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Field Report: Barreling through the Method

mASF post by PointBlank

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Field Report: Barreling through the Method
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mASF post by "PointBlank"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, October 10, 2004

FR: Barreling through the Method


So, I had this political participation project I had to do for school. First of
all, this was not social circle as I don’t specialize in it. In fact, that is
my weakest point as far as girls but I manage tight connections with alpha
guys. Anyways, I was just rolling by at this campaign parade that was being
held for a famous congressman, whom I got to meet and shake hands, and had to
get some government hours for some credit. As soon as I enter the parking lot
full of people volunteering, mostly students but whom I don’t know, I start
mildly social proofing myself. I felt like a tool just standing there but I did
manage to talk to a guy briefly and just talking to a 3set of girls. It was
just an opening but that provided me more value than other guys as girls were
checking me out. In fact, I’ll mention how this factored in later.


An asian girl had just passed me and was carrying some balloons with her and
she was looking for a partner to go with. I had no idea who she was and she had
no idea who she was but I don’t know if I would classify this a cold approach
even though she opened me and wanted me to be her partner. It was not necessary
and she could have just gone with some other people but for some reason, she
drags me along. I’d consider it somewhat of a warm approach.


I love this vibing concept that Geoff, DoctorOwl, and Coolwater made a post
about in ASF. The way I interpreted it was that you riff off of sub topics that
the girls or you make about so there are a huge number of invisible threads
where you can throw your fishing hook at and reel that thread in and expand
upon it. That’s exactly what I did. I did not use any canned material as I
sound detectably rehearsed when I perform them by the accounts of some wings. I
don’t know if the girls sense it. A much better way that I’ve been using
sharpened personality conveying material is getting an idea of what the main
points I want to get across are and just trying to make stuff on the spot. I
sound a whole lot more natural and its more interesting where I can easily
stack multiple threads and callback to them later in the interaction.


I had zoomed through A1 which was taken care by her and accepted pre-approval
by just volunteering. A2 was done as I sensed I was overqualified at some
points and I had to calibrate to it. She would take some things way too
seriously and I would look like an asshole. Fortunately, I calibrated
correctly. A3 was good as I qualified her on some arbitrary things such as
nationality, classes, etc. and I rewarded her with kino at times. C1 was
completed where we grounded each other’s identity very good. C2 was where I was
just shooting the shit with her while venue changing multiple times to places
such as Bakery, Taco Bell, KFC, walking her back to Baskin Robbins, spending
almost the whole time with her. I knew I was *in* when she kept re-initiating
with rapport questions. At the C2 locations, we always sat down at a table in a
place quiet enough that we could talk and build lots of comfort. I strongly
believe venue changing helped me in the end.


I really need to remember my material for future reference.

*Human Lifespan: Connection Material
*ESP Demonstration/ Fate Plotline: DHV
*Purpose of Life: Connection Material
*My three short term relationships/ ask about past relationships: Pre-approval
*Best friend breakup: Reflects my loyalty
*NYC Ratpack Story: Reflects my travels
*Girls/Boys # of words per day: Fun little routine
*Long lifespan by 2050: Connection Material
*False Disqualifiers


*Kino escalation is a problem. I barely did any kino except touching her at
times. I need to improve on this area a whole lot more.
*Leading her. I felt I did satisfactory in leading her to bouncing locations. I
need to lead more such as taking her by her hand and doing some caveman type
stuff such as dragging her.
*Quiet. She noticed that I was quiet at times. I need to really get in a
talkative state of mind. I don’t know why I am introverted more than
extroverted so I need to talk a whole lot more. She didn’t really mind though
as she enjoyed the interaction.


I walked her back to her ride she was waiting for at Baskin Robbins. She was
saying how she enjoyed and was glad that she met me. She gave me a hug and then
offered her number. The set from meet to number close was 4 hours. I don’t know
what I plan on doing with her. I was just having fun, shooting the shit, doing
what I was supposed to do. I was solo the whole time so I’m glad this worked
out. I feel like I can ideally at least bounce/extract on really good days, I
just feel it. I feel so close. This is the second time I’ve bounced a set same
day. First time was a month ago with this chick that I time bridged and bounced
same day for a total of 6 hours together and I fucked up where all the signs
were there to full monty but logistically there was no way (she actually left
me a message today). Today was a four hour long set. That’s pretty lengthy in
my book. I’m tired right now and would like to go to sleep. I just have this
vision in my mind that I can actually achieve the venusian arts and pull
efficiently off of stone cold approaches. All the pieces of the puzzle are
together in my head and they fit perfectly. It’s a matter of hitting more sets.
This is funny because this is actually my third set I did so far after the
Mystery Method seminar (I restarted from my previous 300 sets). So that shows
and tells me that I have not been going out regularly enough. I do weekends
though so it’s all good. Hell, I have done only three sets so far and the third
is a four hour long set? Damn, I think I can get good!


*I just got another long ass set under my belt from the street (4 hours in
total cumulatively for today)
*I used two of the three jumping location tactics today: 1) Bouncing, 2) Time
*I got a number close and not a number bridge. I did not settle any plans which
I really need to implement for day2s.
*TD’s phone exchange tactic is money. Whip out your cell and take the girl’s
number. Tell them you’ll call them so then they have your number. Easy. Field
tested twice =).
*Social proof is important because this girl saw me actually interacting with
the 3set of girls and a guy so it added to my value (she commented on it).
*I have not been focusing on the relationship aspect of my life. Health –
Academics -Relationships. I have been focusing on health and academics as my
top priority. I have given very minimal time to relationships thus far. I’ve
been just chilling the hell out.

Sarge hard!


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