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Field Report (Short): 3day Binge from Sunset to Santa Monica

mASF post by JT47319

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Field Report (Short): 3day Binge from Sunset to Santa Monica
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mASF post by "JT47319"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, February 2, 2004

OK, I'm only doing a general Field Report since I don't remember every specific
detail. Ryan can fill in the blanks later. So Ryan and I make plans after
taking the Mystery Method seminar to go out and sarge. We've got material under
our belt and its time to start practicing.

I don't know Sunset/Hollywood too well, but its a convenient meeting location
for the both of us on Thursday at 10PM. We roll down Sunset and hit up a few of
those places that were in Mystery's workshop tour: Saddle Ranch, Miyagi's, and
Dublins. I don't remember the specifics of the sets we opened, but I think we
each opened about 10 ranging from 2sets to 4sets and B5s to HB7s with only a
few mixed sets. Sometimes we'd go solo, sometimes merge after one of us opened,
and sometimes went in as a duo. Ryan did a good job at one point simply taking
a girl's seat and not asking. Set lasted maybe 15 minutes, but no continued
rapport. Standard opinion openers (birthday gift for 12yr cousin, David Bowie,
etc). Tried to run the ESP routine, but little reaction except in maybe one
cute twin set.

OK, Friday night 9PM on the Santa Monica Promenade. Ryan's opening up street
sets, but I'm still uncomfortable in that setting. I like more social settings
like bars, clubs and parties. Of course, he's also opening up like 14 year
girls (dirty old pervert :). The Promenade is a little dead. We hit Gotham
Hall, Yankee Doodle's, and Renee's. Only
Renee's had anything going on and we hit about 10 sets there, average quality
babes. We get more rapport. One chick totally shit-tested Ryan though, it was
so funny. She totally saw through it but we all took it in good stride. Ryan
busted out with TD's I POKED MY ROOMMATE'S FRIEND EYE story which is what gave
him away, but it got perfect screams and giggles from the other chick. I open
an 2set w/
an HB7 and Ryan comes in a little later with "Are these girls bothering you?"
Little more rapport going on, try the ESP routine, flubs. We eject and hit a
3set. Ryan's feeling real cocky and sits on a girl's lap for shits and giggles.
Later on, I approach the bar and reopen the 2set. I see a pair of AFCs standing
nearby who were obviously trying to edge their way over and muster the courage
talk to the chicks.

I tell the girls, "I'm gonna go to the restroom" then walk 3 feet away and open
up a 3set of 6 feet tall girls (got this from a TD/SickBoy post). I swear, I
was mentally laughing my ass off because the two AFCs were gawking at me and
the 2set at the bar were like, "WTF?!" Ryan comes in a little later and we
engage in some rapport. Later, we eject from the scene and head to Gotham Hall.
A 2set recognized Ryan and he pulls them out to the pool tables to play
pool. Excellent move on his part, as Mystery said, don't use logic on a girl,
just do it. The two girls are best friends and more into each other. Energy is
lagging so we bail and head home.

Saturday. I'm pumped and want to go to the Standard, but Ryan's feeling low on
energy. I say, fuck that. I remind him that HerbalTea told us how there were
days even Mystery & Papa were low on energy, but when they hit the club, GAME
ON, man. GAME ON. Like walking across the velvet rope gave them an instant
charge of juice.

And guess what? Saturday was a pretty darn good. We hit the Saddle Ranch first,
VERY CROWDED. Ryan gets there late and I've opened up four sets already. Ryan
experiments with a Clay Aiken vs Ryan Secreast opener/routine that I came up
for him. Which he expanded and it became MONEY. First set he tries it on, he
pinches one girl's cheek and 5 other girls were just pissing their pants in
All but two of those girls left and we start busting on those two, little
married/divroce roleplaying, etc. We're hitting sets left and right, and these
two chicks keep on bumping into us.

Anyways, we eject and go to the Standard. We're feeling OK from the Saddle
Ranch, but the Standard was just so much better because Thursday/Friday, all
the HBs were from 5 to 7. Here, the babes were 7s to 9s and I think that gave
us a lot more energy. We rip it up as singles, duos, merge, etc. One time I hit
a 3set and ended up moving one girl all over the place, not even asking her so
I can run a few
routines on her. Ryan gets it going pretty well with HB9NikkiHilton, she's
totally digging his roleplaying. We do some AMOG destroying and feeling just
pretty good at the end of the night. At the end, we debrief over at Mel's
Diner. We didn't #close, but that wasn't the point. Three straight nights of
sarging, breaking in a lot of material, internalizing it, working on body
laungage, etc. Like Mystery pointed out, we need to be PROCESS oriented, not
RESULTS oriented. And we had fun doing it. I don't know how many sets we opened
in total, but at least 30 for each of us.

Rock on.

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