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REVIEW: RSD *and* MM - Seminar and Workshop

mASF post by lovedrop

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REVIEW: RSD *and* MM - Seminar and Workshop
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mASF post by "lovedrop"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2004

From posting guidelines for seminar/workshop reviews: "Disclaim any
connections you might have with the owner(s) of the product/service beyond
personal association."

Disclaimer: I have one other association with Mystery: I am temporarily
hosting a private community for him on my personal website. This will end
in the next week or two as things progress.



I haven't posted too much on ASF in the past few years...but I was enough of
a regular at one point that I have an archive here on fastseduction. I am
still active in the community but in more of a "behind the scenes" role.

I've been in the community for about 5 years, but wasted much of that time
in an LTR. I have kept up on the theory however, and I have pretty good
field skills; I have friends and I get laid, etc. My influences are MM,
RSD, Style, Juggler, IN10SE, SS, and probably others that I forget.

I've just returned from 11 days staying at Project Hollywood. While I was
there I took the Real Social Dynamics seminar and workshop, and also the
Mystery Method seminar and workshop.

People have asked me why, as a relatively advanced PUA, I signed up for
workshops. The answer is, #1, I knew I would learn a lot from the
experience - and I did. There is always something to learn. And #2, I
considered the fact that nearly everyone with impressive skill in this
community took workshops and paid for them.

===== Real Social Dynamics =====

I took the RSD 3-day seminar and workshop.

The RSD instructors that I either winged with, or watched in set firsthand,
included TylerDurden, Playboy, Papa, Twentysix, Xaneus, and Jlaix. I can
vouch for their stellar skills in the field: these are all top guys. The
LA crew has tight game and they are constantly doing day2s and same-night

I didn't expect to get much out of the seminar (because I'm already Captain
Theory) but it was actually quite good. It lasted about 8 hours each day,
with regular breaks. TD did most of the speaking, with guest appearances by
Mystery (on pickup structure), The One and Dreamweaver (on winging), Playboy
(on opening), Sickboy (on being a cool, normal person), Jlaix (phone game),
as well as Twentysix and Xaneus. All the information presented was useful
and I learned some new theory, including: frame control, some good tactics
for qualifying and for comfort building, new DHVs and other material. I'd
actually be quite happy to sit through the seminar again.

The workshop was excellent. Approximately 4 hours in the field for three
nights, different venues and instructors each night. The instructors were
all cool guys and very helpful. Twentysix in particular winged with me on a
number of sets...his game is very tight and his feedback was immediately
helpful to me in subsequent sets.

Overall, my game definitely improved and will probably reach even another
level within the next month or two as I practice all this stuff in the
field. I
have more direction and ability in set. I have a better understanding of
social dynamics.

I was also able to watch TD do a number of sets. Some highlights:

---- TD enters a set with 2 hotties and approx. 5 AMOGs. The hotties
*appeared* to be GFs of the Amogs, but apparently had only met them earlier
that night. The instant that TD entered the set, one Amog in particular got
angry and began pushing his shoulder, getting up in his face, etc. TD
behaved as if the guy didn't even exist. His gaze was locked with the chick
and he was running stock material on her. Once or twice he turned to the
Amog and ran stock Amog material, then immediately turned back to the chick
and continued gaming her. The Amog also tried to drag her away several
times but she stayed with TD. I was standing extremely close when this
happened, and it seemed to me that TD had somehow created a bubble around
himself and the girl, almost as if anyone reaching inside just turns to
vapor and has no influence within the bubble. We all hear people use words
like, "my reality was stronger than his reality," but to see it happen was
amazing. It was as if TD had actually warped the space around him using the
focus of his thought and was palpable. Like he had supernatural
power. I remember looking at his face while he was in this set and thinking
to myself, "Oh my god, TD is the Devil." Eventually the AMOG came back and
put the girl in a headlock to drag her off. TD gamed her for a bit longer,
then pulled out his cell phone and #-closed the girl WHILE she was in a

---- TD, Playboy, and Xaneus returned to the Mansion one night with 3 San
Diego girls. But apparently Playboy's girl wasn't being friendly enough to
him. TD told his girl to tell her friend to shape up and get with the
program. She refused. So TD then threw all the girls out of the house. He
even knocked on Xaneus's door and kicked out his girl as well. Then we all
went down to Mel's for food. Guess who's down there? The San Diego girls.
Right in front of them, TD and Playboy game up a 2-set of hot brunettes (9+)
and within 3 or 4 minutes have the girls crawling all over them. They
#-close the girls. Then TD and Xaneus game a 2-set of blondes (8's), put
them on their arms, and parade them past the San Diego girls and back up the
hill into the Mansion. The San Diego girls were absolutely terrified.

