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Re: Words of Buddha

mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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Re: Words of Buddha
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

Listen man, I understand you came from a very hard upbringing. I can't
sit here and KJ my way through explaining why you are a good PUA through

All I am saying is if all that goes through my head while sarging is "I
am the great catch" I get no where. I don't know how else to put it
except you aren't the "great catch" till you ARE the "great catch"


Nothing should be going through your head as you sarge. I can see why you
choose your own reality if what your doing is thinking “I am the great catch”
while your spitting your rap at a girl. I wrote a post called “the state of
being”, you might want to check it out. It’s about being a player vs Stepping
into the state then out of it.

When I have a routine to run, a couple storys to tell, and qualifiers to
spit out (sound familiar) then I go into rapport it feels great and my
personality is flowing and energetic. I am following TylerDurden's 25
points etc etc. Things work!

I am not going to lie, it is beyond my reality. However I think I know
why you get so many hot women. Something must have clicked after you
read those dating books and now you have this charm and charisma. I
mean, how else do you intrigue, attract, and cause women to desire you?
If you aren't using canned material and stories to up your value, how
else? You must have this charm to you. That is the only other way
(unless you are rich and famous, but that isn't real seduction. That is


Intrigue…lol, ok. It’s all in my attitude towards women. Yeah something
clicked in me. Which is why I wrote “the state of being” post. I recognized
that I am the center of my universe. I changed my position from worrying about
the sarge to knowing that I am the center of my own power. Nothing can hurt me
when I’m in my center. And by coming from that center my self confidence grew
enormously. I no longer worried about being handsome enough, or if this guy
over here was larger and better looking than me, or had hair, or had a nicer
face or any of the 1000 things that men fear and cause self doubt.

Well, you got something I do not have. You earned it. Through have the
bad life you lead and improving on in till now you have earned it.


I worked for it. I am still working for it. If I can do it coming from my
background and at my age then anyone can. Some of you guys think your
unattractive and all that shit. I say let it go and focus on a new reality
model. You can't turn yourself from a frog to a prince overnight but you can
aquire the attitude of a prince with constant practice at holding the state all
day long from the moment that you wake up till the moment you fall asleep.

This is what I did that created a total change in me. Then it became my new
reality. This is why I posted that I am a player from the moment that I wake
up till I go to sleep. I walks as a player, talk, eat, sit, stand shit as a

The state became my reality.

However, I still have a great state when I am in the field most of the
time. Its not like I mope around in clubs, because no material will save
a depressed kid sarging. Material + good-state + good-flow/frame/etc are
what is needed.

My good state coupled with some cool things to run result in success. If
I don't have anything to say when I am sarging, the sarge ends. I get
nothing at all. The girls never say "you did well up to that point.
Either way BANG ME NOW". I don't know how else to put it. This isn't KJ
shit right here. However, when the chick wants me from the get-go, then
even when I do go silent, they are eager to fill in the gaps.


I agree. When a chick has chosen all you gotta do is step over and take her.
Or if your game has caused her to chose you, then take her.

This is all I can say. It is what is true for me and my current reality.
I'd love to say that "I think I am the great catch, and all of a sudden
every girl I talk to melts for me" but that isn't true. I can honestly
say I suck with women unless I am doing Mystery Method».


That is it exactly. This is what I am pointing out. We create our current
reality by what is going on inside of us. So it is below so it is above.
Change the inside and you can change the reality of the outside. But it
doesn’t happen over a few days. It takes 30 days for a minute change in your
ideology to affect the cells in your body. Your habbits and patterns are
chemical responses that effect your cells. You need time to create a lasting
change. Once that change occurs then there is a paradyme shift in your

Watch some egghead come back with exact science on behavior shit. To the
egghead Kewel!!!!!

I tried Gunwitch Method and it only seems to work if the girl seeks
rapport from me too. I know you chat with Gunny a lot on #PUA and I
assume you use GWM? GWM requires an assumption of rapport, which I think
is great... if you can do it. It feels too forced when the girl isn't
seeking at least a little rapport. Otherwise, as of now, all my
fucks/hook ups have been through using GWM (I still love you Gun even
though I haven't been in #PUA for awhile). However it feels way too much
like a number's game. I am also an IOI junkie, so indirect feels better
to me and one of these days I'll get M3 down cold.


1. I have chatted with Gunwitch I think twice. We always say hello when we are
in the chat room.
2. I do not use GWM straight from his book. I do support it as it is the
closest to my style of game.
3. You should stick with something until you learn it totally. I don’t know of
the other guys styles except Mystery wants you to dress in a clown suit to get
laid and TD style is softer and designed for the less masculine men. Outside
of this I know nothing of these two guys ideologies or techniques. I’ve heard
stories that they used to be in the same camp and something happened with one’s
girlfriend and one flew off and all that skuttle-butt.
4. I have no idea what IOI or M3 is so you went over my head…lol. I do believe
that IOI refers to levels of interest. If that is so it’s close to my own
style as you know I say I scan to see who gives me the 2nd look for the first
level of my game.

I don't want to come off as a KJ (I mention that a lot. I HATE KJs). I
am just saying I tried the "I think therefore I am" stuff and it really
doesn't work for me... doesn't work at all. It doesn't spark interest,
intrigue, attraction, comfort, or anything. Its only good when riding
the vibe.

Amen brother, I hate KJ”s too. Especially lying sacks of shit that pretend
this or that on this thing called the internet. Assholes sitting in the dark,
refusing to show their faces or anything of their lives when you ask them for
proof. Then you get:

From: SUPAFLY13 Apr-23 2:54 am
To: ALL (1 of 3)



Got dam smoke and mirrors bull shit.

And one of you FAST SACKERS found his KJ lovin punk ass into the PN and is too
chicken to step up and say who the fuck he is:

From: KINGOFHOES May-18 8:49 am
To: ZenMack (3 of 6)

2026.3 in reply to 2026.1

damn mayneyou have issueseveryone can peep out how you really are by going to and looking at all your CURRENT posts under the name
"playersupreme"how's that metaphysical crap working for you???The game is heavy
mayne, your new age books and buddha lessons won't cut it.

Yeah Setarcos I especially hate KJ”s. Now these assholes I could rant about
just as much as faggots.

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