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Is she attracted

mASF post by PlayerQ20

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Is she attracted
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mASF post by "PlayerQ20"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

Ok, she talked to you for 2 hours? Holy shit, and you're wondering if she's
attracted? First and foremost, you definitely need to neg-hit this girl during
your next encounter. Give her a challenge, otherwise you will become the

Secondly, invent two or three cool stories involving other girls that happened
to you this past week to demonstrate social-proof and that other girls dig your

Lastly, lead. Lead. Lead. Lead. Don't do a "hey do you want to go get
something to eat?" Instead, "I'm going to do (something cool), what are your
plans for X-day, cool I'll pick you up at X and we'll have some fun."

It sounds like you have some real potential to deal with. If the girl isn't
calling you back, I wouldn't take that in a bad light. When girls call you,
without your direction to do so it makes them appear to want you. Girls don't
like to show that during the initial phases of seduction, obviously, so it's is
kind of a shit-test in my opinion. Persistence and Patience pays, just don't
over do it.

I'd call her up, and say something like... "hey I apologize for not calling you
earlier. I had a lot of fun hanging out with you last week, but I've so damn
busy with XYZ and my friend Julia was in town too, so I haven't had too much
time, but I'm doing X and thought you'd be interested in joining me for some
fun..." etc.

Playa play on.


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