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wrong application of negs

mASF post by stereomike

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wrong application of negs
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mASF post by "stereomike"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

>recently field tested this on
>my own and realized how they
>could kill any future
>prospects if not used

You must have used them improperly... What was/were the situation/s and what
was/were the neg/s? ... So we can learn.

I know I've taken negging too far... . A girl was complaining she was "too
thick" (not to me, but I overheard it), this chick was HB9 (smoking hot, killer
body and face) and she knew it, so I said, "Maybe you shouldn't work out so
much then." This made her insecure so she came over to my group of friends and
said, "why do you think I'm too thick??" I said, "We'll tell you later, bye"
She called me an asshole and stormed off.

>you don't want to give her a
>neg but she is 'forcing' you
>to give her one? I'm not sure
>about this but any inputs
>would be appreciated

She should NOT realize that its a "neg", its not like when you neg her she
thinks, "He gave me a neg-hit because I was DHV'ing too much" No, what she
thinks is, "Oh I'm a little embarrassed, and insecure... wait does this guy
even like me? I want him to like me because I'm a HB!!"

I have been negged before so I know how it works and in turn it also showed me
how to neg properly. I was gaming a chick who was very into me physically and
she kept complimenting me alot and then she negged me with "You have nice
eyes... yeah, they're different colors."

I never suspected that she could be saying it to "bring me down to her level",
and neither will chicks if done right.

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