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Selling Yourself-Field Report showing techniques I use

mASF post by psychobabble

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Selling Yourself-Field Report showing techniques I use
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mASF post by "psychobabble"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, January 1, 2003

On 1/17/03 6:05:00 AM, stevie_pua wrote:
>Over the past year or so I
>have seen my success rate in
>attracting HBs skyrocket.

That's great! What do you attribute this to?

>Currently I am seeing the
>following girls/have them
>chasing me :- Two Chinese HBs
>who I am banging, a very fit
>ballet dancer with a jealous
>ex-husband, a cute Portuguese
>girl, a chick I met last week
>in a 5 set, and now a HB I
>picked up last night who is
>VERY nice quality -maybe an
>I want to recount my picking
>up of this hot chick last
>night and explain how I did
>it, what was going through my
>mind and what techniques I
>used. BTW I am finding many of
>these techniques are working
>for me consistently now and
>are evolving into my own

I think this is a key that a lot of newbies miss.... that it is best in the
long run to develop YOUR OWN style. I see a lot of ppl asking very specific
questions about a particular canned opener or whatever and feel sorry for them
as they are missing the 'big picture'.

>I was out with Rubber in a
>nice wine bar. I had been
>waiting quietly for him to
>arrive, and was not warmed up.
>When he arrived I knew that if
>I wanted to get into a useful
>PU state, I’d need to get
>talkative, so I started
>talking and talking.

Do you think this 'talkative state' is valuable to you based on your style or
is it something that you would recommend to most everyone based on your

I find
>this energises my state and
>allows me to sell myself
>better. I make sure now to
>always get warmed up and
>Rubber and I got talking about
>his doing bootcamp and not
>listening to any AFC songs
>anymore. We tried to think of
>Elvis songs which have no AFC
>lyrics. We came up with a few,
>then as we talked, we spotted
>2 HBs walk in and come stand
>next to us at the bar. One was
>the 8.5 (Jade) early twenties,
>tall, long dark hair, good
>body, and the other a cute HB
>in her late 30s/early 40s.
>Both were well dressed.
>Rubber launches into the theme
>of Elvis, as we were talking
>about him anyway. He said "Do
>you know Elvis?". Now this
>opened them up, but, as I told
>Rubber later on in the night
>when the sarge was over, you
>need to sell yourself a little
>when making that initial

Could you provide a little more info on this if you are speaking of specifics
or is it more in the way you carry yourself, such as mood, body language,
energy, tone of voice, etc?

This is a realisation
>that has proved correct over
>the past year as I have
>experimented with it.
>If you are a HB in a bar or a
>club, or anywhere really,
>chances are you are going to
>get opened a lot if you are
>decent looking. These HBs get
>lame AFC guys coming over to
>them a lot and asking
>questions like "Do you come
>here often?"

I've made this mistake many times in the past, thanks for the reminder.

>The result of your asking an
>often heard question to her is
>you get an often-accessed
>autopilot response from the
>HB. She thinks "another guy on
>the make - no thanks". You can
>avoid this by selling yourself
>and making sure to use openers
>which differentiate you from
>the other guys she had been
>approached by before. If you
>are different in your opener
>and sell yourself in a unique
>way you fry her circuits
>somewhat, put her autopilot on
>hold, and that allows you to
>gain access to leading her
>into a state where she is

This is a good breakdown of the process the chick goes through and valuable
advice for anyone who has not fully internalized this as of yet.

>What happened last night was
>Rubber opened with "Do you
>know Elvis?". That is all he
>said initially. He got away
>with it, but for a couple of
>seconds she looked at him and
>was processing what to say in
>response. He gave her a chance
>to initiate autopilot, and
>that is something we want to
>I recommended to him later
>that you KEEP GOING after your
>initial opening words. If you
>keep going you have the chance
>to sell yourself to her before
>the autopilot ever gets the
>chance to rise to the surface.
>If you keep going in your
>opener and lead directly into
>a linked theme and tell a
>story or anecdote, then you
>convey personality, show her
>you are a safe and normal guy
>to talk with, and start to use
>other PU techniques on her.
>What Rubber could have done to
>make his opener better was to
>link his initial question to a
>story/quotes in order to sell
>himself. He could say "Do you
>know Elvis? Because I was just
>saying to my friend Steve that
>in so many of his songs, Elvis
>seems to be a victim, he
>always seems to have his heart
>broken by some girl, and we
>were just trying to think of a
>song where Elvis is not heart
>broken. Now, I suggested Viva
>Las Vegas, you know that one?
>And Steve came up with
>Jailhouse Rock, but you know
>when you think about it, it’s
>quite difficult to come up
>with some"
>Don’t give her autopilot a
>chance to emerge. Establish
>yourself as someone cool, fun
>and interesting to chat with.
>Smile, laugh, kino. Once you
>have done that, bring in other
>PU techniques.
>Rubber got into the above
>routine after a short time,
>but he could have done better
>by launching straight into it.
>He did the Elvis Script.
>During the Elvis Script I got
>the impression that the
>autopilot responses were
>emerging again. They seemed to
>be evaluating what he was
>saying rather than letting go.
>I had taken a step back from
>it all, had shut up, and was
>evaluating how well Rubber
>could establish himself.

