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Field Report: new gear and some sets

mASF post by ox

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Field Report: new gear and some sets
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005


been digging into mistery files and satoraing myself. I do recommend it for
everybody...most of my problems are inthe “find” part. It is difficult to find
beautiful women to sarge properly so most of the time you are stuck with 6 7
8,...well used to it by now. Also you will see that this report is full of
credit to mystery, specially to boyfriend destroyers, dhv´s and shit like

Well i was trying new gear and look...
1.cut my hair way down..kind of crew cut, look like a fucking marine gone
bling,bling...also makes me look not only younger but almost boyish, girls want
to rape me, ...ha, ha. g-star jeans(100dollars), WHITE. Big fucking difference, my jeans stand
out like a mother fucker.. Tight in the ass, very baggy on the way down..look
gay but no problem. No homophobic here.
3.Brand new t-shirt(70 dollars), it says “watch and enjoy”(white, red and
brown). Fucking tight, reveals my back and tryceps from working out.
4.The rest is the usual: gothic watch, huge silver bracelet, celtic ring and
toireg necklace..ha look like a fucking travelling show.

Happy to say response was great. Lots of ec, iois even from girls with
boyfriend...good shit.i am repeating tonight...last night it was a


as you all know, there is this one set(hb8,hb7) that i keep gaming everynight
and the hb7 brunette keeps on ignoring me. They are used to me by now. They
know that i use them for social proof, and they use me too(i look good). But
this time i negged the hb7 brunette hard so she started wanting to talk to me
but i kept ignoring her for the longest time..and she was
well...disappointed...fucking bitch would destroy my state in the she
has to eat on the palm of my hand if she wants dick. Well i started by high
fiving the bouncers. Moved to my 2 set, as usual, neg hb7 and left them for
hotter sets.

My best set of the night. Mystery classic, group theory roll into one:

a 3 set(hb7,5, hb6 and ugly)

ox: i need a quick female opinion.
I stacked g-string routine, jealous girlfriend...and i am in.
I made a point in getting everybody envolved..made them laugh mad with minicold are bad, ..and you too.
Hb7,5 is laughing the hardest. I keep engaging the others and ignoring her big
time...i see her demanding attention. I am building my social persona(mystery).
I am talkative and good could say i am entertaining them. They are
laughing mad at the routines.
Ox: i was in london. Have you guys been to london?
They say no, except ugly.
Ugly: i have been to london.
Ox: have you been to trafalgar square withe the pigeons.
Ugly: i dont remember
ox: are you sure you were in london. I mean were you partying or
something.(mock drinking alcohol and getting drunk)
all the group is laughing at the ugly in good fun...passed hook point...ha,
hb7,5 is laughing the hardest...
so i run out of material and excuse myself to say hello to a some guy i know. I
leave the set and reopen later. There is a guy in the group that´s engaging the
other 2. hb7,5 is being left alone...i take her by the hand and isolate..piece
of cake. I lean agains the wall(thanks loverboy), chill and smoothly go into
I read her hand. Palm read. Good reaction. She is all shy with her hand but she
is interested. She is all the time trying to avoid kino and with arms crossed.
Fuck i have to relax her.
Ox: have you ever been cubed...
hb7,5: what´s that? (her body language is closed but she is slowly unwinding as
i hook her with game)
ox: i will cube you(taking the lead. Notice i didnt say “would you like..?)
i cubed her and it turns out spot on in concruence with my palm read. Am i good
or what?
She is getting hooked. But still she is separated from me. About 2 feet apart.
I spot that. I need to bring her in...
all of a sudden she says “i have a boyfriend” and shows me fiancee engament
ring. She was hiding it with her arms crossed. Tha´s why she didnt want to
ach soo....
i am not phased by tthis actually i am totally ready for this action.
Ox: well..if your boyfriend feels threatened because you meet new people, we
should probably stop right now...(credit mystery)
Ox: well..i am glad for you that you found somebody you connect and you can
talk about anything(credit mystery)
hb7,5: well actually no. we are verydifferent. We dont talk about every thing.
(huston we have aproblem)
ox: well, i am sure he cooks for you your favourite dish every week, and takes
you on walks to see the moon in summer(credit ox, i think)
hb7,5: nooooo
ox: well since you have a boyfriend we will be discreet(style+mystery).(sly
smile on my face)

