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Neg hits, C&F, Razorjack, etc...

mASF post by jacques

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Neg hits, C&F, Razorjack, etc...
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mASF post by "jacques"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

OK. The last posts about neg hits, feigning disinterest and C&F from Heisse
and Razorjack made me realize that there are a lot of people here who
apparently have a wrong idea about those concepts. So maybe we should
clarify these concepts.

Neg hits and feigning disinterest are little more than a gimmick to be used
with these girls that are validation junkies. They expect you to kiss their
you hit them with a neg so that they are deprived of the validation. Bonus
point: they are surprised, so they are interested to know who is this man who
does not compliment them like the other 10 who talked to her today. Useful...
in this special case. Disastrous if the girl was actually attracted to you or
LSE. Conclusion: a lot less useful than some newbies think and certainly not
to be used all the time.

C&F is completely different. The confusion comes from the fact that many
examples of C&F as given by DeAngelo are negative, but C&F does not have
to be negative. It does not have to be lines like "Your shows are nice... for
somebody who is a midget" (almost rude), but can be a line like "Let's go to
Vegas tonight and get married" (which is funny without being negative).

C&F is about PLAY. DeAngelo says it himself actually: it is the difference
between fight and "play fight". I would say the right spirit is something like
"let us PRETEND I am not interested and play that you convince me that I
should be interested". C&F is a way to convince her to interact with you.

C&F has many advantages (an some disadvantages, I know): it shows that you
are comfortable with yourself and confident, it allows you to lead the
conversation as the man, it allows you to talk about sexual matters in a
socially acceptable way and everybody feels good about laughing.

Last but not least, it is a way to get to know the girl. With this type of
conversation, BECAUSE you are PLAYING, she can say personal, SEXUAL things
without fearing being labeled as a slut. You just have to wrap it in a funny,
playful way.

A powerful way to interact with women. And damn fun, too. ;-)

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