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Re: Mystery goes on an HONEST RANT.

mASF post by SuperBobo

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Re: Mystery goes on an HONEST RANT.
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mASF post by "SuperBobo"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, September 9, 2001

Hey amigo, thanks for replying. I don't want you to think I was
ripping on your site or anything, and I don't think you do. It's a
good idea and something I've never seen before.. but I figure if
you're going to do it at all you might as well do it up good so those
were my few suggestions.

Frankly, it takes balls to do that shit, because I'd be afraid I'd let
all the guys down after they've plunked down their $500. I'd be
nervous as hell about teaching a bunch of fellas how to PU in the
chaos of an actual club. But I think you've got the right attitude
about it.

Keep it up!


"Mystery" <mys***n@ho***.com[ ? ]> wrote in message news:<g2pq7.27107$Aa7***9@ne***.com[ ? ]>...
> My rant follows:
> > As far as Mystery's Web site goes, I'd first spend a couple bucks and
> > get a real domain name like».
> yeah Ill get around to it all when I have the time and energy to devote to
> it. Im in no hurry. My AMBITION is to get OUT into clubs and not hack around
> too much on a website. I built the CONTENT for a site and Ill leave it to a
> designer to make it all pretty. This site is FIRST DRAFT. But thanks for the
> ideas I will strongly consider them all for the future of the site.
> Second, I'd make
> > sure all my pics loaded and all links worked, and third I'd hire
> > somebody to do the sell copy for the thing.
> how bout I hire people AFTER Ive made money from the venture. You dont
> invest money from OTHER ventures to get this one going. Its ONLY workshops
> ... Im not devoting my LIFE to this project. Im devoting my SKILLSET to this
> project. And guess what? I wont be doing these forever. I have much bigger
> fish to fry. My workshop is a limited opportunity to learn why I know. Once
> I move on, I will be dropping the whole PUA skin - afterall ... the mystery
> method is based on what I DO. Its what WORKS. I dont have to TRY any more.
> This is all INTERNALIZED ... like driving a car. I dont actually have to
> THINK about it ... I just DRIVE. In REAL LIFE, Im not a PROFESSIONAL PUA.
> There's no such thing. Im a real person who happens to have an INTEREST in
> girls. I treat them ALL wonderfully. I dont hit on ANY of them unless they
> show IOIs. And then, I dont actually CALL all of the #s I get (hey, they
> dont always call us guys so thats fair). I have fun doing this. And its all
> about being SOCIAL. I enjoy it. I get to mingle and make friends. My PURPOSE
> was not to one day do a workshop - doing a workshop is actually a FAVOR ...
> since I have the time and would like to travel a bit. That's where the money
> I make is going. Flights, hotels, food, car. That's it. This isnt a fucking
> CAREER. And guess what? I ordinarily dont HANG OUT with 5 guys in a club.
> Nobody would get a chance to get my knowledge if I didnt do a workshop like
> this. The info would likely die with me. So, Ill travel, help out some guys
> get great at the game so they can lead fuller lives and we are all happy.
> And then ... I wont do any more workshops and Ill get into more interesting
> things. Truth is, I get girls. I really shouldnt put so much THOUGHT on it
> anymore. I just have time on my hands I guess. After these workshops ... Im
> OUT. Ill be out of the PUA. Ill be out of this asf thing. Ill keep the
> friends I made from it but I wont contribute anymore. This is an ERA. It
> will one day be gone. Truth is ... Im not even a PUA. Im a ladies man. My
> online persona is not who I am in real life. Im not a PUA in real life. Im
> ME. Im not MYSTERY. I have a real name and life and career. I dont talk
> about the PUA to people I meet in real life. The ONLY reason I talk about it
> here is because Im keeping the NG ON TOPIC. I have many interests besides
> the PUA. My CENTRAL interest is feeling a CONNECTION with a woman. So my
> life centers around that. Intellectualizing what I do was to help others as
> well as CLARIFY to myself what I do. Then you know what? I dont THINK about
> it. I just ENJOY the game. Its like martial arts. When you get really good,
> you fight. You dont THINK and then fight. You dont even get NERVOUS ... you
> just ACT. its as if your body counters FOR YOU. Its automatic. Same here.