then i pull out my latest rappport tool: the question game(it fucking rocks and
i stole it from the mystery files)
ox: hey lets play this game. The question game.
I give her the rules. She agrees and i say you start..she says no you start.
Ox: how many boyfriends have you had?
She says 2 but other relationships too...she has had others. She has a 7 ltr.
Ox: your turn
hb7,5: do you have a girlfriend now?(ha, ha..)
ox: i am dating 2 girls.
Hb7,5: wtf
ox: yeah..i am polyamorous(credit mystery), that is when a man can love more
than one woman.
Hb7,5: wtf
ox: i am not exclusive with any of them.
hb7,5: do you tell them
ox: they know i date other women. Until i find the right one for me...he, he.
Hb7,5 is totally flipping at this point.she didnt expect that..
ox: where was the strangest place you did it.
hb7,5: i am not telling you
ox: why, you are so shy.
Hb7,5: it is private.
Ox: that is not good. You should let the skeletons out..
anyway we continue playing and rapporting for 1 hour. Long shit. But i am glad
i could run rapport game for once properly...anyway she shittested me about my
age and i retorted “42 but i look so well because i sleep on ice”..good
reaction and continue the interaction until i see my hb6 brazilian. She is a
pivot. She is all over me in no time and i just let go of the hb7,5. Hb6 is
with the 2 hottest girls in the bar. But i didnt open them though...i got
reacquainted with hb6 brazilian(she gave me a blow job a while back but ididnt
call for 2 weeks), she wants me big time and says she is cooking for me on
monday. Cool. May be i can fuck her after chow(i havent fucked her yet). We
kiss a bit, hug and talk for a while...i tongue her down and say i have to go.
By this time she is used to this kind of behaviour and makes me promise to have
dinner with her on monday. We will see.

I go to other bars but stale a lot. Met a guy from work and had to shoot the
crap with him for a while..after that i was cold...i started to
I venue change myself 2 times to change the inner game» arrived
to the last bar.

I walk around. No hot sets...i spot a hb8(30 year old, gym body, nice ass,
belly botton out, blonde hair) with hb6(also blonde). They are probably the top
set in the club...
i approach.
Ox: hey voice in my head told me to speak to you guys(mystery, i think or
stack with esp routine...i fail miserably..
hb8: really..funny(stand offish)
ox: who lies more
i go with the opinion opener and they fall into it. i throw a couple of
minicold reads..
ox: is your hair really blonde
hb8: sorry, no(neg hit home, she is off the pedestal)
ox: it is still nice.
Hb8: ddb
my fuck up now.
Ox: well you have a smile like a tooth paste commercial...
hb8: really...ha,,,(tells her friend about my compliment
hb6: well you have to see her outside the club
ox: what? She has one tooth missing.(i am trying to damage control but it is
too late)
i introduce myself. They both tell me their name...
ox: i went out with a girl that had a strange middle name...
hb8: what was it?
Ox: “strange name”. And you know what she hid that middle name from me for 2
months until i found out. Of course i had to dump her. I couldnt trust her.
Hb8: why? Just for are so bad.

Ox: oh, yeah...
ox: hey you could be my next girlfriend...can you cook?
Hb8: yes
ox: (hug her) i am marrying you
hb8: lol
ox: well are you rich
hb8: sorry no
ox: ok we are broken up..

i throw a palm flies..
hb8: hey(to hb6) he can palm read...
hb6: read my palm..
ox: i charge...
we continued and i passed hook point but the attraction was not there. They
were kind of being social and playful...fuck them..i ejected....

went home..happy for the rapport game. Thanks mystery.

Pointers... boyfriend destroyer arsenal kicks some serious ass..i love it...
2.gotta practice the question game. It is gold. I have to make them promise to
obey the rules other wise you get stupid ass questions like how old are you or
do you have a girlfriend..
3.mad props to me for opening and plowing the hottest sets..
4.still sp is my staling. I seem to start well and 2 hours later i get tired
and start choking.
5.“find” is a major part of mm..and very difficult. I need to find places with
high concentration of increase my chances of success..

welcome to the masf convection in Vegas(august) of charge..ha, guest
speaker:ox, guest pua: ox; attendees: ox and another crazy dude like me.
schedule(at hard rock cafe)
5 pm: discussion: your worst afc moment
6 pm: how to piss off her steroid boyfriend and get your ass kicked.
7 pm: peacocking: how to bulge your pants so your dick looks 90 percent bigger.

9pm : field: competion: see who bombs more sets.

2 am: debriefing: how to get yourself together after so much rejection..ha,
see you guys

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