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Understanding Situational Cues

mASF post by XstaticX

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Understanding Situational Cues
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mASF post by "XstaticX"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, July 7, 2005

Today a HB that worked in our store came in on her off day and started talking
to me and my three friends that work the same department. She asked to see my
name tag because she wanted to see my name (I have an ethnic name). I told her
she had to get it herself and put my tag in my pocket. She thought I was an
asshole after that - - - success!

Anyways, as I was walking to check our stock room, I thought up of a neg hit
pattern I should have run on her, basically asking her why she's here on her
off day, is she trying to pick up guys, calling her a pervert (playfully), etc.
. . and I realized that a lot neg hits and tactics we use as PUAs come after a
missed opportunity and as long as we run those situations in our heads after,
we can be prepared more and more for every situation so we can bust on a girl
naturally anytime.


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