> Oh and BTW, all these TERMINOLOGIES I've come up with over the last three
> years? I dont actually call girls TARGETS. That's just a fun way to
> visualize what is going on when WRITING about the social engagements. Would
> you like to know where is ALL COMES FROM? A fucking movie! Can you guess
> which one?
> AhHAAAAA. NOW you get it. Watch the movie and you will hear every term we
> use thanks to me. You guys take this game so seriously because you arent
> getting laid and this can be quite emotionally evoking ... loneliness sucks.
> Ive been there. but guess what? Im GETTING laid regularly now ... so I dont
> take any of this seriously. When Im on this NG, I fill the MYSTERY role ...
> I talk tersely, bluntly, matter of fact, and use the TOP GUN terminology
> everyone else now uses. But in real life? please. I go out to have FUN. Sure
> it's somewhat tactical ... but that's NATURAL. If a guy wants to meet a girl
> ... he needs a game plan right? whether you are a PUA or not.
> >When I read the line that
> > goes, "Mystery enjoys deluding himself into thinking that a nightclub
> > is a Star Trek HOLODECK that presents several scenarios for him to
> > practice," I thought.. whaaa, did Ross or somebody hack into this site
> > and post weird shit about Mystery "deluding himself"??? Why "deluding
> > himself"?? It just threw me for a second, but a second's all ya need
> > to blow the sale.
> I have so many people interested in my workshop it'll keep me busy for
> almost too long. Remember, its not a seminar where I can just add more
> people to the same days. I want 3 to 5 people per seminar. 5 TOPS. Im not in
> this for the MONEY. The money pays for my trip expenses. thats it. It may
> put a little extra cash in my back pocket too - thats fair ... hell, you
> wont get the knowledge I have any other way. Im sure AFCs know ... they dont
> get a chance to hang with the PUAs normally. We dont hang with AFCs ... we
> are hanging with GIRLS and other PUAs only. Its like in highschool - there's
> the A crowd and the ONLY way to get into it if you werent already there was
> to PAY one of them to be your friend. OK not that bad but you've seen the
> same story in lots of coming of age movies.
> > The pics of mystery and chicks in obviously natural bar settings are
> > great, but I'd like to see pics of Mystery and THE GUYS HE'S TEACHING
> > with chicks on them. He could put one of those little black boxes
> > over each guy's eyes if he doesn't want his pic on the site.
> the pictures of NOT of me. I am NOT going to associate my REAL persona to
> the PUA and fuck up my own game. Those pix were taken in the clubs I goto
> ... but NONE are of ME. I dont want people thinking Im a PUA in real life.
> If I REALLY wanted to fuck so many girls, I would have. I want QUALITY and I
> will NOT SETTLE FOR LESS. Yes Ive had many girls but not a SICK AMOUNT I
> think. There are guys (male strippers) who have had sex with literally
> THOUSANDS of girls. Im not after that. Im not in it for the sex. I love the
> attention and the emotional connection I get with the women. I love the
> POWER I feel in KNOWING women desire me and cant have me. Im nice to
> everyone I meet. I actually like people. really. Even the guys I meet. Sure
> I call them OBSTACLES but that word is there only to tell us that we need to
> make him our FRIEND and gain his RESPECT before we move on to our TARGET
> (the women we genuinely find attractive). These words are very MILITARISTIC
> though the actual game isnt. I've made it SEEM militaristic because of TOP
> GUN. It's fun to talk this way. You can see such similarities between a
> military campaign and the game. But guess what? its still a GAME. Sure,
> until you internalize it all and dont have to think about any of it, its got
> STRATEGY, but hell ... what's action without a little thought before you
> act? just REACTION.
> My point? I dont see myself really as a PUA. That's not WHO I AM. I'm a
> performer. I do something completely different. But in many ways, being a
> performer is LIKE a PUA. And therefore, the PUA is LIKE being a PERFORMER.
> So Ive taken MY experience and offered it to YOU over the years to help YOU
> get what YOU want. Ive gotten something out of it too. Understanding of
> social dynamics and that will help MY ART. If we strip away all the TERMS
> from TOP GUN, and exchange them for another MOTIF, he have a NEW game. Same
> 3d shooter, different skins on the people. From western shootout to alien
> shootout. same game, different skins on the people we shoot. In REAL LIFE I
