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Re: Outbreak and RaverDJ

mASF post by Maddash

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Re: Outbreak and RaverDJ
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mASF post by "Maddash"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2002

Oh hey, one of you guys asked about "dumb" chicks. I run into this all the
time. Just don't give up, keep working them over (in spite of their
stupidity). It takes a little longer, and they will typically act really
rude, but if you keep pushing it, they will come into rapport with you.
Just keep the conversation light and about them. Don't ask them those
philosophical open-ended questions (I tried this yesterday to dumb girl:
"Are you religious or spiritual?" Dumb chick: "I don't know... whatever...

What a fucking idiot. I made it a point to NEXT her right in front of her

<RaverDJ> wrote in message news:[email protected]...
> Well, tonight me and outbreak went to this club in boca (upper class north
> lauderdale).
> Anyways, it was a college night, and the first time me and outbreak meet.
He is
> wearing this furry pink shirt with red polka dots on it.... other than
that, he
> is a pretty good looking guy, so it should not be too difficult to get
> underway.
> He gets us in the club on his VIP card, then we go outside to do a little
> debreifing on the mystery method seminar. Everyone got a persona, and a
> challenge/goal. Outbreak was the "peacock" persona. Dress very bright, be
> animated, draw lots of attention, rather than blend in. I am also a big
> peacock, so this might be nice.
> One MAIN difference, is outbreak CREATES openings, while I simply sit
> and LOOK for openings. I think because of this, He does more approaches,
> has more C&B. Like he will just walk up to a group of 3-4 girls, and
> interrupt them from whatever they were doing, to introduce his canned
> I will admit, I was surprised that they even gave him any attention at
> his opener, to me, anyways, seemed really fuckin weak, and even more
> arbitrary/random than anything he could possibly think of. He used a "do
> believe in spells" approach, where he asks them that, then explains why he
> asked them. (because one of his buddies, who does not believe in magic,
> up in bed with a real witch, woke up with some potpuri and chicken bones
> smelled like rotting honey, and 2 weeks later he was in love with her....
> they think it was the spell, or all psychological.)
> To me, that is silly. I told him not to talk about chicken bones and
> honey... make it sound more appealing, like they used rose petals, various
> essential oils, and the wiskers of a kitten... something positive, not
> chicken bones. lol. But hey, we just got done meeting and talking about
> seminar, and then he approaches a single girl on the other side of the
bar. As
> her friends come up, so do I. He basically bails. Then he approaches a 3
> with his magic opener. I was right next to them. He had them going, al 3
> entertained. I was amazed.
> Then he just kinda bailed. It seems outbreak can create an opening almost
> anywhere, however he can not yet keep their interst long enough to
> value, convey interst, and pique curiosity. ME, on the other hand, have to
> for the right opening, and I will have no trouble keeping it going.
> ok, now for the meat of the story. We hit on a few girls here and there.
> nothing really big. Then we go to the other room in the club. It is a lot
> smaller, a lot quieter, and just cool. So outbreak walks up to these 2
girls, I
> am behind him. He does the magic opener, and one girl immeadietly rolls
> eyes, says no she does not believe in magic, and turns the other way. The
> is intersted, so he has her going for a couple of minutes.
> Then he negs her. He folds a napkin in 4, hands it to her, and kinda rubs
> side of his mouth. She does nbot get it. He repeats the motions. She still
> not get it. He TELLS her she has some shit on her lip and she should wipe
> off... Well, she asks her friend if she has anything on her face, the
> says NO. BUSTED!!!!!!!!!! OMG this was the funniest crash and burn ever.
> just got this guilty look on his face, said nice to meet ya, and walked
> I follow him out, then tell him wait, watch me try to bust a turn around.
> was like dude, the situation is killed, as in unfixable. I was like watch
> I went back to the 2 girls, and said "Hi laides, You'll have to apoligize
> my friend. I took him to this club to kina show him how to pick up women,
> folding up a napkin and telling you to wipe your face is NOT the way to do
> You don't wanna be the guy who just says something dumb, like Hey baby,
> shakin, and you do not wanna be the chump following them around all night,
> buying them drinks. (she interrupts to tell me she likes guys who buy them
> drinks). Then I Tell the one that rolled her eyes "You didn't even look
> you looked iritated, and I was gonna say something to cheer you up, but he
> really made a mess of things, so I waited a minute before coming back to
> introduce myself." I found out basic info, the cute one is from out of
> the other one lives far from me. The nice one blows me off by saying "nice
> meeting you". I could have negged back with "Oh, is that your way of
saying you
> are bored of talking to me?" but I did not think of that till just now, 3
> later.
> I also did 2 approaches to 2 two sets. The girls have to wear arm bands if
> are over 21. I saw the 2 girls wearing it, and asked what they were for.
> times, thats about all the info that I got... is that the bands are for
> to drink. Although one was also from out of town... then I fluffed about
> on spring break, but she was just visiting.
> After all these crash and burns, outbreak got deflated, and decided this
> was shot, and he wanted to go home. He did not miss much either. After he
> I ran into the UG6 from Ultra. (The one with a cute friend, who's number I
> managed to get). Anyways, this girl was here with like 6-7 other girls...
> just 6's but one 9. I tried to chat her up, but she was really quiet. also
> lived far from me, so I said fuck it, and did not even #C.
> The ug was gringing away with me, having my hands go to her pussy and shit
> the dancefloor. I obliged, just being plesant, but I am not into her, and
> has a BF... so whatever. though she did have a HUGE crush on me in
> Anyways, I hung around long enough to meet her friends, and find out they
> lived too far for me. so I said fuck it, and left.
> Sorry this is not a helpful report, but hey, not every time is a winner.
> other thing I would like to point out, is the difference between a rave,
and a
> club. I normally go to raves. They place dance music, and people dance on
> dancefloor. There is glow lights, breakdancing, robot/pop and lock.... at
> regular club, there is just drunk guys on the dancefloor with their arms
in the
> air, grabing all the girls that walk by. now, me being a good dancer, and
> liking techno music, was fucked, because to me, the music sucked, and the
> dancefloor was too packed with people grinding, to actually get out and
> some moves where I am upsidedown spinning on my head. The music was a
> too loud to talk to any HB in the main room. you had to go outside or to
> other room (Where outbreak C&Bed). I like raves better. especially since I
> use my "hey you are a good dancer" routine. Here I could not, because
> was really dancing. I did use my "hey, this is a party, why are you
> down ehre" opener.... but it was not very eventful...
> hope this did not bore ya... outbreak, got any commentary on this evening?
> See all SoFlaASFers tomorrow at crobar.
> RaverDJ

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