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Definition of Qualifying?

mASF post by wicked

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Definition of Qualifying?
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mASF post by "wicked"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

yea, its language barrier. I DIDNT talk at all about screening. that first
sentence should be interpreted as:
--> Qualifying is a "routine" that allows you to APEAR as if you are seeing if
the target is good enough for u, thus giving yourself higher value"

so it has nothing to do IF she's good enough for you. U screened her before
Qualifying, and lets say shes just fine. Otherwise you wouldnt be talking to
her and qualifying her, she'd be NEXTed if screening returns negative.

but, now definition sounds TOO robust, please someone come up with better one
in english.. anyway I think he get the point from examples.
btw, Neg hits are qualifiers, Shit tests are qualifiers too. BUT all that
qualifying falls under FRAME CONTROL. thats very important. So:
qualifying -> FRAME CONTROL
shit test -> FRAME CONTROL
indirect -> FRAME CONTROL

so.. get up in the morning -> SET FRAME! and when u sleep and dream.. well,
then you can loose frame (IF U MUST!) I mean, I dont want some SHB walking into
my dreams, and not having frame set!... gees...

It's an animal thing!

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