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mASF post by envy

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Mystery Method» Report
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mASF post by "envy"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, October 10, 2004

Hey guys, just got back from the MM workshop in LA. KICKED ASS. 5/5,
10/10, A+, however you want to rate it.

Brief summary:
Where I was in my game: I had pulled 1 girl in 3 months of DYD/RSD
type game. So I kinda knew what I was doing but really didn't. Felt
confident approaching already (500 approaches), but sucked with my

Where Mystery, Style, Lovedrop, and Savoyre got me: I finished the
workshop on Sunday night, and drove for 2 hours getting in to Santa
Barbara at 2am. 2am after two nights of sleep dep and I still went out
to a 24hr restaurant down the street from my house and #closed a girl
I, realistically, couldn't have closed just 3 days earlier. again 5/5.
10/10. A fucking plus.

Long ass summary: (Might want to just go to» and look
at their new class layout)

Day 1: Structure/Theory
8 random ass guys (1 of them me) all got together in the PH mansion,
then mystery came out and kinda removed the bad vibe by getting to know
each of us one on one. After that he gives us a short bio to show
where he is coming from. This part left me fascinated and would easily
make a money routine.

Some sort of break around here, then he showed the MM structure, and
got us to become congruent with it by looking into our past
relationships and seeing that is exists everywhere. (kinda zen) He
also shows us the different mistakes that people make when attracting
women, and why it is easier to attract a girl in a group than a lone
girl. Basically if the group isn't there you can't integrate into her
group, making meet-ups harder. Kinda tricking everyone into viewing a
cold approach as a social circle meet.

Diner time, we get back and go into some very basic material. Not
enough to get me doing MM style cold-approaches on my own.

Night 1:
I'm only 20, but Mystery gets me into The Standard and I get to see him
run a 25 minute single girl set. She's kissing him in like 15 minutes
through kino escalation -- gradually getting her more and more
comfortable with physical contact.

That actually sucked for me because I totally thought I should be
listening to the material at that time. Big mistake, I wish I could
rerun that night. Mystery leaves for saddle ranch after that, and I'm
not old enough to get in so I stay at Standard waiting for TD to show

Savoyre and a girl he came with push me into like 5 sets but I can't
hold them.

Day 2: Content
Lovedrop starts off showing us how to open. And a pretty cool trick of
doing a double take before running the opener, kinda showing you didn't
walk up with the intension but just kinda popped into your head.

Mystery spent the rest of day going over all the different content
pieces you can plop into the different phases of the courtship.

Night 2:
This was way better for me than the first night, as soon as I walk into
the club, I sit down with the first girl I see and run a 30 min heavy
kino set that ended up getting an isolation. Fucking awesome. I bail
on that girl to get Mystery's opinion of how it went. Then go open a 5
set with Style's girl as an aid. FUCKING AWESOME. I've never had a 5
girl set open so easy. Ran that 30 min, walked my target over to Style
who ran some of the tightest game I have ever seen right in front of
me. perfect.

At this point TD came and pushed me into like 9 sets straight just
trying to get me to be cool and talk to them the same way that I talk
to him. I think this helped my game the most, because up to that point
I was being fake with them.

This night alone was worth the whole price ($1250 as I missed the last

Day 3: Bringing it all together
Mystery started off fielding some questions. It was really cool to see
the quality of questions go from, as Mystery put it, "how do I get
laid?" to "when a two-set turns into a three-set, what do I do?". It
really showed the change that happened to all the attendees.

Mystery then showed us his grounding and vulnerability routines. I
can't speak for the other guys there, but they worked on me.

Mystery worked with all of us on developing identities, mostly focusing
on what the average girl will understand and think cool - a big eye

opener. Style then came out and gave us all fashion advice... money
fashion advice.

Kick ass workshop.. I love what these last two days have been like.
Going to go out and enjoy myself now,

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