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REVIEW: Vegas Mystery Workshop - First Night

mASF post by posandrew

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REVIEW: Vegas Mystery Workshop - First Night
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mASF post by "posandrew"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, October 10, 2003

First registered: Oct. 29, 2001
How many contributions ( I assume # of posts?): 98

Just click on my name and you'll see the latest info. And info in my PAIR
profile was posted about a year ago and I now think it sucks. Yeah, its game,
lamegame. I haven't had time to change my profile yet.

I received no money or credit for the workshop from posting this "review" nor
have any connection with Mystery and his business. It's the first time I ever
met Mystery and Style and I haven't seen Tyler Durden since his S.F. Workshop.
Also, no one asked me to post this review/field report.

Hey guys, I'll try to be objective, but its pretty hard to be objective when
you're in Vegas and a celebrity porn star (not an exaggeration) likes how I've
changed the way I look and gave me a sexy smile and Mystery does a Runecast on
her which she thinks is awesome. Then, Mystery walks out into
the middle of the Hard Rock Casino with a chick on his arm which I thought was
a 9 but Style later says she's a 7. EVERYONE is looking at Mystery and there
are people taking pictures of him and the guys in the workshop are like
throwing their hands up like as if we outta forget about sarging anywhere near
that Mystery guy....... cuz if you're anywhere near Mystery, you might as well
disappear off the face of the planet. He shows us the chick he laid at the
beginning of the 3rd night on his Clie (different lay
than the one he posted).... a sarge which I saw a lot of on the second night.
My mind is blown.... see that shit on the walls?..... thems are my brains
splattered all over. But I'll do my best and put away my PVC pants and thong in
the closet, put on my prescription glasses and be the
khaki-pants-with-the-pleats-ironed-out kinda guy and be objective.

At first, I wasn't planning on taking the MM Workshop anytime soon. I didn't
think I was good enough to get into sets long enough to take advantage of the
what Mystery was teaching. I didn't even approach mixed sets regularly, except
on accident. But on one of the responses at the local Lair's message board got
me thinking about going to
the Workshop.

I was reminded that the stuff from the MM Workshop can also be useful in
business situations where there's a group either in a gathering or applying
group theory to "word-of-mouth" advertising. For example, during the
workshop, I noticed that Mystery and Style were always cool with everyone... UG
or not. One UG was so into Style that she was all gushing over him and saying
, "You are the most generous person I've ever met!!!!" and other cool shit
about Style. She was saying that while were we in line to get in the club.
People around were hearing that shit. Even if you knew nothing about Style,
you'd think Style was a cool guy. So what's so cool about Style?...... I
dunno, but he MUST be cool if some person was saying THAT shit about him and
you can trust him with your money too. Good LIFE SKILLS to have rub off on me
..... know what I'm saying?

I wanted to get the most out of the workshop, so I prepared beforehand:

*I had some questions ready to ask Mystery,Style, TD.... most of which were
answered in some way or another.
*I had my "gameplan" with various openers and spiels written out in my back
pocket in case I needed it.
*Most important. I planned to observe Mystery, Style, TD and other guys (but
Mystery specifically), when I was not in a set. I wanted to see HOW they move,
how they say it and how they handle the logistics of the sarge. That way, when
I read the various spiels/routines/openers/closers/qualifiers later on, I can
fill in how they say it in my minds eye by remembering how they move and speak.
* I prepared an outfit I never worn before that was way out of my comfort
zone (Day 2)

========== FIRST NIGHT - Bellagio ==========

Sept. 25, 2003

Tonight, I wear my leather pants with a long sleeve shirt unbuttoned up top
and untucked with the sleeves rolled up a bit. Shoes were patent leather New
Rocks (#313) and sunglasses & various accessories. That's the way I usually
look when I'm out at night nowadays, so I just went with this "conservative"
look to make sure I get into whatever clubs we might go to.

When I first got there, Mystery and Style wasn't there yet, so Tyler kept us
company and basically went over some stuff he posted as well as told us about
his experience in Hollywood with the SHB druggie hoes. He reviewed much of
what he taught at his S.F. workshop to get some of the guys up to speed who
were not at his S.F. workshop. Most of the guys were from the S.F. area. I
knew most of them and everyone has met someone there before.

