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Lay Report: HB8.5 looks like Demi Moore

mASF post by Groovy

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Lay Report: HB8.5 looks like Demi Moore
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mASF post by "Groovy"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2004

This is my best close since starting with Mystery Method about two months
ago. This girl is a former cheerleader from San Diego and is 5'9" and looks
like Demi Moore with smaller natural breasts. Lets call her HBDemi.

I met her at my birthday party about two weeks ago. My marrried HB9.5
friend who was hosting the party had met HBDemi at a bar a couple of nights
before and invited her to come to the party. I talked with her briefly and
found out that we lived in the same building. I had my sites set on other
targets that night (see
150600,24e#150600) and so I didn't really spend to much time thinking
about this girl. In addition I generally only go for girls that are my height
below (I'm 5'6").

I met her again one time after my birthday on the subway. We joked around
for a while and then parted ways. We talked about how we both missed the
Friends finale and I said I could get us a copy through my replaytv's file
sharing system. I said I would get the episode and give her a call. I never
as I was very busy that week and I didn't really believe that this girl would
into me largely because of the limiting beliefs regarding the height

Fast forward to two days ago. The pool at my building opened up and I'm
chilling outside reading a book and gettting some sun. After a half hour
HBDemi comes into the pool in a smoking bikini and walks up and says hi
and grabs the chair next to mine. Later her friend HB7Texas and my buddy
come by and we all spend the afternoon drinking beers enjoying the sun. At
one point I'm talking with HBTexas about her choice in guys and she says she
has a height requirement of 5'9". Before MM I may have gotten defensive or
insulted hearing this and responded by saying something negative about her
being shallow or something. Instead i said that I can totally understand that
becuase I have a tendency to gravitate towards women my height and below.
Looking back this was the major hook point. I completely disqualified
HBDemi and created a major challenge. After this we all go upstairs and
watch the Friends finale and drink margaritas.

After this we all go back home to shower up and then meet up to go out to a
roofdeck bar. We hang out there all night and I run some sets using the
group as a homebase. Its so easy to open when you are hanging with two
HBs BTW. Okay so I still don't think for sure that the HBDemi is into me, but
I'm getting a vibe for sure. At the end of the night she interrupts me in
another set and tells me she's leaving with this guy. I'm like "you were
to leave and not ask me if I wanted a ride - we live in the same building!".
She is like "sorry thought you were busy talking to these girls - do you want a
ride with us?" Long story short - eventually the guy realized that things
weren't gonna go his way and he left.

We jump in a cab and head back to our building. Once there I suggest that
she come over to watch this funny movie I'd been telling her about. Next
thing I know she is lying down with her legs on top of my lap. At this point I
knew that it was on. She ended up staying over. There was some ASD. I
didn't get an f close but did eventually get a BJ close.

I know this post is kind of short and not doesn't have a huge amount of news
you can use. I would say the major points are don't have limiting beliefs
about what kind of girls will go for you (e.g. I'm too short). Also always
remain postive, be uninsultable and be able to reframe a negative situation
onto a positive one.

This is my third real close since the MM seminar two months ago (along with
dozens of phones/emails and 3 or 4 kiss closes). I gotta say that I
recommend the Mystery Method seminar to anyone who can afford it and is
committed to learning it - it has really helped me out.

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