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Melt Down ALL Objections

mASF post by ZenDragon

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Melt Down ALL Objections
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mASF post by "ZenDragon"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, February 2, 2003

>most of the lounge members of
>Mysterys Lounge have discarded

so what. since when is your "lounge members" setting examples for MASF. lets
not get our heads too big here.

>this concept
>INTELLECTUAL. "so let me get
>this straight, you dont want
>to fuck me because of X Y and
>Z. so, Miss Hotty, if I could
>handle your 3 objections, then
>we could go ahead with the
>deal?" this is how you sell
>shit to guys, not women.

If that's how YOU reframe potential objections...then I'm not surprised that
YOU can't do this with women.

>If you GET an objection,
>you've done something wrong.

Something "wrong" according to who? You? No, you can do everything "right"
and still get objections.

>oh and the best BF blaster is
>not RJs long winded "of course
>I would expect you to be
>seeing SOMEONE ..." its great
>to be able to say SOMETHING
>and Ive used it for several
>years. but in hindsight I
>never actually got the girl
>still, though I sounded
>bright. here is the DEFINITIVE
>MM BF BLASTER: "I understand.
>We'll be discrete."

Why is RJ even in the discussion? dude, there WAS a time when your posts were
interesting, because there weren't so much garbage like knocking on others to
promote yourself.

>simple. and it works. throw
>all over BF blaster out of
>your brain.

So you're saying no one in this entire community has a better way to deal with
BF issues than your out of context "one liner"? How arrogant.

By the way, who's discussing about "BF Blasters" anyway? Are you in the right
thread? Typical Mystery's way of saying "lets take other peoples ideas out of
contexts and look at the small chunks, since that's the only chunk I'm familiar
with, so I can make an argument on how my one liners work better than everybody
elses ideas, ideas I don't understand."

My magician friend, arguing with imaginary opponents is not a good marketing
tool. Mr. Ray Gordon had tried it already...and failed.

Just a thought ;)


"I've cum to liberate all who have not been liberated."

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