---- Stuff like this happened constantly the entire time that I was staying
at the Mansion.

===== Mystery Method =====

The following weekend, I took the Mystery Method seminar and workshop.

Mystery was the sole instructor, with 4 students (including me.) I was
surprised that his material didn't overlap with RSD much at all. It was
quality stuff. In the seminar, it was interesting to hear Mystery's
thoughts on:

-- the M3 model as the structure of a pickup - some useful diagrams from his
upcoming book
-- various aspects of Group Theory including jealousy plots, forward and
backward merging, obstacles, etc.
-- various attraction switches and how to exploit them
-- conversational threads and hoops
-- LOTS of routines, many of which were demonstrated in the field
-- using negs effectively during attract phase
-- creating a unique identity and using it as a grounding routine for
-- LMR tactics
-- a "bait hook reel release" model of qualification that I am currently
-- the subtleties of punish/reward in mid-game
-- the usefulness of a digital voice recorder (I purchased one)

Mystery dressed one night in full peacock gear, with flaming boots, PVC
pants, a fuzzy top-hat, a "bug bag" etc. It was really over the top. It
got him lots of attention and also seemed to qualify him for higher quality
targets such as strippers, go-go dancers, etc. He sarged a set of models
that night, used forward merging to create a jealousy plot, and eventually
split the set with me. (We ended up doing a double-date with those girls on
a subsequent evening.) One thing I realized that night is just how obvious
it is when people are constantly sneaking glances in your direction.
Beautiful women must be accustomed to such treatment.

Another night, Mystery dressed in a suit, and another night he wore regular
clothes. His game didn't change with his clothes, and he demonstrated great
sets each night. Several times we split sets, or gamed sets together, or he
watched me in set, or I watched him in set. I got a lot of useful
information from Mystery in the field, mostly on when to phase shift in set
(M3 model) and also on working groups more effectively.

Some highlights:

-- Mystery took me to a strip club and within 15 minutes or so he had two
strippers fighting over him. One trying to drag the other out of her seat
next to Mystery, etc.
-- Mystery at a party, stealing a 9 from some AMOG and taking her back in
his room and closing the door. She later ended up swimming topless with him
in the pool.
-- Mystery blowing up a set with 5 HBs and one AMOG...the AMOG supplicating
to HB crawling all over him...and then finding out that he only did
it to create a jealousy plot to hook the models from his previous set.
-- Mystery and I returning to the Mansion after our double date with the two
models...and finding a stripper there waiting for us. Mystery then throwing
the stripper out of the house...and she sat outside ringing the doorbell
while we talked to the girls inside.

...the list goes on. The MM experience was actually quite different than
RSD and I'm really glad I took both programs.


I got a lot of other benefits from my time at Project Hollywood, just from
spending time with those guys and learning through osmosis, that are hard to
describe in this post. One great benefit was that I seem to have quit
drinking. Normally when I go out, I drink like a fish. When I first enter
a venue, I feel a strong urge to have that first drink and get my buzz on.
But when I was out with these guys, I never felt that urge and I never had a
drink. I gamed completely sober and always had a great night and felt
great. I will definitely continue like this from now on.


I know there is a tendency for people to think that a review must contain
negative information, or it isn't "objective." But I'm honestly really
happy with what I got out of the experience. Here are the most negative
things I could think of:

---- On the second night of the RSD workshop, my group (consisting of me,
Papa, and Jlaix) didn't get out early enough and we ended up stuck in
line...and thus not entering a venue that night. But the RSD guys more than
made up for that by taking me out many other times throughout the next week.

---- During Mystery's seminar, he has a tendency to go off on tangents
(because he likes to talk) and I could tell there was a little worry among
the students that they might miss out on some material as a result.
However, he definitely did cover all the material by the end of the third
day (and there was a lot of material), with time left over to take us
shopping on Melrose for new clothes and jewelry.

I'll spend the next few months integrating this stuff into my game, and may
even take another workshop after that point.

In all my studies and travels on the subject of pickup, I have not met a
group of guys that have a better grasp of the game than the LA crew at
Project Hollywood - and I'm grateful to them for helping me to reach the
next level.


From posting guidelines for seminar/workshop reviews: "if you are unable or
unwilling to post a follow-up post within 1 month of taking part in your
reviewed workshop/seminar, don't post the review in the first place."

Questions are welcome and I'd be happy to post a follow-up in a month or


Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2004 by "lovedrop" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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