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Aproaching Styles: Charming vs Funny

mASF post by Joe R Walker

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Aproaching Styles: Charming vs Funny
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mASF post by "Joe R Walker"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, May 5, 2005


There are definitely more than one opinion of how to get her done around here.
You will have to go to work and as Magus says create your own method. There is
plenty of material decide where you are and what you need the most right now
and start there. Don’t expect a silver platter.

That said I would like to go back to your original question. The word charming
is a little scary read The TRUTH about Formhandle in General for an excellent
list of charming activities. Now if you throw out the charming idea, what makes
mysterious and humorous mutually exclusive? A good part of humor is
misinterpreting reality and that often leaves reality in a bit of a flux.

HB: I bet you do this to a lot of girls.
PUA: Yup. Thousands.

The funny part is it might even be true but she is going to be left not really

My latest method/goal when gaming is to move her emotions. To disagree with ij
making her laugh is a pretty good way to do that. Will being a funny guy do it
without more game? Not for ij and not for me. Suppose after she has laughed her
ass off, you then give her a neg hit that makes her question her self image and
then hold her coat as she puts it on, get the door for her, and take her for a
walk under the willows. Then just when she starts to get scared to death from
all that charming shit say something GM (rakishly sexual). You know the reason
that I have been so friendly with your husband? I was hoping it would reduce my
desire to fuck you.

In review, why not create a frame where both are accessible tools?

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