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Re: The Essence Of Alpha And SS in groups

mASF post by The_One

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Re: The Essence Of Alpha And SS in groups
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mASF post by "The_One"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2004

To avoid any confusion, I will post in a very linear, clear and concise
manner.(This thread is long enough already!)


Firstly, if anyone ever takes a Tyler Durden seminar, he’d notice that TD gives
credit where credit is due. If he is using a routine from Mystery, he quite
literally iterates something along the lines of “Mystery has a great way of
dealing with this....”
As one poster noted earlier: TD will literally and blatantly announce, “This
is Style’s kiss close” or “This is Mystery’s Kiss close.” How more direct can
the guy be???
He gives where credit is due.

There is a distinct different between what TD teaches and what Mystery teaches.
Is what TD teaches a variation of the Mystery Method? Essentially, yes.
There are openers involved, there is an attraction phase, a rapport phase, a
close and so forth. Thus, the underlying principle is the same.
This is, however, where the similarities end.

HOW the person continues from one point to the next is quite different in TD’s
system than Mystery’s. The Routines and styles are different.
Furthermore, TD teaches a great deal about Female Psychology, SUBCOMMUNICATION,
and AMOG tactics.
There is nothing like it out there. This is information gathered from
traveling the world, going out to clubs and doing day-time pickups 4 to 5 days
and nights a week.


Teaching Solutions:
Let’s take the auto-pilot responses. Do women have auto-pilot responses? Yes,
of course. Most guys in the field know that! However, how do you deal with
those auto-pilot responses? What TD teaches is concretely different than what
anyone else teaches.
How long would it take a person to discover that if you put your hand in the
fire, your hand will be burnt. Great genius, but what are you going to do
about it?
This is where TD’s teaching come into full fruition. He’ll teach the student
how to deal with these auto-pilot responses the way no one else will.
That’s what makes him different. A lot of people have discovered problems in
the field. A lot of people have had their hands burnt in that fire.
TD’s solutions are not SS, nor stolen. That much, I know.


Regarding PAPA: I know for a fact that PAPA has learned from Mystery, Style,
and TD.
How do I know this? Because there have been times where he and I winged
together 4 to 5 nights a week out in the field. We have had many discussions
about this game.
Papa has not just accumulated information from one or two sources. He has run
the gamut in this field and guess whom he wings with?


I have been an in-field instructor at a few TD workshops, and a few Mystery
Method workshops
. Henceforth, I have sat through their entire presentations on
more than one occasion.
I could recite most of TD’s seminar off the top of my head. I know the
I could recite most of Mystery’s seminar as well (And I’ll even do it while
doing a Mystery impression as an added bonus.)
I have never been to an SS seminar, but have heard it on audio. In other
words, I know the material.

I don’t post on this forum, because I don’t care to get involved in the
politics of all this. If people want to learn, they can read TD’s constant
posts: It’s all there. I mention TD because Mystery and Style do not really
post much anymore.

Lastly, has anyone noticed the following??
MYSTERY HAS NO COMPLAINTS. He is the one who supposedly has been robbed here!
Isn’t that funny??????
He is not the one up in arms. Mystery and TD are friends and they hang
together discussing PU! Last really in-depth discussion about really advanced
pick-up material just took place after the holidays. It happened right here in
my house where I am typing from.
I find it upsetting and saddening that people in general take shots at TD.
Mystery has been robbed blind supposedly, and yet, he and TD have no problems.
I just did not know there were that many good Samaritans on this board
concerned about the welfare of Mystery.


Lastly, there are constant attacks on TD on this board from a few individuals.
(I Am not pointing to Ross, by the way.) There are guys here so busy attacking
TD than one wonders how they ever have time to go in the field. Amazing!

The fundamental issue here is that people feel threatened by Tyler Durden. The
guy is a dynamic teacher who can help people become better at meeting and being
successful with women. He has the most comprehensive program out there. DYD
is good but has gigantic holes in it. SS also has monumental holes in it.
(For the record, neither TD, nor, I, sickboy, 26 or the other guys in the crew
use SS. Come to think of it, nor do we use enormous amounts of the overused
and annoying cocky/funny. Different individuals have different styles.)

For the guys who honestly wish to be just more successful with women, I’d say
that you pray that TD keeps posting here. I’d say that you pray TD keeps
conducting workshops as he has been.

If you read this thread, understand that people in general will continue to
attack TD for their own PERSONAL Agenda’s, (Whatever those are!).
Understand the Motivation behind the attacks.

Lastly, as previously mentioned, if your objective here is not lounge politics
(Imagine that!), and it actually is to learn to be better with women, say a
little prayer that this individual does not vanish from the scene.

(No, he is not a saint. Believe me, he ain't! But one heck of a teacher.)


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