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Mystery lounge info

mASF post by marcc

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Mystery lounge info
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mASF post by "marcc"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2002

On 5/11/02 3:31:00 PM, base wrote:
>need Info on mystery's lounge.
>I understand its only for
>Pros, im no pro and will not
>be for at least another year,
>but access to Mys lounge would
>help, Im desperate for new
>Questions- besides ASF,
>», Cliffs list
>,is there any other source of
>Mys. material from his lounge
>on the net, in a book, ect?
>Any ASF people in the MYS
>- what is it like what is the
>content like?
>- how advanced must you be to
>-Can you lurk in his lounge or
>must you submit original
>There are probably additional
>questions I cant think of,
>anyone with knowledge please

It has been said over and over again, for access to the lounge you have to be
invited, for myself I would also think the info in the lounge would add value
to my game, but hey, I dont post FR's and shit, and generally dont post too
much, so wont get invited.. SO WHAT?

Before you can say you REALLY went through all the material, you'll have to
read the archived posts of the 'guru's' around here, there a mystery archive of
~2000 posts ffs!

If you want into the lounge, my guess is to drop the reading, go out in the
field, and mess A LOT.. try all kinds of shit, also the stuff that isn't on
these pages.. Try freaky stuff, find out how people react to ALL KINDS of
things, not only good ones.. Try to be a fucking WBAFC and see what happens,
see where you lose respect .. post what you find out, post your reports, post
your analasiss...

by then you'll probably be invited to the lounge, but the main point is you
kicked your game up with a fucking leap!


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