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SV: Neg hits, C&F, Razorjack, etc...

mASF post by CNoyes

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SV: Neg hits, C&F, Razorjack, etc...
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mASF post by "CNoyes"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

Everybody (man or woman) wants to be with a person of the highest possible
value. Women get their value from looking the best (young and fertile), and
that's pretty much it. Men, however, get their value from social status. Social
status comes from being successful, smart, etc. This is all researched stuff.
For more detail, including experiments that support this theory, check out the
summary of a class with Robert Cialdini that was posted by Mimicker. I think
that this is basically considered true by the mASF community.

Direct game shows that you have a higher social status by just believing that
you do. You approach with the confidence that you are extremely desirable, and
the girl will believe you. Direct game is all about having your inner value
squared away.

Neg hits, C&F, push/pull, and the rest do the same thing. By using these, your
saying to her. 'Hey, I'm not going to jump through hoops to be with you,
because I have a high enough value to go to grab another girl easily.' The
difference is that when you're thinking about these techniques you're focusing
on the outer game. If you're delivering the these techniques without the
confidence and inner game» to back it up, there's no way it's gonna work out. In
other words, you need to be congruent.

Not sure who originally came up with this analogy, but it's good: Think of
pickup as a disease. You can either treat the symptoms or treat the disease and
the symptoms will resolve on their own. C&F, etc. only treat the symptoms, but
direct game cures the disease.

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