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Re: Trying too hard to qualify - massively important

mASF post by formhandle

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Re: Trying too hard to qualify - massively important
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mASF post by "formhandle"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, June 6, 2003

Mystery wrote:

>dude, you (formhandle) are the
>very reason many of more
>experienced guys dont bother
>with masf. its asf all over
>again ... and you're ray.

How nice. I like the way you twist reality to suit whatever it is you're
trying to imply. WTF do you think my moderation entails? Other than slamming
newbie crap, or getting rid of trolls, and moving posts to the most appropriate
boards, what exactly drives these "more experienced guys" away as you claim?
Don't pull shit out of thin air, this isn't a stage, we are not your audience.

You present a twist of reality where I couldn't possibly appear positive in
whatever I do. If I left this place to rot, it would become a mess and you'd
say THAT caused "experienced guys" to go away into some black hole. if I
moderate to keep newbie crap from poisoning the quality of the forum, you'll
say that I'm a nitpicking moderator. If I post the most objective stuff and
actually raise QUESTIONS to guys who have a monetary stake in what they say,
then I'm an "armchair seducer" or "keyboard jockey". If I spend most of my
posts trying to keep things sane around here, because barely anyone else lifts
a finger to help out with the newbies, then I'm also labelled a "keyboard

...and you haven't yet vouched for TD. If he needs you to come to his defense
over some silly inability to address my comments, then certainly you would be
willing to back up his claims? I mean, he is now doing "Mystery Method»"
workshops. Yet, you're telling him in another post in this thread:

"Now, focus on DAY-2 events. Enough throwing back the fish. Sink you teeth into
them. Its time to focus on the gameplan for getting them to your house right
away (we need to discuss the next level now, namely, MM ACCELERATED RAPPORT
TECHNIQUES in person). You don't WIN when you build a bridge (like a #) or
build rapport. you WIN when you full monty a girl you are attracted to. Its
time to seal the deal with some of these girls and stop excusing yourself with
the 'I coulda fucked her if I wanted to' shit. I don't wanna hear that from you

This pretty much sounds like TD isn't a closer, even though he's implied over
and over in the past few months that he has some sort of massive closing game.
I'm not the one making such absurd claims and charging $600 for workshops.

>and dont still be pissed that
>the lounge takes up all the
>experienced people.

Again, with presumptions to twist reality. For the record, I could give a
flying fuck who goes to your lounge. I don't give a shit about your lounge.
You want to create the impression of quotes from me, there you go, there's one
for ya.

>its not
>about being elite. its about
>not wanting to deal with your
>anal nitpicking moderation.

Anyone who doesn't like the way I moderate mASF can leave if they want.

>ill stick to the lounge thanks.

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

jay [[email protected]]

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