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evidence these techniques work?

mASF post by Gunwitch

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evidence these techniques work?
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mASF post by "Gunwitch"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

On 5/12/05 12:01:00 PM, Design wrote:
>75 in 500? That turns out to be a lay
>for every six or so approaches. Sounds
>pretty good if you ask me. If you can
>get laid every six approaches, you
>should be pulling more or less every
>night. In any case, with all due
>respect to Gunwitch, his numbers are

Yeah lot of respect, I can feel the love.

Those are the numbers I estimated, it may have been in about 1000.

Some of the shit I was doing pre GWM, wasn't needed but I was doing it anyway
in conjunction with GWM principles.

Also the high approach to lay ratio(and yes it is high Cnoyes)was doing GWM in
daytime PU venues. No one can break a cold approach (no AI first) to lay ratio
of more than about 1 in 10 in nightclubs. If anyone has I haven't heard about

Calling that estimation unreliable, or me reporting it?

>The proven techniques? To my the best
>of my knowledge...
>-Mystery Method»
>-Gunwitch (there is some debate here)

Wrong. Not accusing you of anything Design, just you aren't as aware of GWMs
path in the community as I am.

There is no debate of my methods working WIDELY all over the community in
hundreds of lay reports by hundreds of different guys at this point.

The only debate about them working is by guys who haven't tried them, and
admit they haven't tried them I might ad, who do not like the core ideas.

More than can be said for the first two on your list, who have many many more
field reports than lay reports, and have many (I estimate about 10-20% of
former students after about a year) disgruntled students who now say their
methods don't work after much trial and error.

I have ONE "defector" from my method to date, who if you read his archive
blatantly states he got results with GWM. He outright said it was the best
method for getting fast lays with hot women. This was until he started RSD
itself and started recommending different techniques.

Otherwise everyone who has applied it has been more than satisfied.

Get laid not just liked!
"make the ho say no"

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