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Lay Report: SHB Pointy Shoes [updated and edited]

mASF post by JustinaYs

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Lay Report: SHB Pointy Shoes [updated and edited]
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mASF post by "JustinaYs"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

[Note] I apologize guys, I admit... I didn't read the posting guidelines before
I posted the first time. I also updated and added more information. I know what
yall are thinking... "FUCKING NEWBIES" :-P

This past Saturday started out with me doing some solo PU missions at the mall
combined with some job searching as well. I closed several HBs and put in a few
job apps and was pretty satisfied. Right when I was leaving I ran into a couple
old friends that I went to school with. They told me about a double kegger for
this chicks birthday that was taking place that night, and asked if I wanted to
come along. I figured there would be some good opportunities to practice a few
things at the party with the 2 goofy-ass wingmen I had just ran into, so I
decided to go. These two guys are pretty pathetic, but cool nonetheless. The
tall, lanky guy we'll call "Billy" was a definite AFC. In fact, the girl that
was supposed to tell him where the party was kept blowing him off and actually
used the excuse from the UFEA "what? I can't hear you, it's breaking up"
::click:: He fell for it too. :-X He tried calling a few more people but didn't
prevail. The funny part is I made one phone call and got directions to the
person's party who I didn't even know. We get there and I knew quite a few
people there already so my social proof was good. The setting we a
highschool/college party. Age ranged from 17-24. A few girls gave me hugs that
I knew and some of the cocky guys introduced themselves. I guess they were
intimidated by such a stunning alpha-male such as myself and thought it would
make them look cooler by introducing themselves. anyways, one chick was sitting
down as I walk past her and hits my leg saying "Hey hotty." I looked down,
smiled and walked off not trying to waste any effort on a 7.5. There was one
bitch I noticed that was getting all of the attention. I would rate her a 9.5
but she had the attitude of a fucking 12 my god. We shall label her "SHB Pointy
Shoes." Definitely the cockiest bitch I had ran across in a long time. She had
a triple-layered titanium laced kryptonite bitch shield with radio-active
interlays set on kill mode, and I had to nail this bitch. I started off paying
absolutely no attention to her whatsoever and making sure I macked on
absolutely every other woman at the party except her. She was drinking and it
was starting to get obvious. She was straight up playing games with all the
guys, and destroying all the AFC's that put everything they had into
approaching her. Me and my honorable wingmen were on the back patio smoking a
cigarette when SHB Pointy Shoes comes out there making a scene with her 2 UGs.
All of a sudden, AFC Billy, my honorable, tall, lanky wingman, comes out of
nowhere and makes an approach attempt. I was surprised that he instinctively
gave her a neg hit and pulled some cocky phrases out of his ass, but was blown
out of the water immediately. A big shot to the poor man's self-esteem and sent
him into a deep depressive state, possibly suicidal. I walked over in her
direction and started conversation with her UGs, disarming the obstacles of
course. Then, SHB Pointy Shoes does something COMPLETELY unexpected. She grabs
my hand and says "You're kinda hot, you wanna give me a hug?" I was shocked, I
was completely unprepared for this, and pulled some improv. I said, "This is
going to be the last hug I'm going to give you because you've been obnoxious
all night." That's when she responds with "If I ask you for a hug you'll give
me one." This bitch is mean, I'm tellin' ya. I replied with "Ask me then." She
steps up right in my face and gives me this cocky sideways smile and says,
"Give me a hug." That's when I tilted my head, smiled, and said "No thanks."
Confused, she says, "Do you realize you just turned down the hottest chick
here." Confidently, I said, "I do it all the time hun." This dumb bitch says,
"Do you know who I am?" Before I can even think about responding, her
pathetically-conditioned UGs shouted "This is ashley, she throws the dopest
parties in town." I chuckled and said softly, "I have no idea who she is, so
obviously she ain't that cool. But I'm going to go jump on that mini trampoline
over there bye bye." In the backyard there was this little fitness trampoline
and I walked over there and started hopping on it like a little kid. I have no
idea what possessed me to do it, but it was random and I figured I'd try this
out. There were probably 20-25 people out in the backyard, and a few people
were standing right there by it, so I sparked up a conversation with them.
Later, I was sitting on the couch in the living room with another HB, when SHB
Pointy Shoes came in from out back with her arm around this guy like he was her
bitch. I yelled, "HEY POINTY SHOES. GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" And she responded
by walking over to the couch and sitting on the armrest right next to me. I put
my arm around her back and placed my right hand on her thigh and said, "You are
stumbling around drunk drooling all over yourself. Do you realize this?" And
she said, "Yeah, I've had a bit to drink." Then I said, "That's why I don't do
drugs or drink, because I make a fool of myself. There are things I enjoy much
more than getting fucked up." She then replied, "Oh yeah? Let me give you my
number and we could hang out sometime." That's when I dove in with, "Why don't
we hang out right now." I grabbed her hand, and we walked to the back bedroom.
I sat down on the bed and she bent down and started kissing me. She was using
lots of kino, which I found very interesting. I noticed throughout the entire
thing, she was very advanced and experienced. At points I felt like she was the
aggressive seducer, and had to adjust and steal the control. It was very
unique, almost like we had an understanding and respect and were playing with
eachother to test our limits. Another interesting note, we both refused to give
the other oral, but in a joking way. I'm thinking this chick is a playette on
the cool because she has her own rules, is very advanced, and it kind made me
think a few times if she used certain PU techniques from past experience or
from practice. Her cockiness was unbelievable, and I heard her say to another
WBAFC that night, "I could have any guy I want at this party, why would I fuck
with you?" I'm not sure if this was alcohol bringing this side of her out or
what, but GOD DAMN BITCH. Anyways, I tried something new and cocky that I
thought would have an effect on her. I was laying on my back with my arms
propped up and whispered, "Impress me." That's when she started to ride me. I
know all women can ride a dick to an extent, but this bitch could RIDE A DICK.
And the cool thing about this whole experience was we maintained verbal
communication from start to finish. Several times she asked, "How does this
feel?" or said, "Let's try this." When it was over, we layed there for a little
while and talked about a few things. We decided to go check on the party, and I
walked back in with a noticable grin on my face, and I spotted my WBAFC friends
standing in absolute astonishment with looks on their faces like "WTF just
happened. He didn't just? wait, naw... holy fucking shit man what the fucking
shit?" She gave me her number and insisted on calling and left the party
shortly after. It makes me wonder if she was there solely for a PU + *close
which makes me laugh. I called her the next day (yesterday) and didn't get an
answer. I left a brief message, and to my surprise she called back later that
day, but I was busy and didn't get a chance to call her back yet. She didn't
leave a message. Now, I have called her back yet, and I need some advice on how
to pursue this so I don't fuck up what I've found here. Any advice at all would
be greatly appreciated. I'm extremely proud of how a did that night,
considering I would NEVER have even considered talking to a woman like that a
few months ago. This is another experience that makes me RESPECT and APPRECIATE
the knowledge I have found on these sites.

Now, I am VERY new to this. I have only 2 months under my belt. But I have been
extremely dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes to get where I am
wanting to be. 2 months ago I had only had sex TWO times in my life. But since
I've been studying, practicing, and putting everything I can into this, I have
had DRAMATIC results that are affecting me in all areas of my life. My self
esteem, confidence, assertiveness, and everything has skyrocketed and I have
quite a few trophies under my belt as well. And in just 2 months. This shit is
incredible. This is my first post to the messageboard, but I read it quite
often. I am interested in some feedback and anything else that can help me out.

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "JustinaYs" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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