good
move, but wouldn't you adjust that approach given the time constraints?

>I mean you do need Mystery method» if a
>chick has to be pulled our of her social
>circle to isolation but MY GOD! A chick
>who already let´s you to be with her in
>isolation at her flat!
>Actually by doing it in this complicated
>way you just waste your own time. It is
>much more direct and simpler than this.

Good observation, Franco. Damnit!

>>and may actually go out on
>>Saturday night
>>if you're going to be around
>>that evening.
>She knows she is in the cave and is
>waiting for you to tell her:"Come out of
>there so I fuck you or get lost!" She is
>playing with you now or simply being
>>I give you props - I'm not a
>>fan of the social timeline
>>either. If you're not happy
>>you do something about it.
>>Glad things are working out.
>She is even telling you between the
>lines:"Please LEAD ME!"
>Next time you pickup a girl follow this
>- Pickup > (whatever method you like
>here to attract and seduce her) > fuck
>her as soon as possible in isolation.
>If for some reason this is not possible
>go to scheme II.
>- Pickup > (whatever method you like
>here to attract her) II meeting >
>(whatever method you like here to
>attract her) > fuck her as soon as
>possible in isolation.
>As a rule: you have one bullet in your
>gun. You structure ONE OPPORTUNITY and
>Never anymore so many electronic devices
>and so much procrastination unless you
>don´t find a new technique to fuck
>chicks over mobile telephones..:)
>Anyway anti-flake text was good but not
>needed with her. HER FLAKING WAS IN THIS
>HER INTO IT. Normally flaking is a
>result of too little attraction but I
>think she was attracted to you from the
>beginning but lost it for your
>procrastination. She wanted to have sex
>with you. Or why do you believe she was
>giving you an AI at the beginning?

Franco, what's your general guideline on flaking? When do you apply an
anti-flaking technique and how? The manual seems a bit too strong for my style
and I'm curious if you've found it congruent with your approach?

>Online Seduction School for Single Men,
>Husbands & Players
>"Sarge Est Necesse, Vivere Necesse Non
>Est " Gnaeus Pompeius, revised

Franco, good stuff man! I appreciate the insight. All it's going to take is
seeing this girl one more time.

I'm going to hit up this free bar-party tomorrow, bring HB9.5 and let her know
what's going down. I've received an email from HB9 that she sent out to
general list telling every1 her new contact info.

I set up an auto-response message saying that I was at a conference out of
state and presenting during X hours and if the email was a recruiter
solicitation that they could contact my cell and I would see if I could secure
a reservation.

Basically, the message is intended to indirectly resurrect the power/leader
state that I once had. See if it works.

I'll post a follow-up after Wednesday and let you know how it goes down.
Tomorrow night is going to be ridiculous... hah!!


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