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Re: Perception of intent...

mASF post by toecutter

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Re: Perception of intent...
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mASF post by "toecutter"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2002

G'day Ash,

Haven't heard from you in a while. Good to see you back (or maybe it is me who
is back).

<Ashton> wrote in message
> I am realizing now that your game is even deeper than I suspected. If you
> ever write a book on how to do this, I'll be first in line to buy.

Ha. I am not even contemplating entering the seduction business. My life and
my good name are my own. This is the area of anonymity and the only reason I
contribute. It the confessions of an anonymous philanderer. My thoughts are
mostly in the archives anyway. I dont really hold anything back (although my
more personal musings go into Mysterys Lounge).
> I remain fuzzy about the best way to learn to use "the lyricism of sweet
> talk." Is there any other source I should consult besides RJ? Or should
> I just keep trying to work the SS material over until I master it?

No, man. Not SS. NLP sure. See ... now you have me thinking about it, I am not
sure where I learned it. I always liked the sound of my own voice. Have you
ever seen "Two Moon Junction" where the guy just likes the sound of his own
voice and seduces Sherilyn Fenn with his constant banter ... I am like that
(only not quite as bad and I say different kinds of stuff to him). Always used
good metaphors and that sort of thing. I used to "sweet talk" before I found
NLP. It is those "whispering sweet nothings" in her ear that you hear about.
The NLP definately helped. I want to explain this to you, but I am not sure I
can. It is something I just do. But then I can use the NLP and do an I-you
switch. Push her into the situation. Talk about my own feelings and emotions,
but switch it around so that I am talking about how she should feel. Like I
can explain what something looked like that I saw yesteday, and then switch it
to how I felt, and push her emotions around. But the thing has to be
interesting first. There has to be a little "wow" experience to give it a
raison-d'etre. I have always been able to express my feelings that apparently
many guys have trouble with. Girls like me. They always ask why I dont have a
girlfriend. When I told one girl the other day that I am not the girlfriend
type, she said rubish. She said I was good around women and that I am a
talker. She didn't understand what I meant. It is that "you are a talker" that
I come back to though. It is something about who I am. I dont sit there after
sex and go to sleep. I dont talk rubbish like a chick though either. I dont
talk about people (or gossip). I can contemplate myself and who I am and just
talk about me like I am doing here. The stained glass through which I look at
the world. I am not short on things to say but not in a hurry either. And not
attached to finishing a thought. It is just talking. About the present. About
things that can be looked at in new ways. About imagine-if scenarios. It is
honesty. Honesty with yourself. And a preparedness to share. I can talk about
the news as long as there is some situation I can ask her to imagine herself
in. It is humanistic stuff. Asking her good quesitons so I can understand how
she feels. And how she thinks. Like I enjoy just percieving the world around
me. And I like seeing the world through someone elses eyes. And people like it
when I talk about how I percieve the world. Especially girls. Guys dont like
it quite as much unless there is a punch line or a point. They are too
competitive to bother looking at the world through my eyes. And guys dont like
being proven wrong. Their logic over-runs their emotions. So I speak
differently to guys. I am less gentle. I slap them on the back and laugh with
them. Both of these ways of talking are me. Like I am still myself whether I
am with the guys or with a girl. Groups of girls I dont like as much. But they
are different me's. One is the me I am when I am with males, and the other is
the me I am when I am with a female. Maybe some of you dont have that female
speak mode. Dont have the other "me". If you can extract the mood of this
paragraph and bottle it into an essence like a purfume, you would have the
essence of the answer as to how I speak to women as the feature fragrence that
would then need to be added to some alcohol and some essence d'humour for one
part of a seduction or some essence du sex for another part and an essence
d'arrogance for yet a third, etc.

> Your ideas about framing will come with practice, I suppose. I'm having
> difficulty learning to couch them in emotional language, though. Time
> to sit back down and try writing more routines, I guess...

I think this is something you can keep your eye on. Think about the frames
that facilitate what you want to do, and keep her thinking about her situation
within that frame. Allow her to stray from the frame as long as it is not to
(emotional) places you dont want her to go. Thinking about her boyfriend is
not where you want her to go. Dont let her mind leave the room. Keep her in
the present, in the here and now within the conversation when that starts to
happen, but let the tenses go. Let her mind wander away until it starts
getting dangerous again. She starts talking about something that makes her
upset, tell her she has enough reasons to feel bad, and that you want her to
only think about the things that make her feel really good. Keep her in the
feeling good section of her mind. Ask her what is wrong? Is she afraid of
having a good time? (people really are afraid of having a good time ... it is

But first identify the frames you want to keep her in (like now, not within a
seduction ... people want to do too much creative work within a seduction ...
you should be just driving within the situaiton as much as possible because
you will still be doing a lot of creative work no matter how well you have
planned and how many seductions you have done in the past). Keep her in
productive states. Then just listen for when she is wandering off into
dangerous territory, and guide her back by interupting her pattern, and laying
down a new frame from which she has to look. This is the centre of the A
section of FMAC. If it were not for bitch shields and shit tests you would
never wander from this at all.

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