> dont convey TOP GUN ... thats my gig in HERE. In real life I convey ... a
> sense of MYSTERY. You know why? Because I LIVE that way. I love candles and
> incense. I love how the mind works. I love showing people things. I love to
> teach. These are things I genuinely LOVE doing. I enjoy meeting people and
> giving them ne things to think about. I dont teach guys the PUA. I dont tell
> them about it. I tell them about the mysterious things in life ... I enjoy
> it. It makes them THINK. Its entirely a different MOTIF from the top gun
> motif here. And that is what I think will create problems in the future.
> people will take my posts from the archives and associate them with the REAL
> ME. They'll say, "did YOU write this?" And Ill say, "No. That was MYSTERY,
> my ALTER EGO." Ross has come up with an amazing way to BE the same guy he is
> online: he can TELL girls what he does ... "he teaches butt ugly guys
> self-improvement techniques". That is PERFECT. I too will tell girls who
> find out I do a mystery method workshop that. but what about those who see
> me on tv doing my REAL THING? they'll associate ME to MYSTERY. They will
> think mystery IS me. they will think I actually am a PUA and not a ladies
> man. And guess what? the same goes for ALL OF YOU! You wouldnt want your
> girlfriends reading your posts here right? Well guess what? I have THOUSANDS
> of posts. Sure, a lot are RAY FLAMES haaa, but some are REALLY detailed. And
> they are written in this wonderfully politically incorrect TOP GUN motif. I
> didnt write it in the motif of my REAL life. When someone is a PERFORMER,
> people understand why your lifestyle is a certain way. But if my posts get
> associated with my promotional campaign for my shows ... what happens there?
> Well ... this is sorta like the tommy lee video coming out. It's not GOOD
> but Ill recover and life goes on. There will be HATE sites and FAN sites.
> And the HATE sites will connecct MYSTERY to ME and say, "look at this
> asshole. look how he STALKS inncent unsuspecting women", not understanding
> that the real me does not TOP GUN it out there in the real world. Who will
> likely spearhead the HATE WEBSITES? Well RAY of course haa. He'll want the
> whole WORLD knowing how I'm "actually" a "lowlife pickup artistwho
> "scammed" his way into the spotlight. I worry about this a bit because Im
> close to getting the funding I need for a production and thats when it gets
> serious. The last thing I need is for RAY'S comments to be out of context
> too. My posts seem REALLY insensitive, ESPECIALLY when people dont take the
> time to educate themselves on the CULTURE in this newsgroup. "What? He posts
> to alt.seduction.FAST? Deplorable!"
> Let this be historical evidence that Im AWARE of the situation. I am NOT a
> PUA ... but yes I am a ladies man and I enjoy the pleasure of women's
> company. I tried to help myself and others by systematically observing
> myself in social gatherings and breaking it down so other could do the same.
> And that's not a bad thing - having other people behave as gentlemenly to
> women as me (but not taking their shit). I am QUALITY over QUANTITY. I have
> written a lot of my SOCIAL DYNAMICS ideas in a really shitty FORMAT (TOP GUN
> shit talk) and it fits in well here in this NG culture. MYSTERY is a GHOST
> in my head ... a demon if you will. And one day I will exorcise him from my
> body when I have found the one (or two) women who are of such QUALITY that I
> would never WANT to be with another woman. One day in magazine interviews
> Ill be asked, "Ive read all your posts. Are you a womanizer?" The good news
> is, very FEW women will provide testimonials to support this because quite
> frankly, I only HIT on the girls who are 1) attractive enough and 2) provide
> IOIs. There will be a few ex GFs who will be pissed but EVERY celeb has THAT
> haaa.
> The question is: what IF ... what IF the real me becomes a CELEB (and for
> being MYSTERY)?
> what would happen? its INEVITABLE that fans who research me would connect me
> to MYSTERY. They find out, "holy shit .. look at all this."
> so what are your suggestions gentlemen?
> > All this, IMHO, of course.
> thanks for really putting your mind to my project. all very good point bro.
> Ive got a dude working on a designed version of the site elsewhere. I wont
> spend money on it til I make money on it. BTW, my rant was not fueled by
> your post at all. Im just thinking things out for the hell of it. :)
> Mystery

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