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My problem with cocky and funny

mASF post by beatcal

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My problem with cocky and funny
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mASF post by "beatcal"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/17/05 1:31:00 PM, broverho wrote:
>Guys, it's for sure about
>teasing, not arrogance or
>something like that.
>An example-situation:
>HB: Oh, I forgot my bag, I'm
>so stupid.
>Niceguy: No, this can happen
>to everyone.
>C&Fer: I didn't want to say it
>but ... yeah. (with sly smile)
>Then there's a high
>probability that she spanks
>you with a smile, you spank
>back ... nice kino going.
>No normal woman will think
>that you actually insulted her
>and said that she is stupid.
>Should be clear now.

Broverho, that does make sense, though see also my post on what David D says
about "arrogance" - his words, not mine. If it's teasing, I do that already,
but sometimes you accidentally step on a landmine - something a girl is very
sensitive about. Back to the main point, though, if it's about playful teasing
or playful neg hits, rather than trying to puff yourself up, I can see the
value. Thanks.

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