When Mystery first came in, he says "Hello, I'm Mystery" and shakes my hand and
Style follows. I knew what Mystery looked like from various pictures I'd seen
and thought his black suit with cowboy hat with goggles on his hat looked
good. Mystery said he was dressed conservatively. Hmmmm. Style had this big
dreadlock type wig on with these funny shoes..... I tried not to stare. I
thought Style would be this tall guy for some reason, but he wasn't. He was
about my height. I'm 5'4".

Mystery starts by talking about his "method" and how we should strive to be
more than just a "PUA". Being able to pickup women should be just a part of
your life, not your whole life. In Mystery's case, he's an "illusionist" and
all his routines are related and he draws people into his "illusionist" world.

Mystery brings out his notebook computer and has a slide show of the chicks
he's been with as well as pics of some of the guys hes sarged with. He was
telling stories about each of them as well as giving us tips for the field as
well as going over his 7 Steps.


Rule: You always qualify before rapport.

I know.. that's 8 steps. That's what I wrote down in my notes. Feel free to
make corrections in your responses.

Anyways, here are some more random Mystery tips:

Neg: "grab that.." telling her to pick up a napkin and motion for her to wipe
something off her face.

Early on, you say to your target, "I don't think we can get along." and then go
on with your routine before she can respond.

In Loop Theory, the unfinished story is the reason you will see her again.

Locking in a group/target:
1) Lock-in chick with your prop
2)Do takeaway
3)Go back for lock-in prop.
Mystery was doing lock-ins with his hat. J-Dog was doing lock-ins with his
boa. I noticed last night that LA was putting his scarf around a chick.

In 3-sets, you must engage ALL of them.

(Actually, reading that over again, that was some of Day 2's notes, but

TD tip: for older women about 35 or so, here's a cool line, "If I was your
boyfriend( or husband whatever), I'd fuck you 2 times a day."

There were lots of other things too, much of which has been posted before.

Next up was Style. He goes over how to elicit values, Jealous Girlfriend
Opener, Best Friend Test and some other stuff he's posted before.

Later on, he opens a couple of sets for me and LP showing how Dental Floss
opener should be said. Style said that the way I said it was "murdering it".

The way Style opens is hard to explain, but its really low-key, laidback and
friendly. He sounds really natural. Some have posted that he sounds gay, but I
didn't get that impression. Maybe my gaydar is off, but he sounds more like a
friendly kinda guy..... kinda innocent and relaxed and cool to talk to. He's
IN really quick. That's the best I can explain. Only in person can one get a
true feel for how he is when he's in a set.

After the our little seminar with Mystery and Style, we went to a little
lounge/bar in Bellagio. Before going in, some OG says to his buddy behind me,
"Look at that.... Bon Jovi showed up." He was referring LA's bright metallic
shirt. My first impression of what LA was wearing was that I wanted to get
away from that guy. But being referred to as "Bon Jovi" by a guy is good even
though he meant it as an insult. Cuz I was to learn on the second night that
what guys think is bad is actually good. LA's crazy and
fucked-upped looking clothing is good. This dude, from our S.F. Lair, is like
a natural (he gets laid regularly) and is actually aware of his actions and
can explain what he does and understands the material. He seems to "get it"
really quick.

===== Fatcanada and Drunkwitch =====

When we go in, TD starts pushing the guys into sets everywhere. I open a
couple sets which goes nowhere cuz I don't remember much of what happened. Then
TD tells me to open a sitting set and tells me to sit between them when
it seems that they are somewhat into what I'm saying..... and don't be afraid
to push them over. Or something like that cuz it was loud and I didn't catch
everything he said.

I go in with my shoulder facing the 2 and start off with my glasses opener with
false TC and the Fatcanada chick seemed to be receptive, so I just pushed them
aside a bit and sat in between them like I owned the place. I started going
into my glasses routine and then the 50 Cent opener/spiel and then when
fatcanada started to ask for my name I said "guess" and I eventually told her I
was "Fabio Giggolini". I don't think I ever gave her my name. There
was some more convo where she was asking me questions and me being evasive and
giving bullshit answers.

Tyler motions me to follow him and I tell Fatcanada that I gotta talk to my
buddy and will be right back.


