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Re: Perception of intent...

mASF post by toecutter

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Re: Perception of intent...
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mASF post by "toecutter"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2002

<spirit> wrote in message:
> Hmm... Yet another one of those ad hominem bits of reasoning you rely on
> but object to when someone does it back.... Well, I`d rather be mentally
> masturbating than physically masturbating while drinking Fosters and
> dreaming up fantasy lay reports....

Ha. You are a complete idiot. Besides the fact that I have been here now for
quite a while, and that formhandle has bundled up all my posts into one file
so as to reduce the load on his site because people want to read them, and
that there are many people from within this community who have met me in real
life and sarged with me, and many more who have know people who have sarged
with me personally and heard how I operate ... is it out of your worldview
that SOMEONE is getting sex with a hot woman? Like all those hot women you see
walking down the street, do you think they are all virgins? Someone has fucked
them right? Is it outside your worldview that one of those guys who are
fucking those hot women may be here? Because the best of us here are those
guys. And what is more, we tend to be in Mysterys lounge where we all trust
each other and share photos of ourselves and our women because no-one is
allowed in there without someone else vouching for them, and we can talk about
life as a player without idiots wanting to pretend. Then you tell me that what
I write is fantasy! You boggle, man!

> while drinking Fosters

Oh, so all you have to abuse me on is my nationality. And within my
nationality all you have to abuse me with is a brand of beer. Look, I never
had anything against you. But given that you can not concieve that sex really
happens, you are therefore obviously a troll when you give us advice. There
are players on this board here and there. Those that have no trouble getting
sex. Shit it is not hard to PU a 7. Can you not believe that in your wildest
fantasies? You are clearly not one of them. But hey ... if you want to sell
yourself as a guru, change your handle and come back as someone else. Maybe
next time you wont get called on it so easily and will actually get away with
it for a couple of weeks and 10 to 15 posts of high claims before those of us
in the real world with real women see through you. Good luck next time! Fuck

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