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are they interested?

mASF post by scott0

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are they interested?
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mASF post by "scott0"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

Ive been reading david Ds newsletters for awhile now and learned good cocky and
funny but it seems like they get insulted alot so i toned it down or u dont
really get laid very fast because your supposed to pull away and stuff and not
be needy. and i read the stuff on» and thats helped. But i
cant tell if these girls just arent interested, shy, or what. I go sarging at
the mall Im 18 6'3" and this day i was wearing a back wards hat a white t-shirt
that said foxracing and jogging type pants and white shoes i have scars on my
face from surgery from a melanoma the scar is right next to my eye and is about
2 inches long. there was these 4 girls about 16ish years old and they were 8
1/2 to 10. i approached them and said whats up guys one said hi, they werent
really making eyecontact. so i stood there about 3 seconds then said are u
guys intimadated by me or something? then one said i thought one of you knew
him to her friends. i asked y they were at the mall. the same girl that said
hi said they were gettin shoes. i noticed they were all wearing sandals and i
said "you guys need shoes" and pointed at their feet. the one girl that was
giving me any eye contact said what like she didnt hear me then i said "you
guys need shoes" in a louder tone of voice. they were talkin amonst them selves
mostly and ignoring me. then i asked where they went to school they said
___________. still werent really makin much eye contact. so i turned my back
to them and said i had to go. then i looked back at them and they still werent
paying attention so i walked away. Earlier that same day i said whats up guys
to these 2 girls that were walking beside me, about 5s and they just smiled
alittle bit and didnt say anything. were theses girl interested?

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