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Field Report:Workplace HB9 Blonde

mASF post by ChocolateAussie

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Field Report:Workplace HB9 Blonde
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mASF post by "ChocolateAussie"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

Ok so Friday is my last day at work at this organisaton, and probably also
Canada. Decided to try and run some game on one of my co-workers, given that
i'll gone soon enough.
We haven't really spoken much before or even been formally introduced.

Its late in the evening around 8pm and i open her as walk out the door with
"don't u have a home to go to?" Initially somewhat closed, but then hooked her
with my
"name routine" - "is ur name XXX, wow…u gotta hear this story!" Told her story
about girl I had affair with when I was travelling through Middle East. It was
a tale of forbidden love, and her name happened to be XXX as well.
This got her attention!! She introduces herself.

Point to note - interesting stories are definitely a hook

Then we start going into fluff talk about work, travel etc

I do a neg hit at the end with "you don’t have any criminal record do u?" This
is in relation to a conversation we are having about her getting a permit to
work in Australia. The same one that i have for Canada. She doesn't respond as
well as I would have hoped. The conversation ends with her turning back to her

Point to note - she ended the conversation. A miscalibration on my part, both
in terms of the neg, as well as not ending the conversation on a high and on my

Also I did not control the frame of the conversation, and I should have bridged
the gap between me and her by moving into her cubicle - but still keeping a
safe distance.
There was a large metal cabinet between me and her.

How could I have improved the response from the neg? Delivery!! Playfullness,
cheeky smile, better use of eyes.

Point to note - adopt a more playful attitude during PU. Convey more emotions
using ur face and ur eyes.

How could I have better controlled the frame of the conversation - guide the
conversation into more interesting topics than just work and just general
rapport questions.

Point to note - start stacking routines and stories to keep the conversation
interesting and to control the frame
Perhaps some patterns and games could have also been introduced.

The danger of not controlling the frame - at one point in the conversation I
started to ramble about the differences between Toronto, Montreal and Quebec
in relation to Sydney and Melbourne. This came across I think as a bit of
incoherent babble - ie not very smooth at all.

Point to note - when u lose sight of the structure of the PU and don't guide
the conversation in the direction that u want it to go, you will fall into the
danger of creating
awkward pauses. You will then attempt to fill in these pauses with rough,
uncalibrated conversation.

Comments? Feedback?

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