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Re: Strawberry field interpretation

mASF post by LeftCoast

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Re: Strawberry field interpretation
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mASF post by "LeftCoast"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2002


I don't really post here much as I usually do my discussions on Mysterys
but I do have a comment on your ranting post.

Dude...this is a very I-am-a-victim attitude you show here. Have you
been screwed over by young hot chicks or something? I mean to an outside
observer it seems that you harbor a lot of animosity toward the young
chicks who are hot and get a lot of attention. If so, find a way to get
rid of it, b/c such beliefs only limit your potential.

I say this b/c the hot/peacocky/arrogant young chicks are my bread and
butter. CHicks who shine at the party and everyone looks at with a combo
of annoyance and envy. I see them as insecure. They need the attention
to make themselves feel better. Deep down all hot chicks know that their
looks are going to fade and they better use them while they can. They
control 99% of the men out there-the AFCs. They stand around and stare
at them both pissed off and wanting their ass. Yet they only stand on
the sidelines and complain about these "bitches"

Become the guy who comes in and peels away her surface attitude. All 9's
and 10's are going to have this attitude. They are treated differently.
It just happens. Be the top 1% who is different and realizes her show
for what it is.

In article <[email protected]>, ulises19 says...
> Let me guess... self-centered, big ego, dont care how she affects the world,
> men are toys at her disposal, inmature... is she 18 years old by any
> chance?

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