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REVIEW:(LONG) MM Chicago Seminar + Workshop Day 1

mASF post by StyleChild03

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REVIEW:(LONG) MM Chicago Seminar + Workshop Day 1
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mASF post by "StyleChild03"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2004

There are times in life when certain decisions you take change your life
forever. Taking the Mystery Method Workshop was one of them. In my phone
conversations with Mys I said "Mys, I've already done the RSD seminar, I'd just
like to do the Workshop", and he kept on insisting that I needed to do the
seminar if I wanted to understand what the art was all about. He told me that
it was completely different from RSD. I found it a little tough to believe,
since the RSD boys are a Mys students too. Finally, after some exchange of
emails and payment plans, he managed to convince me. Boy, am I glad I did it!

So I headed to Chicago, driving 8hrs to meet the man himself. What happened
next is something difficult to explain and can be only understood if seen in
reality. I will briefly touch over some of the most important aspects of his
seminar and move on to give a detailed workshop report as that is always more

This report only covers DAY1. I'm making the workshop section detailed as I
want to remember those sets. This post will also serve as my reference. So if
you want to know what happened at the seminar, you can read this next bulleted

- Mys talks about his background. Its very interesting to hear some of his
experiences. WHO IS MYSTERY? This section was a big eye opener to anyone who's
curious about Mys. I've always liked to know what made Mystery what he is
today. So I thoroughly enjoyed his talk. I knew with every passing minute, that
his enthusiasm for the game is going to help me get really good at this. Man,
he has so much fuckin enthusiasm it just carries you away.
- What took him 10yrs to achieve can be achieved by any one else in 1.5yrs , IF
and ONLY IF one is regular and dedicated to playing the game.
- Mys talks about his triangle. He talked about Health, Wealth and
Relationships, and how they all are dependent on each other. No area of this
triangle can be ignored, as ignoring one adversely affects the others.
- Mys compares the game to SURFING, WALKING on a TIGHT ROPE and a VIDEO GAME.
All three analogies are fuckin-A. Nothing can comfort a student more than
knowing how that this art is just a GAME. You just have to keep on playing, and
suddenly it will happen. Mys said, if you play atleast 12 sets a night, within
2 months, you will be laying your first HB10s:). It is so true, as seen from
the workshop.
- Mys talks about having a definite game plan. Do you have one? If not, you
need one. Even when you #-close someone, do you know what you're going to do
with it? If not, you dont have a gameplan.
-Mys explains his MM. Its a misconception to think that the 9Phase method is
difficult to understand. By the end of the first day, everyone was talking in
terms of A1, C1 etc. He talked about how many of us rush the phases and come
across as Seducers or Players. Slow and Steady- is his idea.
- One important thing that Mys always pointed out during the seminar was, "Its
fuckin easy to find the material, but its so important to know where and how to
use it."
- He stressed on using original material. This process, as Mys rightly pointed
out, helps one to build his own identity. This, according to me, was the best
part of the Mystery Method. You will be so focussed in your attempts to be an
interesting individual, that you will automatically get HBs once you start
approaching. If you lead an interesting life, HBs will think you're
- Mys wanted us to start thinking beyond the lay i.e. to have relationships,
hang out with women, enjoy being with women, cuddle them, love them, shag their
brains out;), and not just have a one night stand mentality. He wanted us to
explore 'that' avenue of life. Finally, he said, it depends on the individual
as to what he wants out of the game.

Mys said that for the first night, our goal was to open atleast 12 sets, and
that he will be demonstrating to us the power of his game. He told us that he
wouldnt peacock much as he wanted to show us that his game works either ways.


We head to a club in Chicago. What an ambience!!! We see HerbalT by the door.
Nice. Mys is already in, so HerbalT asks us to go on inside. We walk upstairs
and just as I walk in, I think I see Mys show his middle finger to the hottest
bartender I've ever seen. WTF!? He fuckin not only gets away with it, but
within no time of talking to her, he has her IN! WTF?? Me and the other guys of
the workshop just fuckin cannot believe what we just saw. Mys doesnt waste
time. He opens one set after the other. That way people know he's a social
human being and it comes across as just talking to women, not PICKING THEM UP.
This is so crucial. You dont want to stand at the bar by yourself, waiting for
that 'one' girl to show up. You need to play the entire club. The entire club
is your target. He also gave us some rules to follow when in field and we had
to strictly adhere to them. In no time he starts pushing us into sets while he
builds up social proof to close the bartender (which he does)!

Anyways, on to me:
I open an HB9 first, turns out she's one of the hired guns at the club, and is
distributing some cards for an event. I talk to her for 3 mins, do two routines
and eject. HerbalT then sends me into a 2 set. I open, get about 3 mins of
conversation and come back happy thinking I did good. He tells me "Well the
good part is that you survived 3mins inspite of so many mistakes" and he just
points them out, one after the other, and I get thinking, "whoa! I never
thought about this!" He immediately sends me into another set so that I can
rectify it. I come back after 5 mins this time and he tells me that I should've
seated myself ASAP. So after about a 100 mistakes and 6 sets later, I realize
exactly what they mean when they say you need to master the art of approaching».
Well, I am still making mistakes, but now I know what I'm doing. He sends me
onto a 2
set. I quickly enter the set, and end up a solid 20min game. Both of them are
equally into me. I dont like them that much, but I know I need to get better so
I do it. As I politely eject (due to lack of material) I see the hot girl a
little sad that I was leaving them. FUCK! I should've atleast #-closed.

