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the beginning

mASF post by Distec

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the beginning
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mASF post by "Distec"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2004

It is the beginning, for me at least :) You could consider me a bAFC. I'm 22,
have a full time job, car, apartment, etc. However, I have 0 social skills and
am just getting too damn horny. I figure something has to change. I basically
have had no interact when women(kinda sad), mostly due to private schooling and
my career(computers). There wreren’t any to interact with Fortunately, I found
this site and am beginning my transformation :) I've read many of these posts,
got gunwitch's book, DYD, read mysterys method, etc. Now its time for me to
actually talk to people.

My first big challenge is actually finding women to talk to. There are only a
couple of women at work, but am starting to "practice" with them(ie flirt a
little, make jokes, not talk about work stuff for once). I'm gaining
confidence, slowly but surely. I'm also starting to actually get out of the
weekends. Its very sad, for the last 7 or so years, the only think I basically
did was eat, sleep, and play videos games(oh and masturbate =\. Video games are
horrible, too addicting and time consuming. They should be banned to hell ;)
Seriously though, it’s like a drug. One of my first steps is to get rid of this
addiction. Hopefully it will get rid of my ADD as well =p Time to start the
gunwitch "meet 25 women" mission.

Ok, so I start last week going the local mall. I go to the food court, get
something to eat. I look around; don't see any women to approach. I finish
eating, walk around for 10 minutes, get bored(I have no attention span), then
leave and go home. I go to the mall for a few more days, same thing. I think to
myself, this mall sux. Only things I see are fat chicks, old chicks, and young
chicks. Maybe I'm in the wrong place. I also go across the street to the book
store, don't see anyone if the target range (18-22, female, not with another
person, ect), no luck. I go home.

So today, I'm doing pretty much the same thing. I go to the mall found court
with something to eat, sit down. A few minutes later, a young girl sitting at
the next table says "you look lonely". She is a young blond, with a sexy little
black dress. It looked like she didn't have any undergarments on, but I did get
a better look later on; she has a nice little pink bra. She was sitting with
another girl across from her, definitely not as attractive or out going. She
basically wasn’t there at all, maybe said 5 words total.

Anyways, my response from her was "maybe". Honestly, I didn't know what else to
say. Probably would have better to say, "hey babe, what’s up". Now, when most
people say "hi" to me, I usually say "hi" and walk away/ignore them. But I
decided to actually start a conversation this time. She asks for my name, I
give her mine and I get hers(Julie). I ask her where she lives(not too far from
me). I also try to find out how old she is, since it hard to tell. I try to
avoid asking her directly, so I ask her what year she is in at school. She says
sophomore. ok...high school or college. She says high school. She is 15 years
old(she looks more like 18). Anyways, the conversion gets a little weird. First
she says it was her birthday and she got a vibrator. I ask her if she enjoys
it(probably should have ask HOW she enjoyed it). Then we get into talking about
porn stars(which, my hand and I are very familiar with =\) and how she wants to
be a porn star when she turns 18. I get into what guys she prefers(long hair
tattoos) and what she dislike(guys living at home with their mama and no job
and money). Anyways I finish my food, say nice talking to you and leave.
There’s my first time actually "talking" to a female. Pretty pathetic huh :)
I'm happy, a good learning experience and plenty more to go.

Ok, my first reservation is she is TOO young. I'm no molester and want to keep
it 18+. So, let’s pretend she was 18. Here are the things I know I did wrong.
First thing I should have done was got up and sat next to her. Instead, I
stayed at my table, which prevented closeness and it was also pretty hard to
hear at time. Next, I didn't use any eye contact. Thats something that I need
to improve on. Then after that I would need to start kino and go from
there.(what is it again, approach, eye contact, kino, close?) Anyways, I
probably could have "had" her if I persisted, but the age thing did turn me

So now I have 24 women to go(is 15 a women yet? >:( Now, I just need a place to
find them. Any suggestions? I swear there are practically no candidates at my
mall. I live in central New Jersey, not exactly an exciting place. Maybe I need
to hit the clubs at the shore or the city? Honestly, I don't know where to

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