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Thoughts from Bar Sarges Lately

mASF post by ox

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Thoughts from Bar Sarges Lately
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

On 5/22/05 4:24:00 PM, beerbonghangover wrote:
>I have found the bar scene to
>be very good or very bad. One
>night I will go out and sets
>will fly open, another and
>everyone seems very
>standoffish. I'm sure it's
>just circumstantial and has to
>do more with the girls/sets
>than my approaches.

no, it depends on your state. the inner you. sometimes is up, sometimes is
down. it takes sometime until you get a good handle on it. then all your sets
will open...naturally. ha.

>Couple points on sets. For
>some reason I was thinking
>Mystery Method» was open an UG
>(prob misunderstood)
yes. you misunderstood. i made this mistake for the longest time. instead you
should engage the group. raise your value and then ...isolate target. that´s
the theory. reality, you will find, is far more complicated.

to get
>into the group. THIS IS NOT
>WORKING. Instead, open the one
>that looks most receptive. The
>bored one, more open body
>language, etc.. Throw this out
>the window if you are getting
>IOI's obviously and just
>approach the one that's giving
>them directly.
mistake. if you focus on one, more often than not the rest will cockblock you
like their is no end. befriend the group. be a cool person to everybody and
raise your value. that´s, i think, mm.

>As a matter of fact opening
>just about any UG seems to be
>a complete waste of time. They
>have shields way worse and
>only seem to be about
>maintaining their friends'
>direct attention. They think
>flirting is shooting guys down

yes. unfortunately, you are not getting the hang of it yet. plow through
resistance, stack openers and run shit. change threads. Say "i know that you
are probably a nice person outside the bar and you are just behaving like this
because you are in a club".

>apparently and that is their
>"fun" in the bar scene. They
>will say shit that is
>basically unrecoverable to my
>sarge and because of this the
>actual HB's in their group
>don't get a chance to meet me.

my sp too.

>I have a bad habit in that if
>I start a sarge for practice
>on an average chick I will get
>into rapport with her and then
>at the end blow her out
>(gently but still). I need to
>break this and either get her
># for practice
if she is into you, fuck her. that´s it. venue change her and fuck her. learn
logistics and practice passing shittests. if you dont like her, undress her and
post a lr and dont fuck her. but get through the motions of pulling ass too.

or just say
>"nice meeting you and we'll
>catch up later".

you are doing well.

see you,

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