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Review: Mystery Bootcamp Chicago Apr 22-24

mASF post by rafcjax

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Review: Mystery Bootcamp Chicago Apr 22-24
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mASF post by "rafcjax"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, May 5, 2005

Disclaimer: I have no ties with Mystery other that I was a student in the
Chicago bootcamp on Apr 22-24 with Mystery, Style, Lovedrop and intern
instructor Alex.

Background: ***********************************

33 y/o Filipino American 5'7 in field shoes 150 pounds in Jacksonville,
Florida. In the past, it seemed to be just lucky to get these chicks and
ended up being a wussy. So decided to get this part of my life handled. Been
in the community since the beginning of the year.

Discovered DYD and tried that stuff for awhile (3 minute email technique) in
public venues and got flaky numbers. Read up on internet strategies and had
day twos with a handful and full montied two chicks. I guess I could have
relied on my internet for my dating life but wanted to get good at cold
approaches/social circle lays.

Read bunch of shit on mASF and tried that stuff out in the field. Could do the
openers (wlm, jealous girlfriend, thug vs gangsta) but after that just shotgun
shit around (best friends, sexual predator, etc) and couldn't get far. I wanted
to see how this stuff really works in the field. Since there are no ASF type
PUAs in my area I decided to take a seminar/infield in Chicago.

Review ****************************************

Sorry I hate to type and there so much stuff it's hard to condense. So I'm not
going to give a detailed account on the day and night happenings. All the
previous reviews are dead on about that. And this is intended for guys
contemplating to take Mystery bootcamp and hopefully make an informed decision.

1. Was it worth it? - YES, but there is a price you have to pay. Going in I
thought we would learn techniques/strategies for each phase of the M3. But
it's more than that. Mystery gives you a blueprint on how to become a PUA by
building identity. The price you pay? In order to build the PUA, you have to
work the field and build your identity afterwards. So think of the MM bootcamp
as the beginning.

And you have to be receptive to honest feedback. For instance, Mystery
suggested I should shave my hair since I'm balding. He told a heavy set guy he
should go for a strip club owner look. He called another guy's clothing style
generic. If you are not willing to drop the ego, I suggest don't go. But I
wanted to get this stuff down so ego dropped easily for me.

2. Is Mystery for real? - YES! Whoever posted about him paying off women in
the clubs is a liar of the greatest magnitude. The students saw his photo
album and his digital black book of HB 9/10s and damn, I would be happy if I
had 1 percent of that. It's fucking huge! He put himself on the line the
first night and only going to run practice game. But he ran a solid game and
it was amazing when the chick went to the bathroom or somewhere else, Mystery
would give play by play analysis. Was like that show NFL Playbook on ESPN where
they dissect football plays. All he need was a chalkboard.

He went over a general overview of the model and later that night we witnessed
it. Opening, change of venue within club, kino escalation, etc! Like M says
"The Mystery Method» delivers the fucking goods!"

3. Will your game improve? - YES!!! Pretty much the website is right on what
to expect. There were two guys in my class that had good game before coming
in. Good being an RAFC or holding sets longer than 30 minutes. One extracted
a fiancee out of the club (also managed to get kicked out of the club for
overnegging the bartenders and pawning a UG to some alpha black guys - FUCKING
UNREAL) and one extracted HBAmazon who flew in from LA was on a date. He
befriended the guy and took his girl. AGAIN FUCKIN UNREAL.

But most guys were like me. I had problems with creating attraction of the bat
going into seminar and left the seminar getting to at least qualification. And
just now after hitting the field two weeks after MM, yesterday ran a solid
comfort game using kino escalation and grounding/vulnerability routines. Just
need to work on my venue bounce gambits but I'm gettting at it.

Will write for stuff later... not a KJ and hate typing and rather be in the

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