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mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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Edit my personal ad: a open-source project
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On 4/7/05 7:49:00 PM, kavorka wrote:

>I'm bad for you. Run away
>while you can.
>You're not ready for me,
>little girl.
>I'm a smartass, a jerk, a
>sarcastic and mercilessly
>funny bastard. You'll never
>win, you'll never know for
>sure what I mean, and you'll
>never know what is going to
>happen next. We'll spend most
>of our time naked, we'll be
>responsible for the Safeway
>running out of whipped cream,
>ice cream and chocolate sauce,
>and cats will complain about
>the noises we make. You'll
>wonder what the hell is going
>on and then think you've died
>and gone to heaven. You'll
>never get me to take you to
>the opera, the ballet, the
>ballgame, your friend's
>cousin's sister's baby shower,
>and you'll never meet my
>parents. And you won't want to
>change a damn thing.

Have you had any success with the stuff you wrote up their? To me it seems way
to overboard negative and a complete turn off. You know the old saying you can
catch more fly's with honey than vinagar.

I think your over applying that neg hit gone wild with c&F in a poor attempt to
strike a chord within your targets. Why try to strike a chord when you can
open the mind with the write words? Basically it seems like your overdoing the
"be a challenge" stuff to me. I would totally tone it down.
>Can you salsa all night and
>then rassle under the sheets
>all through the next day?
>D'ya know just by the feel of
>a strong hand on the soft skin
>of the small of your back if a
>man is right for you? Are you
>waiting for a man who knows
>when, how and why to grab your
>hair and give it a long, slow
>pull? Do U got the look (and
>what's more, the soul to back
>it up)?

Now this is what I was talking about. Your advertising on a site where these
kind of words will turn your targets minds on and activate their imagination
>I can kiss for days. My powers
>are for good, not evil. OK,
>they're for evil. When you
>start talking nonsense, I'll
>pin you against the wall with
>a deep kiss or slap on the ass
>hard enough to leave
>fingerprints. Me and my dogs
>bring joy to everyone they
>meet, except cats and cat

Are you aware that many women are cat lovers???? PLease say that you were not
aware of this!!

I measure time by how
>a body sways. My shoulders are
>built specifically for
>sleeping against. I own, and
>know how to use in
>constructive and creative
>ways, several power tools. I'm
>a frickin rock star.

Corny, you could of actually better spent the time trying to excite her largest
libido (da brain) instead of trying to be cute

I'm the
>man your boyfriend always
>wanted to be, and the one your
>girlfriends always wanted to
>have. Once the summer months
>are all up on us, I'll
>probably be going around
>shirtless more than usual. I'm
>a loner Dottie, a rebel.

Ok now it just sounds like your bragging about yourself...this might start to
get boring to the reader
>I'm high-maintenance: I need
>lots of back-scratching, great
>pizza, and a whole lot of
>phenomenal sex. If you think
>you're ready for a man who
>makes your breath come up
>short, cheeks get warm and
>eyes go wide, a man who looks
>deep into your eyes and lets
>you see into his just a bit, a
>man who knows how to build the
>sparks that catch a fire,

Not bad!

>you know where to find me.

Very stupid!!!
>I double-dog dare you.

And even dumber than the remark above.

Here is part of one that I used to attract over 50 responses within the first
week off yahoo alone:

More About Me...

I'm 6’ tall, athletically muscular, shaved headed black man,
dark eyes and I am very pre-occupied with
stimulating and intelligent conversation;
I believe the greatest adventure is to:


I know I look like a jar head but believe me
I am much deeper!!!

I define true passion as
not just lust in the's not even when
you are touched so deeply that you find you give
all that you have. It's when you are touched so
deeply you find things coming forth from you that
you never even knew or imagined could be there.
Can you feel that.....would be an amazing thing to
experience with someone?

ME: I'm not a doctor or attorney, I own a personal training
business. I am also involved in the
human potential movement, so you'll learn lots
from me about spirit and mind as well as body! I
must be with someone adventurous who LOVES to
learn new things and is longing for an amazing new
direction. Someone who can decide on her own what


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