Then comes the challenge, Herbal sends me off into a set, a HOT couple and
tells me to isolate. I enter the set, run 5mins of material and get AMOGed by
the guy. I come back and he asks me what happened. I tell him I got AMOGed. He
gives me a quarter in the hand and tells me to go back and AMOG him out. I am
shit scared. I've never re-initiated as set with an AMOG. FUCK! He tells me
"GO!". I hesitate, he tells me that if I didnt go in, he would publicly
humiliate me, or say something embarassing about me to the woman there. So I
fuckin walk back in. I use the regular AMOG line "Whoa! dude! you're so cool!
Man, I could learn stuff from you" and even before I use AMOG stuff on him the
woman grabs me and reopens me. NICE!! This is fuckin easy. I start my routines
and get in 10 more mins. Now the guy is getting very wierd, to impress his girl
he starts dancing around her, starts making circles around us pretending to
dance while I'm talking. I tell the girl "how do you guys know each other?" and
take 2 steps behind. She follows my lead and tells me "Oh! He's my BF." leans
in and whispers "But I also have other BFs". IOIs. I know she likes me coz
she's touching my
slit shirt and I'm like "back off back off, this shit aint for free" and its
actually turning her on. I retreat back by 2 more steps and she follows me to
get closer to me. So in effect, we've isolated the BF and she's completely
facing me. I get into rapport. Now if I had known that golden Mys line to start
rapport with, I'd have done it man. But here, I just do regular rapport
routines and then the guy gets really wierd, he starts jumping as he is dancing
and the HB starts getting visibly disturbed, so I just politely eject, also
shaking hands with the guy. Herbal tells me I was good. Later on in the night,
I saw the HB again and she hugged me b4 they left. Oh I love this game

Anyways, I also opened up a set with a really hot hot hot girl. This girl had a
fuckin huge muscular guy. Herbal told me "This is the shot of your life, she's
by far the hottest girl in the club. GO!" and I do it, I semi-isolate her. The
BF is just at a loss of anything to say. He just turns around pretending he
doesnt know what's happening and keeps on sipping his beer making wierd faces.
Anyways, they seemed like a strong couple, as Mys also pointed out (apparently
Mys also opened them. I dont know for sure, but he mentioned something about
them). Anyways I eject after 5-7 mins and Herbal asks me how many sets I've
done. I said 14. Isnt that Fuckin A. Out of 14, I only got rejected thrice, and
the others I fucked up due to lack of material and know how on how to move on.
Pretty strong night for me.

In the night, my goal was to open as many times as possible, with as many
scenarios as possible, and Herbal figured that out and sent me in these type of
1. Seated Set 2 girls
2. Standing 3 sets
3. Seated 2 sets, with no place to sit for me
4. Seated 5 sets in a long line, with the hottest one the farthest.
5. 3 AMOG sets (all really close couples, I actually interrupted them all when
they were in the 'moment').
6. 1 Set that was already opened by someone else (oh! she just pushed me away.
"No more female opinions"...she hissed)
7. Sets by the bar.
8. Sets with 2 women, 1 guy etc etc etc.

You get the idea.

At the end of the night, Mys debriefs us a little and tells us that he would do
a detailed rundown the next day. What a night. he's closed 3 of the hottest
bartenders. One of them, the coat check girl was THE HOTTEST. He opened her by
saying "I DONT LIKE YOU" and closed her in no time. This and one bartender
upstairs were the hottest girls I've seen in a long long time.

Mys asks me what my sticking points were. My voice was SHOT. I said, "Vocal
Projection and Body Language" and he goes, "Well easy breezy, we'll rectify it
tomorrow." We wave them goodbye and take off for the night. Man, I've never
opened 14 sets in 2 hrs before. Never have I been so fuckin confident in life.
Its so good to know that people who love this game are around doing the same.
That itself motivates you
to open. I've never really winged with a PUA. Herbal was consistently sending
me in sets and that really helped. I really need to thank Herbal for taking the
time. He is a very cool guy and fun to hang out with.

So what did I learn in the first night:
- What Mys does, can be replicated with similar effect if not the SAME.
- Mys follows the exact same pattern that he talks about in the seminar, and it
gets him IN in no time. He starts getting IOIs within minutes of entering the
set. Its just impossible to accept the fact that you too could be like that if
- Body Language combined with material will fuckin prove superior over any
other guy in the club, no matter how good looking he is.
- Its easy to do 12+ sets in one night. You just have to. You have no other
- Hanging out with the boys is contagious. I had 8 hrs driving + only 3 hrs
sleep on the previous night + an all day seminar. This was a REALLY TIRING
night for me (usually I would've crashed at home), but I still ended up doing
14 sets and really speaking, me and one guy from the workshop went back to the
club, but my voice and legs were giving up. So we decided its rather
intelligent to go home and crash, than fall sick and not perform the next day.

So there it is, the first night at the famous MM Workshop. Crazy?? Not for me:)
I enjoyed every mnute.


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