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Fuck Up Report: HB in the Selgros

mASF post by jetsetjim

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Fuck Up Report: HB in the Selgros
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mASF post by "jetsetjim"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

I walked out of Selgros (one of those big Sams Club type places where you have
to get a membership card just to buy their fucking groceries), having blown an
opportunity to sarge the HB9 who took my pic.

I walked out thinking, "How the fuck could I possibly have sarged that chick
while she was working?"

On reflection, here is what I SHOULD have done, but of course my lame ass froze
up in the heat of battle.

First, a neg hit of some kind (obviously an HB who is used to lame AFC hits),
like "Hey do they sell that hair dye you use here?" (it wasnt obvious she was
dyed, but I think it was likely)

As she was taking my picture, "Hey, dont save my pic to take home. Yeah, I
know I'm hot and all, but if you really want my pic you have to ask me nicely
for it." (said playfully) or some such similar shit.

Why can't I come up with this stuff off the cuff instead of 6 hours later? C&F
is fine if you are a good improv comic, but I have a hell of a time. The only
exception to this is when I am in the mood, and TOTALLY relaxed, I have come up
with some hilarious shit on chat- stuff that has had women dying to meet me.
Right now though, having had my marriage go down the tubes and an ex who is
fucking with me constantly, I just cant get into a good state for C&F or even
for sarging at all.

--A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will
like him. --Mae West, Playette Extrordinaire (1883-1980)

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