Whoops. Ok Ok. I go right back to where I was sitting and tell Fatcanada that
I'm not supposed to ignore her friends. I turn around to the other side and
start talking to her friend Drunkwitch. I did my 50 Cent opener and Drunkwitch
gets into it right away. Shes all kinoing me and asking me questions about my
name and what I do and how she's not with her husband anymore.

At the same time, I'm still deciding who will be my target. That's one thing
I'm not doing is deciding who my target is BEFORE going into a set. I need to
do that.

I turn away from Drunkwitch to talk to Fatcanada again and Drunkwitch is
clawing at me for attention and when I push her hand away and refuse, she calls
me "rude" or something. I say that I'm not rude and she don't know
whats she talking about and place her hand back on my shoulder and talk to
Fatcanada. I asked her who she came here with and she motions towards
Drunkwitch's way. I look over and see Drunkwitch and some other chick talking
to some of the guys in the workshop.

I told Drunkwitch earlier that I was from Kansas after confessing that I really
wasn't from Antartica. She finds out that I'm not really from Kansas and is
from S.F. after asking one of the guys about it. But she still does not know
what I do for a living cuz I tell her to "guess" when she asked. She guesses
that I'm either a cop or a narc and
she says she is scared of me. I asked her why and she tells me its the way I
looked. But she was still facing me and not running away. I wasn't sure how
to go with that, so I was looking around at what Mystery and Style was
doing.... they were in sets. In fact just about all the guys were in sets. It
was like that back and forth, with me turning around to see what Mystery and
Style was doing and then going back to Drunkwitch when she gets my attention

Then I see TD in a cute 2-set across from me. There was another 3-set next to
them and another standing 3-set at the bar, both 3-sets unoccupied. So I
figured I needed to either merge the groups together or get into one of those
sets cuz Drunkwitch's face sure wasn't doing it for me and Fatcanada had a
better face, but she was now standing up and dancing around. Maybe I should
try and isolate Drunkwitch? Naw. I can't get over that face and anyways, I
wasn't just in ANY picking-up-women-workshop......... I was in the Mystery
Method Workshop
... i.e.--> How To Pick Up 10s. TENS!!!! UG-sets will function
as pawns or social proof.

I was looking around wondering what to do next turning my back towards
Drunkwitch and everything. She kept on reengaging me with how she was scared
of me and that I could be a cop or narc cuz where she comes from, thats what
they look like. I thought her spiel might get stale soon so I just started
with my psychic kiss routine and try to use her as social proof. I noticed the
sets nearby were looking at me.

I just told her that I went to a psychic fair today and I learned some psychic
stuff to which she replied that she was a witch. "Really!! Cool." I told
her to stand up and
hold her arms up. I grabbed hold of her arms making like I was gonna do
Style's hand squeeze IOI test and told her to close her eyes and look up. She
tilts her head back too far and I tell her to look forward... with her eyes
closed. I squeezed her hands... I forgot whether she squeezed back or not, but
it does not matter cuz either way, I go in and kiss her. Her lips were all dry
and shit. What has this chick got going for her?

(If she squeezes back, I say that her squeezback was her subconscious mind
telling me to kiss her. If she does not squeeze back, I say that her
subconscious mind told me to kiss via electrical signals from her brain. That's
how I steal kisses nowadays.)

Anyways, I was doing this for social proof in front of the other sets cuz it
looks dramatic.

Question: Is this good for social proof? I forgot to ask about that at the

After kissing her, she backs off and sits back down and she starts with her
saying I look like a cop or a narc again pretending I didn't kiss her bonedry
lips. All this time I was wondering who the other friends were as I lost track
of them, so I opened a really big looking chick sitting down which I think is
one of their friends. She seemed responsive, but I was checking out what
Mystery was doing and after too many backturns to check out what Mystery was
doing, the UG-set left.

===== HBopener =====

Later on, this chick (HB8) opens me while I was sitting and we start chatting a
bit. HBopener starts by asking me what I was doing here, "are those your
friends", where I'm from and my name. I answer with either "guess" or give a
smartass answer.

