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Good neg hit learned from natural

mASF post by Nashvilleplayboy

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Good neg hit learned from natural
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mASF post by "Nashvilleplayboy"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

You were around a natural and the best thing you learned from the guy was a
neg? Not anything that could improve your frame or inner game»? Nothing to lead
you to being more natural as opposed to analytical or methodical towards PU?
Whatever I guess.

I still like the neg though.

On 5/2/05 1:46:00 AM, JustinaYs wrote:
>a friend of mine used this neg
>hit very successfully on a HB.
>I've tried it out a few times
>with very good results.
>"Your ears are freakin' tiny!
>that's so cute. I just wanna
>squish 'em!" then squeeze her
>ear. haha
>Belle laide is a French
>phrase, translated as
>"beautiful-ugly," and refers
>to a woman who is not
>beautiful in a conventional
>sense, yet is somehow

Pussy is pussy. It just happens to be wrapped in different wrappers.
Don't get caught up in the wrapper.

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