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Melt Down ALL Objections

mASF post by Tommy227

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Melt Down ALL Objections
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mASF post by "Tommy227"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, February 2, 2003

On 2/7/03 5:28:00 PM, Mystery wrote:
>most of the lounge members of
>Mysterys Lounge have discarded
>SALES METAPHORS. this concept
>INTELLECTUAL. "so let me get
>this straight, you dont want
>to fuck me because of X Y and
>Z. so, Miss Hotty, if I could
>handle your 3 objections, then
>we could go ahead with the
>deal?" this is how you sell
>shit to guys, not women.
>If you GET an objection,
>you've done something wrong.
>oh and the best BF blaster is
>not RJs long winded "of course
>I would expect you to be
>seeing SOMEONE ..." its great
>to be able to say SOMETHING
>and Ive used it for several
>years. but in hindsight I
>never actually got the girl
>still, though I sounded
>bright. here is the DEFINITIVE
>MM BF BLASTER: "I understand.
>We'll be discrete."
>simple. and it works. throw
>all over BF blaster out of
>your brain.

Hey man. So you tells us that you think this tactic is wrong and don’t give us
an example of what dose work and without clarifying what you mean and backing
your shit up. We’ll that’s bullshit man. Come on you can put out a little more
then that. As far as I see it yes if your doing things right and smoothly like
a good pua should then yes you’ll run against less objections, but non the less
women still test plain and simple there should be no argument against that, and
certain objections could come up just to test your alphaness or whatever. There
just bound to come up sometime in the game especially if you’re seeing her more
then one night. Future pacing objections and some of what you’ll read above I
have tested and has worked great for me so I don’t know what you’re talking
about. And I know you’re great respected pua who has been in the game so if you
could clarify WHAT works for you instead of just putting one system down I
would really like so see what you might have to say and would be very open to
analyzing any ideas you might have on this.
You’ve only giving one example here and there where many examples within other
contexts that didn’t even include the Bf destroyer patterns. We didn’t even
bring that one up that’s not even an issue with me and or any good pua for that
matter. There are plenty of girls out there so that shouldn’t even be much of
an issue. If I were to go with a girl with a BF If I wanted her I would have
her dump him first which wouldn’t be to hard for me since I am fairly good
looking and have really improved my game in the last 5 years. What other
examples might you have for objections besides the BF blasters, especially the
examples given above. Come one here I know you have more than that that you
could share with us? Give it up man there’s no need to be shiest
I guess I’m not only talking about future pacing objections, but also future
pacing and framing what I want to see out of the girl and to have herself
qualify herself to me and never pulling the bullshit and or bad behavior that I
forewarned would not fly with me. Talking about girls you have ex-communicated
because they pulled this bullshit and no matter how much they begged you could
not let them back even though you still loved them. Stuff like that etc.
I do like your short and sweet BF blaster. I’ve never got this objection
though. I always am pretty good and through good and starting out with
seemingly innocent Kino :> from the start like just with the caressing of the
hand can have a girl getting all tingly and having sensations traveling all up
her arm all the way to her groin and she’ll be quickly and a dazed tranced
state with a skilled Kino. So the only time a girl has mentioned a BF is
usually most always right after we have already had sex, but I can never stay
with a girl like this because I know she’s a disloyal, dishonest flake, and
really don’t have much respect for them. I like the game, being alpha and
getting what I want, but I’ve changed a bit as I’m more selective now and not
as promiscuous. So I really do now currently very away from girls with BF.
Peace tommy227

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