Normally, chicks don't open me like that. I think it was because I was with a
pretty cool crew and the people in that bar knew it. Most of the guys were
dressed up to some extent. A lot of us were wearing funny shoes and J-dog and
LA were wearing some crazy outfits. Also, almost all of the guys were in
sets. We were recognizable and we were seen as social.

TD comes in and motions me with 2 hands to not be leaning in. I interpreted
it as motioning me to push HBopener. I couldn't reach over with both hands, so
I just gave that chick a firm push on her shoulder with one hand. I looked
over at TD as if, "like that?"......HBopener was like "huh???" TD comes nearer
and tells me not to lean in. Ohhhhh..... I get it. Whoops. Anyways, TD
just sits down and takes over at that point and I just stay there trying to
listen to what he's saying to HBopener.

Apparently, after 4 months since TD's workshop, I still lean in. That's
something I'll have to make a conscious effort to stop. In fact, I still catch
myself doing certain things I should not be doing like how its described in
TD's 25 points post and the Social Vibing post.

===== Callgirl =====

Earlier, J-Dog mentions the fact there's this attractive chick sitting by
herself and he's wondering why that chick is alone. I was waiting for whatever
friends she came with to come back to her and then I'll approach, but there
was any. So a couple minutes later, I open that lone chick. She actually was
by herself in the bar, had a house in Vegas that she lived in by herself. She
was friendly, made good flirty EC, but was only giving one word responses.

I later told Mystery that she was by herself and other shit and wondered if she
was a hoe and Mystery said that "we should not be naive as this IS Vegas".
Later, Mystery opens her and then sits down with her at another part of the bar
and number closes her for a meet the next day. I don't think she showed up the
next day.

I know I know, some of you will say, "see, Mystery sucks" Yeah whatever, sit
tight cuz I ain't even gotten to the incredibly amazing shit yet. The man has
a workshop to run and demonstrates lots of shit for us and was just chillin
the first night. I learned from his sarge of the callgirl that you should be
sitting down and there should be a mini change of venue even if its just
another seat.

Also, Mystery actually works the bar looking really chill and natural. He
seems alert, confident, enthused yet controlled. Its the way he is enthused
yet really chill is what I am striving towards. That's the best I can describe
his attitude when he sarges.

There were 2 other hoe-3-sets that night..... callgirls . They were like

===== routines =====

Mystery demonstrates his coinsnatch trick on a set for us. He opens this set,
a guy and a girl. The guy seemed a little standoffish, but was listening.
Mystery snatches the coin fast off the guys hand and then does it "slow". The
"slow" part is where he tricks the guy and Mystery goes
"Aaaaa!!!!" and everyone laughs.

It seems that these little tricks and routines depends upon how you deliver
them. If you don't know the trick well enough or can't set up and deliver the
"punchline" right, it will sound lame. But if do it right, it
works everytime.

--- "thats enuf of you" ---

Mystery demonstrated his black nails opener on this 2-set. One of the chicks
started to be a bit "negative" and started with slightly negative comments
about his nails. Mystery replies, "thats enough of you." and moves
on to the other chick to which she replies positively. Mystery said that in a
playful manner to the negative chick with a smile and she was laughing. That's
a line I currently use if a chick makes a "negative" comment about my
sunglasses during my opener.

Towards the end of the day when Mystery was debriefing us outside the bar a
couple random guys were trying to listen in on what's going on. Those guys
knew who were the money guys there & knew that Mystery was saying something
Hmm could it be that he's talking about picking up women?You see, just about
all of us at the workshop were opening and getting into sets in the bar all
night long.... we WERE the A-Crowd.... naw , not the A-Crowd.... the

Vegas Tip
There's only one New Rock retail store in the U.S. and its in Las Vegas. You
can either buy what they have which is the same as whats on their website. Or,
you can order New Rocks custom made with whatever sole, color, style, pattern
combination you want off their huge catalog and they will
order it for you direct from the factory in Spain. Zebra pattern, red patent
leather, big spikes, green fuzzy shit, 3 foot tall soles with springs on the
inside, they got it all.

This first night was pretty relaxing. Too relaxing. The second night was way
different and was pretty intense for me. Don't worry. I'll post it. I just
gotta translate all my notes into readable paragraphs. Your advice and
comments are welcome.


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