I think this is great! You were giving him a chance to run with what he had
and evaluating him in the process even though there was a change they could
have blown you BOTH off. I think that this is what this community should be,
guys helping each other out, so Kudos to you stevie!

>I think the HBs needed to see
>more animation and getting in
>state from Rubber. I think
>Rubber had to genuinely convey
>that it IS weird that Elvis
>died his hair, and that so did
>Prescilla. He said the words
>fine, but I think he needed to
>get more into the feeling
>behind the script which would
>allow him to infect the HBs
>with a buoyant, upbeat mood.
>You often only have a minute
>or less to sell yourself to a
>target and pretty quickly you
>have to fascinate her or get
>her feeling great or you risk
>stalling out. I think that was
>a slight danger here with
>Rubber and the HBs. He was
>doing ok but I don’t think he
>was really lighting them up.
>This reminds me of people who
>have been to the Mystery
>Method Workshop and have said
>that when Mystery does the
>Elvis Script he gets amazing
>results and when they do it
>they get average results -
>using the exact same words.
>Mystery lights them up using
>his body language, facial
>expressions and tonality.
>I stepped in at this point as
>I saw the risk of things
>stalling out. Briefly what
>happened was I began getting
>them laughing, lighting them
>up by getting in a
>tremendously out-going, fun
>state and conveying that state
>to them through my body
>language, facial expressions
>and stories. I was very
>enthusiastic in what I was
>saying and immediately the HBs
>were interested in talking
>with me. I set a time frame on
>the interaction and threw in
>some social proof by saying we
>didn’t have long to talk and
>I’d have to go soon as I had
>to meet another girl in the
>bar next door.

Nice tip, thanks.

(Remember to
>only do this once you have got
>them interested).

Thanks for this one too, seems obvious but the difference of doing it after
they are interested seems critical. Thanks for pointing this out as a good
reminder too me and general advice to all on the board.

This is a
>psychological takeaway of
>sorts as you imply you are
>going to deny the HBs a
>continuing of something they
>are enjoying. It also
>increases your value.
>After about 15 minutes of
>working on these HBs I could
>see they were interested. It
>was time to go and meet the
>girl (I really had arranged to
>meet another HB - the one from
>the 5 set last week).
>My one mistake here was not to
>close the HB for a number.

I like that you posted what you perceived as a mistake in this FR as well, it
demonstrates that you review your sarges and look for mistakes or things you
could have done differently/better. Is this the main way that your success has
dramatically improved over the past year? Lots of approaching and reviewing
your sarges afterward? Are there other things you have done to improve your
game so dramatically? Pointers or tips would be appreciated.

>am pretty sure I could have
>got it. As it turns out, the
>HBs came to bar next door and
>found us a little later.
>After going to another bar
>with Rubber, and opening a
>tough 5 set (3 guys and 2
>girls) purely for practice
>(BTW I managed it but had to
>cycle through tons of themes
>until I got a bite from the
>one guy in the group who I
>could see was not won over in
>the initial themes), we
>returned to the "next door
>bar" and guess who was there
>waiting to see us? You guessed
>it …. The 8.5 HB and the other
>HB (who it turns out is her
>MOTHER!!!! MILF, oh yes!).
>I went to work on Jade 8.5
>while Rubber went to work on
>the MILF. I patterned Jade
>using ideal man and she DDBed.
>She said she had never met
>anyone like me before. I upped
>the kino and closed her for a
>number, got it very easily,
>kissed both HBs goodnight and
>I wish I’d been able to record
>it, but that peacocking shirt
>I was wearing is too damn
>tight and thin to hide a mic
>underneath it properly.
>All in all, a great pick up
>with a pretty hot HB.

Nice post stevie, keep them coming. I like reading your stuff.


>"You and me baby ain't nothing
>but mammals..."
>Stevie PUA

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