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Need help with Approach/Situational Openers/Day

mASF post by J-Ho

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Need help with Approach/Situational Openers/Day
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mASF post by "J-Ho"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On 4/1/05 6:20:00 PM, esk6969 wrote:
>could go up to her and say
>"Excuse me, you seem like a
>trendy young chick - tell me,
>which of these outfits do you
>think I would *least* look
>like a jackass in

That is supplicating and lowering your value, not good

Maybe you could have said: 'I need a female opinion, which of these outfits
would best compliment my (handsome face, toned ass, or whatever positive thing
about your appearance, but said with a joking tonality)?'

'Hey, I noticed you looking at that book, do you work in marketing or are you
just reading it for interest?'

'Hi, are you looking for something specific or just browsing'

>"Nice boots",
>I think to myself


What about 'So hows your day going?'

Or a bit of a neg hit if she was very hot:

You: 'I love those boots, aren't those ones by (prada/gucci insert any top
quality brand)?'
HB: 'no'
You: 'oh well, they're still look good'

'Hi, I was having an argument with a friend and I wanted a female opinion, what
do you think about cosmetic surgery/how old should people be before they have
children (or insert any general question)?'

If you are confident, what you say is virtually irrelevant when you approach.
Approaches are basically an excuse to talk to the target, if you are not
confident you need a proper excuse/reason to talk to the target, if you are
confident then you need a much less valid excuse, you just want to talk to her
so you do.

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